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HorsePLAY! LIVE airs on the GeekyAntics Twitch channel every Thursday at 11pm Eastern. We talk Hearthstone, League of Legends, geek culture, gaming news, deals, indie projects, and MORE!

HorsePLAY! LIVE airs on the GeekyAntics Twitch channel every Thursday at 11pm Eastern. We talk Hearthstone, League of Legends, geek culture, gaming news, deals, indie projects, and MORE!
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HorsePLAY! LIVE airs on the GeekyAntics Twitch channel every Thursday at 11pm Eastern. We talk Hearthstone, League of Legends, geek culture, gaming news, deals, indie projects, and MORE!






HorsePLAY! EP200 - Celebrating Over 3 Years Of Shenanigans & Crap!

ObioneX2 returns in this one as we kickoff a celebration recognizing over 3 years of Geeky Antics, 200+ episode of HorsePLAY!, and you, the most awesome community EVER. Seriously.. Connect with us so we can chat, play games together, and stay in touch. SMS/VM 646-801-2149 (USA) We discuss the origin story of GeekyAntics and HorsePLAY! LIVE. Remember when we used to talk about Hearthstone and League Of Legends almost exclusively? Then we...

Duration: 01:25:35

HorsePLAY! EP198 - Destiny 2 First Impressions - True Sequel Or Not?

EPISODE 200 - OCTOBER 12th 2017 - join us! We're getting the band back together on Destiny 2 and getting ready to celebrate over 3 years of HorsePLAY! LIVE - WOO! Join us or send us some ideas for topics and stuff.. Or lots of love.. OR TASTY TREATS.. YES!!!! SMS/VM 646-801-2149 Find Yogizilla on Xbox LIVE and let's play games together! Wanna help out? Donate to Rarrapuda's (RIP, Josh) family here:...

Duration: 01:31:01

HorsePLAY! EP197 - Toys'R'Us Bankrupt & Destiny 2 Bandwagon

Now with NO HASSLE packaging! Toys'R'Us files Chapter 11 bankruptcy and it makes us rethink everything.. Is it the end of an era?? Toys are still cool.. Tech can't be everything, right? Also, Yogi decides to join the Destiny 2 bandwagon.. Beard_And_Hat holds his ground: Destiny is just a cash grab.. And it's too focused on PVP. What say you? SMS/VM 646-801-2149 Random sci-fi shows and movies. We need more deep space antics.. Lexx, Star Quest, Star Raiders, Humanity's...

Duration: 01:40:12

HorsePLAY! EP195 & 196 - Chicago Deep Dish & Hurricane Survival

Many of us have survived Irma but Maria is heating up.. What's up with all these latino names? Should we be offended? NAH - just eat more pizza! In this double header, Yogi and Clint Thiele from GeekDig team up to discuss deep dish pizza, fire pits, and other chillax stuff.. Word. Whatcha think? SMS/VM 646-801-2149 Random sci-fi shows and movies. We need more deep space antics.. Lexx, Star Quest, Star Raiders, Humanity's End, The Cold Equations... Keep 'em coming!...

Duration: 01:50:55

HorsePLAY! EP194 - The Worst Marvel Show Is...

The worst Marvel show on Netflix is Luke Cage but WarChild thinks otherwise. What's your pick? Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Punisher, The Defenders, or Daredevil? SMS/VM 646-801-2149 Oh yeah, we talk about other movies and TV shows too.. And there's a rant about how TV, movies, and even YouTube are not what they used to be. Please share your thoughts and tell your friends about this crazy train wreck! Wanna help out? Donate to Rarrapuda's (RIP, Josh) family...

Duration: 01:01:42

HorsePLAY! EP179 - WannaCry Ransomware, Doctor Who & Computing/IT Tips

Beard_And_Hat and Yogizilla bring HorsePLAY! LIVE back to true form with two hours covering everything from the recent WannaCry ransomware scare to Chris Cornell's unexpected suicide to tech talk and shenanigans. We also read some MetaCritic reviews for Prey, which looks to be one hell of a sleeper hit.. Also, people need to learn how to review objectively. What game truly deserves a zero score? If you have a new tech gadget, toy, or PC upgrade, do you get frustrated when you can't enjoy it...

