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HS 034: Physics of Sound and Music – Shakin’ in the Direction We Go - High Science

High Science explores the mechanisms behind sound and music while also breaking down the properties of waves. Send us episode requests, feedback, questions, and comments! We love getting fan mail! Twitter: @highscience2017 Email: highscience2017@gmail.com


HS 033: Our Energy Addiction – How Ancient Sunlight Powers Your Phone - High Science

A civilization's progress depends heavily on how it obtains and utilizes energy. For most of human history, we used our inefficient meat machines (some call them "bodies") to get things done. Now energy is harvested somewhere in the distance and we can do things like turn on lights or power our sweet, sweet cell phones. High Science explores society's dependence on energy as well as our current green and not-so-green energy sources. Send us episode requests, feedback, questions, and...


HS 032: Work and Energy – High Science vs Cocaine Algebra - High Science

Energy is one of those words that is used all the time but is rarely understood. This week High Science tackles energy, work, and power. Although these words are often used interchangeably, they have distinct physical meanings. Joining us are two new guests, Fredrick and Chenz, who have little scientific knowledge. John attempts to teach a bunch of (allegedly) stoned people about energy and hilarity ensues. Tangents range from Duck Hunt to betting on the temperature of lava as High Science...


HS 031: Genetics – Why Are 25% of My Peas Wrinkled? - High Science

Genetics is the study of heredity and how traits are passed from parent to offspring. From wrinkly peas to colorblindness, High Science explores genetics and explains why your friend's ear lobes are attached to his head while yours dangle free. We start with Gregor Mendel and classical genetics which explains things like eye color and ear wax wetness (seriously). We then discuss DNA, sex-linked traits, asexual vs sexual reproduction, and epigenetics. Ever wonder how flatworms reproduce? If...


HS 030: Our Education System – Sit Down, Shut Up, Test Friday - High Science

Education is a beautiful thing... which is why we need to hardcore fix it. High Science explores the shortcomings of our education system and possible ways to make improvements. Ideas such as gamification and constructivism are explored and our own educational experiences are hilariously recalled. Education is stuck in the outdated paradigm of retaining and regurgitating information. We must move to help people critically process information and creatively solve the problems of tomorrow....


HS 029: The Human Body – How 30 Trillion Cells Power Our Meat Gundam - High Science

A lot of things had to work together to bring you here right now. High Science explores the human body from cells to how organ systems work together to make you you.


HS 028: Infinity – When an Endless Process Has to End - High Science

High Science tackles the mind-bending idea of infinity. We go back 2500 years to Zeno's paradoxes and we zoom ahead to potential future math-less alien robots. Physics needs the concept of infinity in order to work. The area of a circle formula couldn't be found without infinity. This abstract concept is critical to our understanding of the universe and ourselves. At the very least, it shows us how good we are at confusing ourselves. *High Science is temporarily moving to a biweekly schedule*


HS 027: Existentialism – Nothing Means Anything… So Now What? - High Science

Philosophy episode! High Science has an existential meltdown as they discuss the core principles of existentialism and explore the ideas of this movement's most influential thinkers. Show Notes: Existentialism - Best viewed as a movement and not philosophical system or a set of doctrines “It is far better for a man to go wrong in freedom than to go right in chains” - Thomas H. Huxley Existential Crisis - Things that used to seem like common sense reveals itself as uncanny, up to chance,...


HS 026: Jay and Sam – Research Scientists Doing Awesome Things - High Science

Did you know you can hear space-time wobble? Jay and Sam return after conducting more research and we talk about their work and all things science. Jay is doing chemistry research concerning core components of hash oils and e-liquids. Sam is doing biophysics research concerning the protein channels that bring nutrients to the lens of your eye. Some of our topics include nuclear accidents, Rick and Morty, interferometry, and protein folding video games.


HS 025: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Antimatter – The Edge of Our Physical Knowledge - High Science

It's time to talk about some of the more exotic ideas of physics. High Science tackles dark matter, dark energy, and antimatter. In this episode we explore the edge of our current understanding of the universe. Topics Discussed: Dark Matter How it was discovered: galaxies didn't rotate as we expected them to Fritz Zwicky: Theorized dark matter and called people spherical bastards Ideas about what dark matter could be: WIMPs - Weakly Interacting Massive Particles MACHOs - Massive...


