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Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 16. Sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the workplace is a way bigger and more popular issue than we’d like to admit. G Cole talks to guests about their views on the current wave of accusations, as well as their personal views on this grim subject. The music of Reggae artist Koriq is featured on this episode. Please Subscribe and share the show. Follow us on Instagram at

Duration: 01:11:28

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 15. G Cole talks to legendary singer/songwriter/producer Singing Melody.

G Cole sits down with legendary singer/songwriter/producer Singing Melody for an in-depth conversation about life, love, L.U.S.T and music. They also chat about new endeavors, upcoming projects and longevity. Tune in and enjoy. Please subscribe to the show.

Duration: 02:06:37

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 14. Real Estate, something all successful people have in common. (Sharon Flood)

An accounts professor once told me "Real Estate is the only asset that doesn't depreciate". Based on the economical climate, the accuracy of that is up for question, but one thing that cannot be questioned, is that Real Estate remains one of the safest investment options and one thing all successful people have in common. G Cole sits down with one of Remax South Florida's top realtor and licensed mortgage professional, Ms. Sharon Flood, to discuss how to successfully navigate todays real...

Duration: 01:21:46

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 13. Christmas around the world.

Tis the season to be jolly. The Christmas season seems to evoke the same memories and emotions across the world for those who celebrate. Inspired by the Legendary Ms Fae Ellington O.D and a video she posted, G Cole speaks to people from different countries about their Christmas memories and traditions. One thing is certain, though totally unique in traditions, we are way more similar as a people than we realize. The episode concludes with Fae Ellington as she reminisces on Christmas...

Duration: 01:09:39

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 12. Through the lens. (Roy Sweetland and David I. Muir)

The Roman poet Horace said “A picture is a poem without words” and the late Gordon Parks said “The subject Matter is so much more important than the photographer”. G Cole talks with Legendary Photographers; Mr Roy Sweetland (One of the most published photographers, his work being in Billboard Magazine and more) and Mr David I. Muir (Photo-artist/Author of the acclaimed book "Pieces of Jamaica"). They talk life, art, and the upcoming event "Let there be Reggae"...

Duration: 01:36:08

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 11. Introspection.

The journey to writing, creating, recording, and launching the podcast "Homegrown with G Cole" has been an interesting, challenging, and very rewarding one. On this episode G Cole reflects on the first ten episodes, and says thanks to all the guests and to those involved in the process, and the growth so far.

Duration: 00:31:20

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 10. A conversation with Richard Daley of The Legendary Reggae Ambassadors, Third World

Third World is one of the most accomplished Reggae bands in history. G Cole sits down with the Legend, Mr Richard Bassie Daley of Third World for a sweet conversation about life, family and music. They also speak about life and music after the passing of Third World's lead singer, Mr Bunny Rugs, and how they go about carrying on the legacy, and sound that is Third World. They also go through some classic Third World hits, and introduce their brand new single produced by Damian Jr Gong...

Duration: 01:24:35

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 9. The Funnel Project. With Franklin Grant and Chris Gayle

When a group of Jamaican Nationals living in the US decided to share their resources with people in need living in Jamaica, The Funnel Project was born. The Funnel project is an initiative put together by a group of friends, to lend support and aid to people in need living in Jamaica. The concept of charity begins at home is epitomized in this effort. They primarily focus on children homes and small underfunded schools. G Cole talks to two founding members of Funnel Project, as they set...

Duration: 01:07:32

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 8. Inspirational music vs Gospel music, expansion or departure. Speaking with Kristine Alicia

Lately, and on quite a few occasions, artists that once referred to themselves as gospel artists have been trying to shake the title. Some would prefer their work to be called inspirational, others would prefer it be genre free. G Cole tries to find out why and asks, is it expansion or departure? On this episode he speaks to accomplished Singer/Songwriter Kristine Alicia who comes from a gospel background, about the topic at hand and about her phenomenal new album produced by Rory Stone...

Duration: 01:52:17

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 6. Conversation with a Reggae legend. (Hopeton Lindo)

Just as we have artists that are prolific with bringing you the hits, there are prolific songwriters, songwriters that have crafted some of your favorites hits. In this episode G Cole speaks to legendary Reggae hitmaker Hopeton Lindo. His catalogue of hits that he’s written, or co-written includes songs for artist such as; Cocoa Tea, Marcia Griffiths, Freddy McGregor,Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Maxi Priest, Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, Jimmy Riley, Shabba Ranks, Aswad, Brian, and Tony...

Duration: 01:51:31

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 5. Retirement, are we not ready, or not able. (Marcus Moon)

G Cole sits down with New York Life Financial Services Professional Marcus Moon, for the first of many financial conversations. This time to discuss retirement, and retirement planning. With his parent, and the parents of his friends and colleagues slowly approaching the age of retirement, the question looms, are many of our seniors staying in the work force because they're not ready, or not able to retire? Marcus Moon can be reached at Email Phone...

Duration: 01:51:43

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 4. A sexually abused woman speaks out.

The deep mental, physical, emotional and psychological damage that sexual abuse causes, can be long and traumatic to get over. Often times people never get over it at all. G Cole talks in depth with, Author Teacher, and Poet, Ms Syndia A Payne, about her journey to not only healing from the abuse she endured, but being able to forgive her abuser and turn the ills of the life changing events she suffered, into a passion to help others. For more information, on Syndia A Payne, and her work,...

Duration: 02:03:51

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 3. Sweet Jamaica vs Jamrock

G Cole shares a passionate view of his native land, from the beautiful beaches to the garrisons, from tourism to politics, and paints a picture using songs written about Jamaica. Come along for the ride, because the good far outweighs the bad, and if you're buckled in, then don't worry, you'll end up right where you started, a place called paradise. Don't forget to subscribe to the show!

Duration: 01:00:11

Homegrown with G Cole. Episode 2. Good Vibrations (Dennis Brown)

G Cole sits down to listen to the album "Good Vibrations" by his favorite artist Dennis Brown. As he goes over the album song by song, an album he owns on vinyl, he talks about the man "Dennis Brown" himself, and why the legendary Reggae artiste is such an influence on him. As he walks down this road called nostalgia, he wonders out loud, why this Album isn't more popular among Reggae enthusiasts. Don't forget to subscribe to the show!

Duration: 00:57:04

Homegrown with G Cole Episode 1. The Mental Health conversation.

Issues relating to, and resulting from mental health are becoming increasingly popular, yet it remains an undercurrent in conversations, especially in the Caribbean, or the black community. In this episode of Homegrown with G Cole, we sit down to discuss more about this very important subject, with licensed mental health professional Ms. Candice Forrest. Don't forget to subscribe to the show!

Duration: 01:35:35