Duration: 01:54:51

HorsePLAY! EP178 - Pet Octopus VS. Sexy Coffee Shop - Choose Wisely

It's the Yogi Variety Hour.. Kinda. Random crap we dive into: why Nick Cage is broke, sexy coffee shops and uptight opponents, the wealthiest hip-hop artists, Free Comic Book Day pickups, Augusta local (shout-out Augusta Book Exchange), EverDrive benchmarks, and dietary supplements to help naturally ease you into being OLD AF!!! Thoughts? SMS/VM: 646-801-2149 Want to pitch in? Here's a direct link to donate (totally optional, but super-duper appreciated):...

Duration: 01:15:10

HorsePLAY! EP177 - 9 Out Of 10 Roaches Choose PS4.. And Fidget Spinners

May the 4th be with you.. 40 years of Star Wars? WHAAAAAT?! Also, Cinco De Mayo and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, the latter always fall on the first Saturday each May. It's a great time to be a geek!! Yogi battles with sleep deprivation but fortunately truncate silence, Beard_And_Hat, and ObioneX2 save the day. Fidget spinners, poop-filled PS4s, Darksiders 3/THQ comeback, and other goodies are on the menu. We also touch upon the nuances of driving and how Everdrive may be the app to help us be...

Duration: 01:45:55

HorsePLAY! EP176 - The Final Unicorn Poopies.. For 2016

It's the final Unicorn Poopies. That's right: we're giving out the last of our 2016 Geek Awards in this episode.. Beard_And_Hat and a few others will be elated. We talk a little news, including an old headline about a teenage girl who survived a 3000-foot fall in a skydiving accident.. And now has won a 760K lawsuit. Guess it pays to be reckless! Not much gaming going on right now.. But we'll work on that. Shows on our playlists include Into The Badlands, The Expanse, Marvel's Agents Of...

Duration: 01:49:23

HorsePLAY! EP175 - It's 420 & All I Got Was This Lousy Podcast

Send birthday wishes (and donations) to Yogi - April 19th FTW! Donations are completely optional but greatly appreciated... And they may go to beer. #justsaiyan If that link fails, here's a lengthier one that definitely works: Don't forget: we have Discord and it's FREE! It's a place to chat with people and coordinate stuff. You should be there. Yogi flies...

Duration: 01:17:06

HorsePLAY! EP174 - The Magicians vs. Harry Potter vs. LOTR - Awesomenauts!

We have Discord. It's a place to chat with people and coordinate stuff. You should be there. You're stuck with WarDaddy and Yogi for this one but, don't worry, the conversation is just as good! We pit The Magicians vs. Harry Potter vs. LOTR.. Other shows we discuss: Into The Badlands (KUNG FU BLISS), iZombie (RAWR), Better Call Saul, and Prison Break Season 5. Diablo 3 has seasons on console now! The Elder Scrolls Online has free play days through April 18th...

Duration: 01:59:17

HorsePLAY! EP173 - Burning Bridges & Cards Games - YAY Trump University!

WarChild is now WarDaddy - IT'S A GIRL! A bridge burns in Atlanta, Georgia. Trump University settles, returning up to 90% of the money bamboozled students were swindled out of. 60ish missiles fire off to Syria. WHAT IS GOING ON!?! Chris Gannon from The GamingDeath Podcast join us. It's the road to E3 so Xbox Scorpio hardware talk is in order - the leaks were real? Bioware and Bethesda make derpy faces.. Deal with it. Samsung S8 key features and thoughts. Dragon Age Inquisition still has...

Duration: 01:54:21

HorsePLAY! EP172 - A Strange Friday Night With CupcakeEnvy!

Congrats WarChild on the new addition to your family. Are you WarFather now? In this episode, we make sounds with our mouths. What does a time machine sound like? Listen and hear it for yourself! CupcakeEnvy, long-time GANGster, joins us in a mostly two-person show. We kick things off by sharing musical tastes and comparing bands/artists: The Chainsmokers, Cold Play, Radiohead, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin are in the mix. In the news, we discuss the Trump University 25M...

