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Pune, India


The sunshine of the city, the talk of town!! The morning jog or the rush to get to work… Everyone is doing something or the other according to their routine but one thing which is common to them is "Hi Pune!" Pune... a modern, progressive and vibrant city, is also known as Maharashtra's cultural capital. You may be one of the thousands who land up in Pune to join the very famous educational institutes in our “THE OXFORD OF THE EAST” or an IT Proffesional joining the IT and BPO sector for you paapi pet!! Well, there are million things that make you what you are… but you belong to Pune when... - You don’t sleep for 3 days 2 nights fearing you might miss some performances of the Sawai Gandharva Festival; - You feel extra happy during Ganesh Chathurti and love the dhin chak music playing at mandals; - You cannot drive for more than 20 mins without abusing someone as no one follows the traffic rules. - You wait forever to get a table in Vaishali for a SPDP!! Hi Pune is anything and everything that Pune stands for. RJ Aditi talks to Pune every morning, and makes sure everyone has a blast!!



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