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Episode 26 - The Game Awards Results

This week the guys tally up the score from our Game Awards predictions episode and find out who won. Also, time codes are coming. I promise. It's my New Year's resolution.

Duration: 01:10:46

Episode 25 - Net Neutrality

This week we'd like to make our case for why you should care about Net Neutrality. You can visit to make your voice heard. Also, Josh spoils Doki Doki Literature Club from 25:22 to 35:00. You've been warned.

Duration: 01:33:31

Episode 24 - We Just Chat About Video Games and Be Friends

The title really says it all. Broc named this episode by the way. So there's that

Duration: 01:30:42

Episode 23 - The Game Awards Predictions

With Corey back on solid ground, the gang gathers around their mics to give their predictions on The Game Awards. Who will will? Probably not Smitty.. Seriously.. This podcast could have been titled "Smitty Goes Against The Grain". See for yourself.

Duration: 01:24:40

Episode 22 - The Future of The Podcast

Don't worry, we don't talk about alcohol for the entire podcast, just a good portion of it and gluten free beer is terrible. We also discuss GTA V becoming the greatest selling game of all time in the US and whether or not EA closed Visceral for Respawn. Curious? I know I am and I was there.

Duration: 01:13:21

Episode 21 - So Many Games

This week we break down the Diabolical Doughnut Sabotage of 2017. Is Broc's mom trying to kill him with pumpkin spice? Tune in to find out. Oh, we also talk about all the games we've been playing and debate on which Celtic is the greatest of all time. Hint: 11 Championships.

Duration: 01:11:30

Episode 20 - Sony's Paris Games Week Review

As night befalls our ragtag band of brothers, they gather around their mics for warmth and words of encouragement from one another. Can they make it through another week of publishers reaching in their pockets? Prepare your ears for the legend of the microtransaction. Just kidding. I promise. No talk of microtransactions. Seriously. I couldn't believe it either!

Duration: 01:25:27

Episode 19 - Is Single Player Dead?

This week we gather around our mics and discuss whether or not single player games are on their way out. Tune in to hear the guys together in one room for the first time ever. It's as much of a disaster as you would expect! Also, cats.

Duration: 01:13:01

Episode 18 - The Importance of Transparency

This week we dive into IGN's recent acquisition of Humble Bundle and discuss the importance of transparency in the gaming industry. We also talk about guilty pleasures, for Josh, very guilty pleasures.

Duration: 01:12:24

Episode 17 - Can We Fix Microtransactions?

This week we feature a special guest: The Bearded Goblin himself. We dive into everyone's favorite topic of the last month and do our best to offer up a solution, hey, at least we tried. A special thank you to Shun The Raven for their submission the past two weeks. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:40:12

Episode 16 - Our Most Anticipated Game Of The Fall

This week Broc and Josh go toe to toe as we run you through the upcoming games for the remainder of 2017. Will your most hyped game make our list? Find out in this weeks episode.

Duration: 00:58:35

Episode 15 - Can You Own A Genre?

This week the gang digs into the Fortnite vs PUBG debate and weighs in on the question of whether or not you can own a genre? This week also introduces a slight tweak to the format, can you guess what it is?

Duration: 01:28:59

Episode 14 - Apparently Not This Week

(See last week's title to get the joke) This week we go in-depth with NBA 2K18 and give our hands-on impressions of the first weekend. Later on in the rogue topic we explain why we're a fan of our favorite sports teams.

Duration: 01:07:07

Episode 13 - When Will The Microtransactions End?

While Corey is out saving the world from Hurricane Irma, the rest of the group gets together to talk about everyone's least favorite aspect of gaming. Tune in to listen to Josh rant and rave about microtransactions and loot boxes while Broc and Smitty shrug it off. WE MUST UNITE!

Duration: 01:28:50

Episode 12 - Run The Neighborhood Impressions

We made it Momma! This week we struggle through technical difficulties to once again, bring you the podcast you want to hear! We run you through the news before settling in to talk about the most recent 2K18 My Career event. Tune it to get our impressions before Smitty loses his mind with his chip card (he may start paying in coin from now on).

Duration: 01:09:48

Episode 9 - How Will This Generation Be Remembered?

Cue the Sarah McLachlan Music. After three weeks apart, the gang is back together! This week we hypothesize about how we will look back on the current generation of gaming as the news is dominated by leaks, patches, and leaky patches (maybe not so much the last one). We also weigh in on the war being waged between 2K and EA. Forget Guns N' Roses, this is the reunion tour you don't want to miss!

Duration: 01:38:40

Episode 8 - Are Gamer's Becoming Beta Testers?

This week we explore whether or not this generation can be described as the generation we all became beta testers. Josh talks about games that change drastically over the course of their life. Corey does day walker things and Broc makes his return from the abyss as Smitty explores the unexplored (he's on vacation). Strap in for the show that almost never was!

Duration: 02:13:11

Epidsode 7 - Making Mobile Games Great Again

Were mobile games ever great to begin with? That's just one of the many questions we answer this podcast as we attempt to pull the mobile market from the great recession. Corey debates which is worse, moving or unemployment and Smitty talks about his journey to two of the most difficult platinum trophies on PS4. Also, where the hell is Broc?

Duration: 01:23:13

Episode 6 - Why are Online Communities so Toxic?

This week, Josh conducts a social experiment that brings out the worst in online gaming communities and we ask if the problem goes deeper than just games. Smitty takes us back to our childhood when he asks what our first explicit album was as we pay homage to the late Chester Bennington.

Duration: 01:18:51

Episode 5 - Which Game Can Bring eSports Into The Mainstream?

We wax poetically about eSports and our thoughts on what it'll take to make it mainstream before taking a drive down memory lane with listener mail. That's right, we now have listener mail! This week we roll out our new format while the fires of Smitty's inferno have been momentarily quenched. It's a week of firsts for sure.

Duration: 01:27:34

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