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Servicemembers from across the military, sharing their accounts of combat and survival. Hosted by sports talk radio host and Army veteran, Mark Zinno, this podcast brings you inspirational stories of service and resiliency from those who have fought on and off the battlefield. Subscribe to stay up to date when each new episode is released!

Servicemembers from across the military, sharing their accounts of combat and survival. Hosted by sports talk radio host and Army veteran, Mark Zinno, this podcast brings you inspirational stories of service and resiliency from those who have fought on and off the battlefield. Subscribe to stay up to date when each new episode is released!
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Servicemembers from across the military, sharing their accounts of combat and survival. Hosted by sports talk radio host and Army veteran, Mark Zinno, this podcast brings you inspirational stories of service and resiliency from those who have fought on and off the battlefield. Subscribe to stay up to date when each new episode is released!




Ep. 56 - Steve Cannon (CEO of AMB Group/Atlanta Falcons)

Our guest this week is not the typical guest we tend to feature on "Hazard Ground." But we felt it was important to have Steve Cannon on to talk about service & leadership, as he is someone who's embodied those ideals for a very long time. Steve Cannon is currently the CEO of AMB Group, LLC - the Arthur M. Blank family of businesses, which includes the NFL's Atlanta Falcons, whose business operations Cannon currently leads. He is also a West Point graduate and qualified Army Airborne Ranger,...


Ep. 55 - Special Guest: Sebastian Junger

We are honored to be joined this week by special guest & author/journalist/filmmaker Sebastian Junger. Junger is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author of such works as "The Perfect Storm," "War," & "Tribe." He is also a documentary filmmaker whose debut film "Restrepo" was nominated for an Academy Award. As an award-winning journalist who's covered news stories around the world, he's received both a National Magazine Award & a Peabody Award. He is also known for directing "Korengal," the...


Ep. 54 - Margaux Mange

We return this week with a guest who at first, humbly, didn't really believe she had much to offer to the podcast or our general audience. But she in fact does have something important to share, & sharing her story is yet another reason we do the podcast each week - to help others whether they've been in the military or not. Margaux Mange is a living example that you can find a way to heal from PTSD & the traumatic effects of having your brain literally rattled in combat. While serving in...


Ep. 53 - Chris Van Etten

There are simply too many positive things to say about Chris Van Etten to fit in this short intro, but what we will say is that his drive & motivation to move beyond his injuries & inspire others is infectious & invigorating. In 2012, while on patrol as a Marine in Afghanistan, Van Etten stepped on an IED. The blast took both of his legs as well as the life of his best friend. The accident took its toll both physically & mentally on Chris. Unsure where his drastically changed life was...


Ep. 52 - Ryan Pitts (Medal of Honor Recipient) - Part II

Today we pick-up with Ryan Pitts' story as the Anti-Afghan force begins their deadly and sustained assault on Pitts and his observation post, in the vicinity of Wanat Village, Kunar Province, Afghanistan on July 13, 2008! If you like the show, please subscribe/rate/review on iTunes! It helps the show tremendously, and we always appreciate the feedback!


Ep. 51 - Ryan Pitts (Medal of Honor Recipient) - Part I

On the one year anniversary of Hazard Ground, it's probably fitting that we share part one of the two part story of how Staff Sergeant Ryan M. Pitts received the Medal of Honor for his actions in combat. His is a story that defines the reason we do the podcast every week - to tell the stories of service, sacrifice, of unbreakable spirit, and strength in the face of insurmountable odds, with the hope that these stories will help others, whether they've served in the military or not....


Ep. 50 - Scott Huesing ("Echo in Ramadi")

We should consider ourselves fortunate to have someone like Scott Huesing to carry on the story of the brave men of Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines who fought daily in Ramadi, Iraq from the winter of 2006 to early 2007. During that period, Ramadi was considered the deadliest city in Iraq. Huesing and his Marines likened it to living in Hell. Scott Huesing served for over 24 years in the Marine Corps, both as enlisted and a commissioned officer, retiring as an Infantry Marine...


Ep. 49 - Nick "The Reaper" Irving (U.S. Army Sniper)

Joining the military had been a lifelong dream for Nick Irving. He even knew from a young age that he wanted to be a sniper, taking BB gun shots at just about every inanimate object in his neighborhood, using his homemade ghillie suit as camouflage. And like many who know they want to be a part of the best the military has to offer, Nick set out in high school to join the elite Special Operations Forces of the U.S. military. Through hard work, preparation, and perseverance he became a...


Ep. 48 - Jason Beighley

Jason Beighley is a special breed of soldier. He has over 17 years experience serving and excelling in the U.S. Army's top tier Special Operations units. Looking for a greater challenge and more fulfilling job in the military, he worked to join those units, and would soon find himself involved in combat and high-stakes engagements with the enemy. One of those engagements was the Battle of Mogadishu, better known by it's film and book adaptation, "Black Hawk Down." In this episode, Jason,...


