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Sowing the seeds of cannabis and sounding the praise of our favorite plant. It's time to Hempresent! Our radio resident Hemposapien, Vivian McPeak will present a weekly platform for guests and listeners to Hempresent about hemp and cannabis from the legal, activist and reformist route.






Advocating for Marijuana Use in The State of Texas

Today on Hempresent Vivian is joined by Amanda Berard. She is a mother, a University of North Texas grad student, and a veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, 23 of every 100 women that use the VA say they have been a victim of sexual assault. She advocates with the Texas chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). They talk about her story and the reason why she is advocating for marijuana...

Organic Farmer, Social Activist, and Educator Tom Lauerman

Vivian McPeak speaks with organic farmer, social activist, and educator Tom Lauerman, the owner of ‘The Garden of the Green Sun’ Farm in Vancouver, Washington.

PDX Hempfest Expo Preview

Vivian previews the upcoming PDX Hempfest Expo being held on June 10th with the event organizer Jerry Norton. Norton is the founder of the Oregon Hemp convention who teamed up with Seattle Hempfest to hold the event coming up in Portland. The PDX Hempfest will offer a full day of educational sessions with professional Cannabis speakers to bring you up to speed on rapidly changing developments in the Cannabis industry.

Cannabis and the Soma Solution

Today Vivian is join by Chris Bennett the author Cannabis and the Soma Solution. Chris is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the history of cannabis, having written dozens of articles in Cannabis Culture, High Times, and other magazines as well as three books dealing with the subject. Bennett has identified evidence for a religious role for cannabis in a variety of ancient and modern religions, such as Hinduism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, but his work regarding...

Brave New Weed

Nearing Vivians 100th episode with cannabis radio he looks back on his involvement in the cannabis movement and touches on the plentiful uses and benefits. Joe Dolce is the author of brave new weed in the uncharted world of cannabis. He joins vivian as they discuss the process of writing the book, and what surpised him most about his journey to gather infromation. Spending 12 years as a non-user gives joe an interesting perspective into the blooming and budding world this is the current...

Weed The People with Bruce Barcott

Bruce Barcott, Leafly's deputy director who is also an enviornmental Journalist, and is also an author of the book Weed The People. He talks about how he approached his kids with the fact that he was writing a book about cannabis, and how he approached it as if it was like alcohol or tobacco. We talk about the stigma surrounding cannabis and how mainstream culture has not been normalized around the idea of cannabis.

Healthy Living

A 15 Year veteran of High Times Magazine, Elise McDonough author of the Official High Times Cannabis Cook Book and Marijuana For Everybody. As Edibles Editor at the High Times, She has Judged over 500 different marijuana infused edibles from all over the world. After Leaving High Times, She has decided to start her own consulting company called ... We talk about healthy living and how it doesn't have to be more expensive buying organic. We go into how cannabis' roommate, The hippy stoner, is...

Fixing America's Police Through Reform

Norm Stamper activist, former Seattle police chief, and author of To Protect and Serve discusses how fixing America's police will heal community relations.

Marc Emery and the Cannabis Culture

Today on Hempresent Vivian McPeak is joined by Marc Emery founder of Cannabis Culture and ex prisoner.

Cannabis and The Endocannabinoid System

We're here today with Dr. Bob Melamede to talk to us about cannabis and the cannabinoid system. We talk about how cancer feeds of of different sources of fuel in your body, and how Cannabis combats this. He tells us why Doctor's are ignorant to marijuana and the cannabinoid system, by keeping their heads in old fashion medical practice books.

Relationships: High Times and Norml

Joined by Alan St Pierre to talk about how normal has been changing hearts and minds for over 40 years. Also discussing the long relationship between High Times and Norml. We talk a little about Freedom Leaf and what Alan is doing there to make change around the country.

The Study of Cannabis and Social Policy

Dominic Corva joins us today, he's the Founder and Co-Executive director of The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy (CASP).

Hemp Foods in Australia

Paul Benhaim founded Hemp Foods Australia in 2000 which now is the largest Hemp Food Wholesaler, Retailer, and Manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Changing Perception of Cannabis

The Changing Perception of Cannabis examined as Vivian McPeak welcomes Keith Stroup, an attorney and founder of NORML.

NJ Weedman Ed Forchion

Vivian speaks with Robert Edward "Ed" Forchion Jr. know best as NJ Weedman, and recognized as one of New Jersey's best known marijuana legalization advocates.

Hempocrisy Against the Kettle Falls 5

Defendant in Kettle Falls 5 case, Rolland Gregg discuss how he and his family came to use medical marijuana to handle various medical conditions.

THC Advocacy and Drug Policy Revisited

THC Advocacy and Drug Policy Revisited as Vivian McPeak is joined by Amanda Reiman at the Drug Policy Alliance and Paul Stanford of the THC Foundation

Harvard Neuroscientist and Cannabis Researcher Dr. Staci Gruber

Harvard Neuroscientist and Cannabis Researcher Dr. Staci Gruber, notably featured on the CNN documentary Weed, speaks with Vivian McPeak.

Heralding the Industrial Hemp Legalization Movement

Heralding the Industrial Hemp Legalization Movement as Vivian McPeak talks with Micah Nelson, who now serves on the Board of Directors for the National Hemp Association.

Offering The Cannabis Industry Sustainability

Offering The Cannabis Industry Sustainability as Vivian McPeak speaks with Nicholas J. Murer, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Witlon, Inc.
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