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HEH 30: Happy One Year Anniversary!!

It starts with the weather, moves on to politics, and then to religion (or at least a TV show slightly about religion) before the conversation moves on to discussions about college applications and how to improve their usability. It’s storming in Iowa and Daniel lives in tornado alley. (small talk about the weather) Presidential Politics... Read more »

Duration: 00:59:36

HEH 29: Puppets! Puppets! Puppets!

The conversation tonight includes things learned via penetration testing at GVSU, what we know about retention policies at our schools (Internet Archive?) and content update policies. We also learn that GVSU Library has puppets you can check out… like a lot of puppets! Penetration testing at GVSU Very fixable things were found (one thing was... Read more »

Duration: 00:47:33

HEH 28: We’re doin’ it live!!!! (3 of us anyway)

Daniel is in Iowa City visiting Ken and Scott, so they are podcasting from the same location at the University of Iowa Libraries. Dan and Dave join remotely to discuss personal sites and hosting on campus and focus groups and how the kids use the internets these days. Ken, Daniel and Scott are in the... Read more »

Duration: 00:25:24

HEH 27: Puddting?

The lost episode. Scott lost his internet connection, so the episode got called off. No internet = no podcast. 🙁

Duration: 00:13:40

HEH 26: Daniel’s Wallet got Poop on it!

How do we handle user tracking and privacy policies for our university? What do we do for retargeting and advertising? What do we all use personally to keep our internet usage private? He got a new one https://www.crabbygear.com/ Privacy policies on our sites User tracking is somewhat new in higher edu, but commercial sites have... Read more »

Duration: 01:01:00

HEH 25: Let’s Get Accessible!

Dan and Dave bring an enlightening report back from the CSUN Accessibility Conference in lovely San Diego, CA. Dan and Dave just got back from CSUN Accessibility Conference “Everyone will have a disability at some point in their life” Accessibility is just a branch of usability The UN has a ratification to make all their... Read more »

Duration: 01:01:58

HEH 23: Don’t Let Your Dog Eat Poo

Tonight the topics center around outside vendors and products for various tasks at our universities. We cover digital marketing, scholarship searches, chat and events calendars. We also touch on strategic planning. What outside vendors do you use? GVSU: Siteimprove GVSU: google and FB ads consultant provide a report for digital advertising UALR: digital marketing buyer... Read more »

Duration: 00:47:22

HEH 20: 4 + Joe: The Podcast Podcast

This episode is the podcast podcast (how meta!). The gang shares their favorite podcasts that span the gamut on topics. Tune in, and you might just find something new to listen to. Our Favorite Podcasts Serial Season was waaaaay better than season 2 Reply All Random topics about the internet Startup Podcast The startup of... Read more »

Duration: 00:53:40

HEH 17: Dang It the Cat Threw up… Hold On

For some reason throw-up is a common thread to kick this one off. Dan’s cat throws up, and Dave and Dan take a trip which involves a (rather humorous) throw-up story as well involving an airplane barf bag. We also chat about web infrastructure in other parts of the world, and how much we hate... Read more »

Duration: 00:51:31

HEH 16: Ken Got Hitched!

Ken goes to an island and gets married. GVSU looks at taking over web representation of grad programs, We talk about staff training opportunities and communities that our individual universities provide. Leroyyyy Jenkins! GVSU, after looking at analytics has taken over grad programs centrally because there is very little (or poor) data available. Does the... Read more »

Duration: 01:09:13

HEH 15: HighEdWeb Memphis

We delve a bit deeper into Daniel’s trip to the HighEdWeb conference in Memphis. He shares the take-aways, and we chat about how all of us can implement some of the things talked about (centralized web support across campus – pay vs. no-pay). Daniel sums up HighEdWeb in Memphis http://wso2.com/ WordPress API being developed (very... Read more »

Duration: 00:58:27


We add our comments to an article criticizing university websites, and then add even more comments to a response from Michael Fienen to the original article. Original Article: University websites: The so-so, the bad, and the egregious Michael Fienen Response: Dear Higher Ed Administrators Urban Dictionary: ParaText

Duration: 01:06:06