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Becoming a Lady Boss with the Woman Behind “Little Lime Dress,” Meaghan O’Connor

Meaghan O’Connor was working for a hedge fund when she got laid off during the economic downturn of the early 2000’s. She went from sobbing on Lexington Avenue to thriving as a celebrity fashion stylist, working with major brands and celebrity clients, and living the life of her dreams. Meaghan figured out a way for herself to both make money and enjoy her life pretty quickly. By throwing her head, her heart, and her hustle behind her brand, Little Lime Dress, her business has evolved...

Duration: 00:43:23

Why Dieting is Making You More Unhealthy with Dr. Jenny Conviser

Jenny H. Conviser, PsyD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in the Feinberg School of Medicine, and on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Conviser is Certified in both Sport Psychology and Child and Family Therapy. She specializes in eating and weight-related disorders, couples therapy, sports psychology and women's' health. The UnWeighted model encourages individuals to embrace self-care; focus more on the...

Duration: 00:47:02

True Health and Wholeness for the New Year with Nina Elliot

Nina Elliot and her husband Christian are the husband / wife duo behind True Whole Human. Nina balances her pursuit of a healthy lifestyle with her business, homeschooling her four children, and being the all-around awesome woman that she wants to be. Nina, like many of us, experienced weight gain in her early adult years which took her on a journey of self-discovery, research about “whole” foods, and ways of exercising that felt good for her body. She’s lived this journey, and today...

Duration: 00:43:16

You're Not Morally Obligated to Lose Weight in 2018 with Kara Loewentheil

Kara Loewentheil, who I’m calling my podcast guest M.V.P. of 2017 (and that’s saying A LOT, because we have had many amazing guests!) is back for her second episode! If you haven’t already listened to her first episode, “Unf*ck Your Diet Brain,” hop back and do that before moving on! In this conversation, Kara and I dive into the food noise surrounding the winter holidays. It’s almost expected that we’re all going to overindulge, gain weight, and then go on a diet once the clock...

Duration: 00:41:00

Tuning into Your Best Self with Danika Brysha

Danika Brysha is a curve model with IMG models, food and wellness personality, and the founder and CEO of Model Meals, a healthy meal delivery company. She is also incredibly attuned to her body, its needs, and the constant pursuit of self-improvement. On her journey to her best self, Danika has battled substance abuse, disordered eating, career highs and lows, and finding her true purpose. She’s come out the other side of that journey as a model (and model human being!) who loves...

Duration: 00:40:09

The Recipe for a Curvy, Confident Holiday Season with Denise Caldwell

Denise Caldwell is a celebrity fashion stylist. From A-list, celebrity clients (and fashion heavy hitters) like Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jennifer Lopez, to the “everyday” women that she makes over for fashion outlets and morning shows, Denise has been in the thick of it with women of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones as she helps them look their best! In this interview, Denise and I discuss how she’s been able to build the career that she has today, working with so many amazing...

Duration: 00:29:13

Unf*ck Your Diet Brain with Kara Loewentheil

Kara is an insanely accomplished, empowered feminist who is also a master certified life coach and creator of the revolutionary program for feminist women, “Unf*ck Your Brain.” Kara discovered coaching, and learned how to coach herself, which has allowed her to put together the cognitive psychology that she found could rewire her brain with the feminist values that informed her life. Kara has figured out how to actually match her feelings and actions to her beliefs. This has allowed...

Duration: 00:39:43

Grace, Grit, and Gratitude with Isoke Salaam

Isoke Salaam is an East Coast PR girl originally from New Jersey with private clients within fashion and the arts. When not reviewing a client portfolio, typing on an iPad and answering her cell phone while balancing in heels, Isoke practices ballet, enjoys running, writing, reading, traveling and learning about art! She is a PR powerhouse, an avid art fan and a fashion lover. I met Isoke when I became an advocate for the D.C. Humane Rescue Alliance and the 2017 Fashion for Paws...

Duration: 00:26:54

How to become a Plus Size Model (or not!) with Madeline Jones

Madeline (Maddie) Jones is the editor-in-chief of Plus Model Magazine (PMM) and one of the pioneers of the plus size fashion industry. She is sometimes referred to as the Anna Wintour of plus size, and through her work has blazed a trail that many of us have the pleasure of following in. Maddie’s presence in the industry pre-dates the social media crazed world we live in now. From the beginning, Maddie has been using her voice to create a space for plus size women in the fashion...

Duration: 00:48:29

Can You Lose Weight and Still be Body Positive? with Kristin Booker

Kristin Booker is a writer, blogger, and the creator of the site Fashion.Style.Beauty. Kristin has crafted stories for Marie Claire, ELLE, Refinery29, Lucky, xoJane, xoVain, and Yahoo Beauty, among others. I got to meet Kristin when she interviewed me for a piece on Since then, it’s been amazing to get to know her and watch her flourish in so many ways! In this episode, Kristin is so brave and vulnerable in sharing her experiences, from early alcohol abuse, sexual assault,...