Ep. 47 - Special Guest: Dr. Julia Dye

Dr. Julia D. Dye is an author and the VP and CFO of Warriors, Inc., "the entertainment industry’s premiere military advising company." She also runs Warriors Publishing Group with her husband, retired Marine, and star of such iconic war films as "Platoon" and "Saving Private Ryan"....And former Hazard Ground guest, Dale Dye. Julia also holds a Ph.D. in Theatrical Hoplology - a field which combines anthropology, sociology, economics, and the study of military history and combatives with...


Ep. 46 - Jesse Yandell (Career Army Ranger)

As a young infantryman, Jesse Yandell knew he wanted to serve with the best units the U.S. Army had to offer - with soldiers who had the desire to take on more and always push further than the rest. He settled on the elite soldiers of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Once in, he never looked back, serving 15 combat deployments with the Rangers, and eventually reaching the position of Company First Sergeant within the Regiment. Many describe him as "cool and calm" in combat, and a "rock" who...


Ep. 45 - Robert Disney (Air Force Pararescue - PJ)

Having decided that eight years of medical school was not the right fit for him, and stung by a desire to do something immediately more challenging with his life, Robert Disney dropped out of college to join the Air Force to become a Pararescue specialist, more commonly known as a "PJ." The PJs primary mission is to rescue, recover, and/or provide medical aid to downed air crews anywhere in the world, in any type of environment, both hostile and friendly. The attrition rate within the PJ...


Ep. 44 - Kirstie Ennis

A self-described hellion growing up, Kirstie Ennis has always had the fire inside of her to overcome virtually any obstacle. That trait was put to the test on June 23, 2012, when the helicopter she was a door gunner on crashed in Afghanistan while performing combat resupplies. Kirstie, the daughter of two Marines, had planned to stay in the Marine Corps for a full career. The injuries she sustained as a result of the crash, which included an above-the-knee amputation on her left leg and a...


Ep. 43 - A.B. & Joshua Grantham (Father & Son Marines...From Vietnam to Iraq)

They're father and son, bonded by war. Both of them, Marines. The father fought in Vietnam, during one of the most violent periods of that conflict. The son did the same in Iraq. For the longest time, the son only knew that his dad was Alvin Bert Grantham, or "A.B." as he's known, the wounded Marine on the tank in one of the most iconic photographs from the Vietnam War. The photo of A.B. Grantham was shot by award-winning photographer, John Olson. It was featured in the March 8, 1968 issue...


Ep. 42 - Special Guest: Peter van Agtmael (Documentary & War Photographer)

Each time Peter van Agtmael has been to war, he's gone without a weapon. No pistol, no knife, no rifle. The only thing he's carried into combat is a camera. And through that camera he has captured the human toll of war, both mental and physical. Since 2006 he has covered the Global War on Terror, working primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has since produced three books of images from these wars that are at times just as moving as they are haunting. Without these works, we would be...


Ep. 41 - Joel Carpenter

There's probably no greater act of patriotism or selflessness than signing up for military service right after your country has been attacked. That's exactly what Joel Carpenter did after September 11, 2001. Prior to 9/11 he had gone to Hollywood to pursue a career in film and television, but the coordinated terrorist attacks compelled him to fulfill a higher sense of purpose, even though Joel was teetering on the cusp of "making it" in LA. He soon joined the ranks of the Army Rangers at...


Ep. 40 - Dan Futrell

For Dan Futrell, joining the military was at first just a means to pay for college. After initially shunning the idea of joining ROTC, he started taking some of the classes and found he enjoyed working with the people in the program. He eventually earned a four-year ROTC scholarship, and from there the Army became more than just a way to pay for college. Following graduation and commissioning, he joined the Infantry, because as he put it, "I wanted to be right in the thick of things."...


Ep. 39 - Staff Sergeant John Diem

Staff Sergeant John Diem knows what it means to serve one's country. That phrase gets thrown around a lot, but John Diem embodies the spirit of patriotism in every sense of the word. He has served multiple combat tours as an infantryman, spending most of that time on the line as part of an infantry squad. He survived a year-long deployment to Iraq's "Triangle of Death", where he and his unit suffered almost daily bomb, mortar, and small arms attacks, before four members of his platoon were...


Ep. 38 - Mike Durant

Even if you've seen the movie "Black Hawk Down," and know everything about the book by the same title, you'll want to listen to this very special episode with Mike Durant, the pilot who was shot down over Mogadishu, Somalia during Operation Gothic Serpent in 1993. The level of courage and bravery displayed by him and the other soldiers who fought that long day on October 3rd, 1993, is unmatched. In this episode, Mike takes us through what it's like to fly helicopters for the Army's most...


Ep. 37 - Robin Brown

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be shot down in a helicopter in the middle of a war zone, then you definitely want to listen to this week's episode. Even if you haven't, then you'll want to listen to how this week's guest, Robin Brown reacted cool and calmly under pressure, and crash landed her Kiowa Warrior helicopter after literally being blown out of the sky by enemy fire in 2003, when the war in Iraq was starting to go from bad to worse. Many years later, Robin would go back...


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