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HorrorSexy is a collection of horror journalists, podcasters, artists, genre enthusiasts, and more. We aim to bring you a continuous flow of updates on upcoming movies, comics, TV shows, video games, as well as music and events. In addition to the exclusive content, HorrorSexy will also create a community of journalists, aggregating content from their individual sites as well. We have some great things planned, so enjoy watching our little experiment grow. This is the home of the official HorrorSexy podcast and SoundCloud page that will feature retrospectives, reviews, news updates and a variety of discussion topics for your audio pleasure. Turn yourself on to HORROR!




Episode 21 - Halloween Special - Ghostbusters/Lady in White/Fender Bender

Welcome to the HorrorSexy Halloween Special. This week on the show, we discuss Halloween, the month of October, and all of our little rituals and necessities for the month. This includes specific types of candy, movies, decorations, music and more! Also up for discussion are the new Blu-ray releases, including a feature review of Scream Factory's Fender Bender, and Lady in White. Vinyl and comic updates, as well as albums, the lack of Netflix updates in October, and plenty more talk of all...

Duration: 02:52:31

Episode 20 - Shin Godzilla / Phantasm: Ravager

Surprise surprise, another new episode of HorrorSexy. Two in a row now, we're on a roll. This week we'll talk about a couple of highly anticipated movies, Phantasm: Ravager, and Shin Godzilla. Was the new Phantasm worth the long wait? Will Toho's Godzilla reboot top Hollywood's? Also up for discussion are James' butthole, and its possible bleaching, butthole tattoos, new additions to Netflix and Amazon Video, Blu-ray, vinyl, comic book updates, candy corn, and much more. HorrorSexy will...

Duration: 01:44:26

Episode 19 - Rob Zombie's 31

HorrorSexy returns, and what better topic to break the silence than a new Rob Zombie movie. 31 is now available to rent on VOD, and while most of the online horror community took the opportunity to trash it for even existing in the first place, the guys have a different take. Being huge fans of Rob Zombie's entire filmography, you can listen safely without experiencing any auto-hatred for the man and his films like you've probably heard elsewhere. We're out to be honest, not clever and...

Duration: 01:20:13

Episode 18 - Civil War

What do you know, another new episode! James and Shawn are back, and they're on a mission. They're taking to task the new Captain America film, Civil War. Did they love it, did they hate it, is it somewhere in between? This is your warning that this discussion contains a great deal of spoilers for Captain America: Civil War. Also up for discussion is a list that recently appeared on Dread Central titled "13 Horror Comics and Graphic Novels You Need to be Reading in 2016." In spite of the...

Duration: 02:29:40