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High Score - Episode 16 - Jason vs Zombo

In Episode 16, Than and Neil talk about the fall gaming and how awesome October is for horror and fright. Our Friday the 13 party (on Friday the 13) was a fantastic event, check out our FB page to see some great videos. We talk about the graphically gorgeous game, Cuphead. Fun and frustrating, you’ll love it! Happy Birthday to Neil’s mom, she turned 87 on October 16. Be sure to write-in High Score Lounge for the Best of Ferndale, numbers 32 and 34. You have until October 28 to vote, so...

Duration: 00:45:47

High Score - Episode 14 - Adventures in (bad) Parenting

Our apologies for the inconsistency in delivery. Please be sure you’re subscribed to get the latest episode when it drops! In Episode 14, Than and Neil discuss the oddity of lucky numbers for all of 60 seconds. If you haven’t heard Episode 13 with L-train, you should go back and listed to that show! We also talk of the success that is the Detroit Players Series (DPS). The players are super-competitive and are really enjoying the league. Overwatch is huge and the league is coming along...

Duration: 00:42:27

High Score - Episode 13 - Can’t stop the L-train

Than and Neil discuss Gamescom and some Xbox One X (XBX) thoughts. Then a great interview with Lenell Dinkins (L-train). Enjoy! Facebook: Twitter: Leagues: Hosts: Nathaniel: Neil: Important Links: Neil’s Twitter:

Duration: 00:50:04

High Score - Episode 12 - Beethoven’s Fidelio

Than and Neil discuss some cool lighting hardware for the lounge. We open up our “secret word” competition for fun and prizes. Recoil Game discussion and fun. Updates on the Detroit Player’s Series. New leagues coming to the lounge, including Euchre! Titanfall 2, Project Highrise, and Lone Echo impressions. Facebook: Twitter: Hosts: Nathaniel: Neil:...

Duration: 00:40:39

High Score - Episode 11 - Detroit Players Series, Brainstorming, Friday the 13th, Family Game Day

We recap the first event at HSL for the Detroit Players Series, Than and Neil brainstorm on the future leage ideas, we discuss the Friday the 13th Game, and invite you to Family Game Day on August 12. Facebook: Twitter: Hosts: Nathaniel: Neil: Important...

Duration: 00:33:09

High Score - Episode 10 - wsg Jimmy - Detroit Players Series, Container Progress, Family Game Day

The Detroit Players Series Kickoff Party happened and it was awesome! Get Jimmy’s take on the event, including the music and unique tournament. We make a little progress on the mobile gaming container, discuss our August schedule, and eagerly await Than’s return. Facebook: Twitter: Hosts: Jimmy: Neil: Important...

Duration: 00:22:47

High Score - Episode 7 - Detroit Players Series, Game Travels, Kids, Next Gen Onsite Gaming Unit

Than introduces the Detroit Players Series which starts this July. We also discuss gaming with our kids and trying to occupy them while on the road. We have a special segment with some of our younger guests. HSL will promote a “Game with your kid(s)” day in August. Finally we wrap up with our discussion of the next generation of our onsite (mobile) gaming unit. Facebook: Twitter: Hosts: Nathaniel:...

Duration: 00:43:20

High Score - Episode 6 - HSL1 Recap, SNES Classic, Cross-platform and exclusivity, Detroit Players Series!

Nathaniel and Neil discuss last weeks HSL1 fight night at the lounge. They also discuss the new SNES Classic just announced as well as an enlightening discussion on cross-platform play and exclusivity. And the big announcement about the Detroit Players Series. Talk to us: Twitter Facebook Hosts: Nathaniel: Neil: Important...

Duration: 00:35:31

High Score - Episode 2 - FIGHT! Combo Breaker, HSL1, i/o, Amiiboking, Ori

Neil is out sick so Than goes solo! Awesome details about HSL1 and cool interviews with i/o, Amiiboking and Ori as well as a recap of Combo Breaker. Host: Nathaniel: Important Links: Show Content Links: Intro music: Combo Breaker: HSL1 Fight Night: i/o:...

Duration: 00:32:59

High Score - Episode 1 - Farpoint, Injustice 2, HSL1 Fight Night, Combo Breaker, and more

In our official first episode we discuss some recent guests at the lounge, two new games - Farpoint for PSVR and Injustice 2, our upcoming fight night - HSL1, Combo Breaker, and some other assorted goodness. Hosts: Nathaniel: Neil: Important Links: Show Content Links: Intro music:...

Duration: 00:23:42