HS 024: Jake the Astronomer – Can We Go Faster Than the Speed of Light? - High Science

Jake the Astronomer returns to High Science to discuss the research he's conducting along with his favorite scientific concepts. Jake is studying the Alcubierre solution to Einstein's field equations in general relativity. This solution implies that we can potentially create a spacecraft that could achieve faster than light travel by contracting space-time in front of the craft and expanding space-time behind it. Jake is studying the implications of this type of travel and determining if...


HS 023: Nobel Prize – The Most Productive Existential Crisis in History - High Science

Last week the 2017 Nobel Prizes were announced! This inspired High Science to not only discuss this year's winners but to also explore the fascinating history of the prize. A man reading his own obituary in the newspaper led directly to the establishment of the most prestigious scientific award. The stories of notable past winners are also told and their respective fields are explained. We finish off with an embarrassing story of John and James getting way too high on edibles. Topics...


HS 022: Cognitive Biases – How Our Brains Think Sh*tty - High Science

The human brain is an amazing piece of natural machinery. It is easily the most complex thing the universe has ever produced. That being said, sometimes it just doesn't work right. High Science tackles cognitive biases: the leanings, shortcomings, and pitfalls of our natural thought processes. No one is immune, but we can better deal with these issues by recognizing them in ourselves and others. Disclaimer: Due to a brief microphone malfunction and an asshole cricket, some parts of this...


HS 021: Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? - High Science

We can create pretty sophisticated computer models for things like weather and astrophysics. In a future with powerful quantum computers and flexible ethics, can we simulate a reality? If it's possible, has it already been done? ARE WE THE SIMULATED REALITY? The crew explores the science and philosophy behind this idea while navigating semi-relevant tangents and shenanigans. Topics Discussed: Scientifically, the answer is quick: we can't test it so we don't know right now. Simulations we...


HS 020: Climate Change and So Much More - High Science

This one got off the rails. The subject was climate change but we start off by talking about menstruation and we end up with applying probability and statistics to determine whether or not soulmates exist. Try to keep up as the crew explores climate change and takes every tangent they could possibly take. The misleading "debate" on climate change What is climate? What's the difference between weather and climate Why the name was changed from "global warming" to "climate change" Science...


HS 019: GMOs and Bullsh*t - High Science

What's wrong with organic? It sounds natural and healthy. GMOs sound artificial and scary. This week, the crew explores GMOs and breaks down the science behind this controversial topic. Genetics is taught, studies are cited, and off topic bullsh*t is discussed as the feel-good organic industry is destroyed with science and critical thinking. What is a GMO? (Genetically Modified Organism) A crash course in genetics What is a gene? How do genes get passed from parent to offspring? Mendelian...


HS 018: Do Vaccines Cause Autism? (Spoiler: No) - High Science

Vaccines could be scary. Autism could be scary. Do vaccines cause autism? Are they worth the risk? The crew tackles the myths surrounding vaccines and shares the tools you can use to answer this question yourself. The science behind vaccines and autism is explored as they apply scientific principles to analyze this modern controversy. Topics Discussed: What are vaccines? The very first vaccine - Smallpox in 1796 What are diseases? How does your immune system work? Vaccines today The...


HS 017: Phonology and Why Infants are Computers - High Science

The crew enters Kat's realm of speech and language science. Language is broken down to the point where the hosts all end up just making noises and trying to figure out what the hell is actually going on. The discussion of speech and language is embedded in developmental psychology. From fetuses to adults, the crew discusses how we develop and perceive speech and language. It is difficult to talk about these topics without also discussing how speech and language critically determine our...


HS 016: Dynamics and Why Math is Weird - High Science

Why do things move as they do? Are there fundamental rules of motion? Why is math so weird? Why was Newton such a bad-ass? The crew tackles a diverse set of topics while analyzing motion and freaking out about math. Topics Discussed: What is a force? Our ideas forces before Sir Isaac Newton Newton and his three laws of motion The issue with teaching the laws of motion Fundamental forces of nature Gravity Electromagnetism Strong Nuclear Force Weak Nuclear Force A Grand Unified Theory of...


HS 015: Kinematics – Describing How Things Move - High Science

In our quest to determine how the universe works, we take some time to explore a fundamental concept: motion. Things move through our universe and we can accurately describe and predict this motion using math! In this episode we discuss how things move (kinematics) in preparation for a future episode where we talk about why things move (dynamics). What is motion? Frames of reference Words to describe motion: position, velocity, and acceleration One-dimensional motion Two-dimensional...


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