Duration: 01:59:04

HorsePLAY! EP171 - Mass Defect, Iron Fist, WWE Paige Scandal

The term "Mass Defect" is already floating around with regards to Andromeda but are gamers and critics being fair? After the technical issues, what's left? Great gameplay? Good story? We discuss a bit. Much like Andromeda, the Netflix Marvel show, Iron Fist, is getting slammed. The race card is being used here too. Is it a white washed production or simply true to the source material? We also discuss WWE's Paige and her leaked sex tape and nude photo scandal.. Plus other random things. The...

Duration: 01:59:59

HorsePLAY! EP170 - Maximum Efficiency, Interview Q's, EverDrive.. Meow.

Do you get bored easily? We tackle this question and other career conundrums. What are you worth? How do you figure out a fair salary? Yogizilla asks the GANG - Beard_And_Hat, WarChildGames, and Tukah44 - if they bump heads with their wives about driving. Are you a safe driver? EverDrive app may have the answer for you! We also discuss cover letters, Paladins, Mass Effect Andromeda, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and other random stuff.. Plus a preview of upcoming Unicorn Poopies! What were your...

Duration: 01:59:57

HorsePLAY! EP169 - BeardAndHat's Shingles Horror, Wildlands, GOTY 2016 ETC.

Gaming Death Podcast EP200 on Thursday, March 16th 2017 9:30pm ET / 2:30am GMT / 6:30pm PT - JOIN US! Obi pops in with his sick voice (a'la John St. John / Duke Nukem) and Tukah provides some BGM as we discuss: Amazon Prime blunders, careers in IT, logistics, and customer service, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Beard's battles with the shingles, and other random crap.. Oh, and we finally share our picks for GOTY (Game Of The Year) 2016. What were your fave games and...

Duration: 01:59:58

HorsePLAY! EP168 - Mass Effect Renegade, Aliens, GR Wildlands, ETC.

The Division Last Stand expansion is here. BTW, we are aware of podcast feed issues. We'll be switching to a new feed soon. Download episodes before they go into the elusive vault! Beard_and_Hat, WarChildMKIV, Tukah44 and Yogizilla reunite to discuss: PewDiePie's anti-semitic humor and how it's not THAT big of a deal, Mass Effect Andromeda removing renegade system, Ghost Recon Wildlands feels more like GTA meets The Division than GR, Aliens Covenant movie and Prometheus DOESN'T suck, PLUS...

Duration: 01:58:58

HorsePLAY! EP167 - Steam Direct, Ghost Recon Wildlands & Power Of Words

Obi shares his plans for the future of Top Star eSports and GeekyAntics! RANTS: Bungie vs. 343, Steam Direct is BAD for indie devs, combat in TESO vs. For Honor vs. Dark Souls, PewDiePie's falling out with Maker Studios, and UNICORN POOPIES Round 10 preview! What were your fave games in 2016? How about 2017 so far? The intro and BGM you hear are tunes from Rush Coil's "8 Bit Christmas". Go buy it - it's cheap and AWESOME! INTRO: Rush Coil "8...

Duration: 01:59:30

HorsePLAY! EP166 - Farewell To Obi, Hello Fantabulous Train Wreck

In this extra special train wreck, we say good-bye to Obi, wherever he may be, and long-time friend and supporter Tukah44 joins us for the first time. We cover some weird news, like the guy that texted his boss for help killing his wife and Adele breaking her Grammy in half.. We go off on two crazy tangents about how Nintendo has fallen so far and Destiny is actually a bad game... Then we do more Unicorn Poopies! What were your fave games in 2016? How about 2017 so far?

Duration: 01:59:54

HorsePLAY! EP165 - 2016 Tabletop Games, Best Characters, Rogue-Likes ETC.

Obi and Blades are at MLG Atlanta so the rest of our motley crew begins to wrap up our gaming series of Unicorn Poopies. We cover tabletop, family gaming, social games, rogue-likes, rogue-lites, and more. Meanwhile, people are still arguing about our definitions about certain categories and genres, which is silly. If you ever went to a music store, you'd know that genres are pretty subjective and, the more a genre evolves, the more the lines are blurred. Duh. What were your fave games in...

Duration: 01:57:10

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