Duration: 00:50:41

Women are the Future with Anne Mahlum

Anne Mahlum is the entrepreneur, brain trust and #ladyboss behind [solid core]! She is the owner and CEO of the business, which she founded in DC in 2013. In just a few short years, Anne has grown her company into a nationwide fitness sensation, with dozens of studios across the country--and more on the way! [solid core] was really born out of Anne’s own personal journey with her body, fitness, and self development. The entire experience of attending a class at [solid core] reflects...

Duration: 00:38:41

From Sidewalk to Catwalk: Torrid Model Search 2017

15,000 girls entered the Torrid Model Search 2017 competition, and we’re now to the final four, in the final few days of their journey (voting ends October 29!). I caught up with Haley Rudolph of Toronto, ON; Seairra Thompson of Berkeley, CA; Sophia Ervin of Dallas, TX; and Julia Rose Miller of Round Rock, TX. Each girl dished about her experience, and what she’s gained from being a part of the competition. Torrid has created a really great mechanism to take young women in our...

Duration: 00:43:49

Fitting into Your Skinny Jeans is No Longer the Goal with Zlata Sushchik

Zlata Sushchik is an award-winning fitness competitor, lifestyle coach, and creator of the Sexyfit Method, author Zlata Sushchik spent more than a decade perfecting a simple five-step method to help every woman experience complete food freedom, create the body she loves, and reclaim her life. Zlata grew up in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the U.S. at age 16. From a bullied teen immigrant to a bodybuilder and a beauty pageant queen, Zlata went through her fair share of struggles with...

Duration: 00:40:46

Design Your Own Body Lovin' Routine! with Ginny Gane

Ginny Gane is a Law of Attraction expert, coach, author, and podcast host. She also studied Kinesiology and worked as a Physical Trainer for many years. She marries up the teachings of Abraham Hicks and classic LOA truths with a deep understanding of how to manifest the relationship with your body that you are seeking! In this episode, Ginny and I discuss ways to apply the Law of Attraction to consciously creating a routine for you and your body that will get results! We are all...

Duration: 00:37:21

How I Blew $10,000 on Dieting in 10 Years with Cassie Parks

If I had to quantify my investment in diet and weight loss products in the past ten years, I would estimate that it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000. In this episode, I share the nitty gritty details of how I got to that number, and how it adds up quicker than you might realize! You might be shocked by that number. You might think, “That will never be me.” However, we as a society spend over $60 Billion per year on dieting and weight loss. So, I know that I’m definitely...

Duration: 00:59:46

Create the Happy, Healthy Life of Your Dreams with Kopari Beauty Co-founder Kiana Cabell

So many of us are striving to create the lives (and the bodies) that we love. But it can get discouraging because it seems like we’re inundated with examples of women who are having to compromise their health and well-being in order to achieve success in their career, and vice versa. Is it really possible to be successful in business, engaged in your community and family life, and live a healthy lifestyle? Kiana Cabell, co-founder of Kopari Beauty, is an example that shows us we can...

Duration: 00:31:02

Speak Out: I’m Sharing My History with Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder in the Military in the Hopes that You’ll Speak Out, Too

I was struggling with a combination of binge eating disorder and bulimia while I attended the Naval Academy from 2003 - 2007. My experience as a woman in uniform, and an NCAA Division I athlete for the Naval Academy, were directly related to the development of my eating disorder. As a disclaimer, I’m a huge supporter of the military and am incredibly honored to have served. I have deep reverence for the military and everyone serving. I’m not sharing my story to cast blame upon the...

Duration: 00:38:49

Body Love NOW! Why loving your body matters more than ever with Kelly Augustine

Kelly Augustine is one of the leading voices in the body positivity and plus size fashion conversation right now. Recently, she was featured in a national television & print #thenewskinny campaign for Lane Bryant, which only solidifies her rank as one of the most influential bloggers in this community! In this episode, Kelly and I discuss the importance of us using our voices as women, particularly with all the political turmoil we’ve experienced as a nation this past summer. Kelly...

Duration: 00:32:30

Plus Size Fashion is Moving Forward: NYFW panel with Lisa Aviva, See Rose Go, and Jaanuu Scrubs

If you’re a plus size woman like me, you know how frustrating it can be to find clothing that’s comfortable, fits well, is made from quality materials, and is also stylish, reflective of your own personal aesthetic. Sometimes, it feels like the fashion industry just doesn’t care. But as someone who has the privilege to interact with those behind-the-scenes of many fashion brands in my role as a plus size model, I know that this is far from true! Lots of designers care deeply about giving...

Duration: 00:45:22

You Don’t Have to Lose Weight to Have a Body and a Life you Love! with Lauren O’Leary

So many of us have grown up buying into the diet myth, which teaches us that we have to lose weight and get a “perfect” body in order to have the life of our dreams. But for curve model, top beauty influencer, and makeup artist Lauren O’Leary, the exact opposite has been true! Rather than putting off living the life of her dreams until she felt she had the perfect body, she decided to learn how to accept the body she had. Lauren cultivated a more loving, positive mindset about...

Duration: 00:41:56

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