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Hijacked Headspace Podcast. A tad racist, disgusting, insensitive, sexist and other good things. Take a break from porn. Have a listen. Real Life. Real Funny.

Hijacked Headspace Podcast. A tad racist, disgusting, insensitive, sexist and other good things. Take a break from porn. Have a listen. Real Life. Real Funny.
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Hijacked Headspace Podcast. A tad racist, disgusting, insensitive, sexist and other good things. Take a break from porn. Have a listen. Real Life. Real Funny.




Ep 160: We're Back!

Its been more then a year since our last episode! Catch up with the Hijacked Crew!

Duration: 00:46:01

Ep 159- The Legend of the Lost Lemon Mine

George, Jamie and Jeff welcome treasure hunter, Rob Losie, on to this amazing episode of the podcast! Rob tells all about the Lost Lemon Mine in Alberta and the curses the gold may have. We also talk about a few other conspiracy theories!

Duration: 00:50:33

Ep 158- Nicole Rae Johnson and Jonny Kozachenko

We welcome talented musician Nicole Rae Johnson and the hilarious Jonny Kozachenko onto this great episode! We hear some amazing music and try to help some listeners with their sex lives. Find Nicole at www.nicoleraejohnson.com

Duration: 00:47:16

Ep 157- Shelley Foss

Musician Shelley Foss joins us on this episode! We hear some great songs and hilarious stories. We also talk about Trump and discuss fear peeing.

Duration: 00:58:42

Ep 156- Comedian Simon Gorsak

We welcome comedian, Simon Gorsak, on this hilarious episode! We discuss 2016 New Years Resolutions and answer some sex study questions! Find Simon on twitter at @yegsimon

Duration: 00:51:29

Ep 155- Rapper J-Reds Live

George and Reubs welcome local rapper, J-Reds, to this episode! We get rolling with a sweet jam session and find out about J-Reds background. We answer some listener questions and talk about cooking meth in Wal-mart. Check it! Find J-Reds at: j-reds.bandcamp.com

Duration: 01:01:48

Ep 153- Would You Rather We Didn't?

Oh man this episode is wild! Jeff Campenot comes back on and joins Reuben and George. We discuss the last times that we were forced to run. Also answer hard hitting questions like: What would you have for your last meal? or Would you rather have a meter long pole sticking out of your head or your chest?

Duration: 00:44:07

Ep 152- Angela Steeves

We welcome local musician, Angela Steeves, onto the podcast! Aside from being a talented musician and singer, Angela is also Reubens girlfriend so we find out about Reubens OCD at home. We also find out who Cannibals would prefer eating and answer some unusual sex questions!

Duration: 00:54:07

Ep 151- Philip Solo

Battle Rapper and Hip Hop artist, Philip Solo, joins us on this episode! We talk about the art of battle rap and Philip's new album. We also answer some listener questions and Philip tells us about his latest bender! Check out Philip's Songs here:https://philipsolo.bandcamp.com/

Duration: 00:57:05

Ep 150- RyRy and Connies Comedy

On our 150th episode welcome DJ RyRy and Connie from Connie's Comedy! We talk about the Edmonton comedy scene, answer some listener questions and Jamie reveals another confession! Dont miss this one!

Duration: 00:42:59

Ep 149- Jamies Huge Confession

Just the three of us on this episode. We talk about the podcast being asked to join the Northern Content Network and how we feel about that. Jamie then reveals 3 confessions...and they all just keep getting bigger!

Duration: 00:33:41

Ep 148- Corin Raymond

We welcome musician and song-writer, Corin Raymond, onto this episode! Corin tells us about his fringe show, getting an album funded with Canadian Tire Money and also talks about his upcoming CD. We hear a song that will be on the new Album and Reuben preforms some hip-hop! Find Corin at www.corinraymond.com

Duration: 00:41:49

Ep 147- Marcus Ryan

Comedian Marcus Ryan is up from Australia and stops in for a visit! He tells us about some of his travels and adventures. We also talk about some of the crazy things that happen at Burning Man as Marcus gets ready to go again this year! Find Marcus at www.itsmarcusryan.com and check out his show at the Edmonton Fringe this year!

Duration: 00:50:36

Ep 146- Alex Fortin

Comedian Alex Fortin joins us on this episode! We play some "Would You Rather" and answer some listener sex questions. We also discuss the girl who got tag-teamed at the stampede and recall some stripper stories. Check it! Find Alex athttps://twitter.com/ItsTheFortinand alsohttps://twitter.com/NorthernContent

Duration: 00:54:01

Ep 144- Keith Sarnoski

Comedian Keith Sarnoski joins us on this episode! Keith offers some advice on dog training and sex. We answer some hilarious listener questions and come up with a few new inventions.

Duration: 00:33:24

Ep 143- Friends Without Benefits

Adam and Andrea from the web-series, Friends Without Benefits, join us on this laugh filled episode. We answer some listener sex questions and try to invent things to change the world! Find Friends Without Benefits here:http://www.friendswithoutbenefits.ca/

Duration: 00:38:38

Ep 142- Drag Queen, Fellatia Rimbottom, Returns

We welcome back hilarious Drag Queen, Fellatia Rimbottom! We find out so much about the drag queen community and answer some hilarious listener questions! Find Fellatia athttp://www.sissyentertainment.com/

Duration: 00:41:53

Ep 141- The Give Em Hell boys

Quinn and Lindsay from The Give Em Hell Boys join us on this episode! We hear a brand new song from them and talk about bar stories. We also answer some sexy listener questions! Find them on twitter athttps://twitter.com/GiveEmHellBoys

Duration: 00:33:52

Ep 140- Kristin Ashmore

The talented and very funny, Kristin Ashmore, joins us on this episode! We talk about a new podcast that she is launching and then answer some listener questions ranging from genitalia named after animals to dangerous sex positions. Find Kristin on twitter at @prokristinator

Duration: 00:43:44

Ep 139- Comedian Liam Creswick

We welcome comedian, Liam Creswick, onto this hilarious episode! Liam tells us stories about working at a comic book store and teaches us about "Magic, the Gathering". We also answer some listener sex questions and invent some new belts. Find Liam at www.liamcreswick.ca

Duration: 00:55:28

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