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From angels to aliens, demons to holy encounters, ghosts to near death experiences, and from Shadow People to visions–Heidi Hollis says she is someone who has, “Been there, seen that, experienced it, freaked out, found some answers, wrote about it, got over it and now I hope to help others do the same!” Heidi Hollis ~ THE OUTLANDER, will lunge into topics on all things Outlandish and more! Expert guests will join the show, BUT so can you! If you’ve ever wanted to vent or get some real advice on YOUR odd experiences or curiosities, then call-in or write-in to be part of The OUTLANDISH CORNER! Click on Contact Us to email Heidi. Tune in every Friday at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific time.



This show will be available on Fri, Oct 26 at 10PM.