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The Joy Luck Club Movie Review

“Between every mother and daughter there is a story that must be told.” Joy Luck Club Movie Poster Tagline Based on Amy Tan’s book of the same name, The Joy Luck Club is the story of the relationships between 4 Chinese women and their Chinese – American daughters.

Duration: 00:03:51

014: How 1 Martiniquan - American Couple Chose Forever | Nathalie + Casey

Today's episode is the story of how Nathalie from Martinique & Casey, from the United States quickly figured out if they were a good match for each other using humor & vulnerability. We talk about: • What it was like growing up in a Martiniquan dual language household vs a black American family household • Growing up in a strict French Caribbean household • How Nathalie and Casey met • How a belly bump set the tone for their relationship • Keeping peace with the in-laws • How they...

Duration: 00:47:05

Hasan Minhaj Homecoming King - Multicultural Movie Review

In his first stand-up special, Hasan Minhaj weaves humorous and heartbreaking anecdotes to tell his life story as an Indian-American Muslim. Topics include racism, bullying and meeting the demanding expectations of his immigrant parents. Watch the Movie Trailer or find out where you can watch it HERE

Duration: 00:04:16

013: How 1 Blonde Kid Learned to Relate in Japan | Nathan Holritz

Today's episode is the story of a blonde kid who wanted to belong in a place where no one looked like him. In Ep 13, I talk to Nathan Holritz, father of 2, minimalist & co-owner at Photographers Edit about this third culture experience as a “gaijin” growing up in Japan & what he did to immerse himself in the Japanese culture, even though he looked distinctly different from everybody else in his neighborhood and how to connect with others who look differently from you. Learn more about...

Duration: 00:46:47

The Big Sick - Multicultural Movie Review

The Big Sick is the multicultural story of Pakistani-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani (as himself) & Emily Gardener, (played by Zoe Kazan) as Kumail’s white American girlfriend. They fall in love but struggle as their cultures clash.

Duration: 00:04:56

012: What 1 Jewish Dad Discovered as a Multiracial Family Man

Episode 12 is the story of Alex Barnett, a New York based comedian, writer & white, Jewish multiracial dad, married to an African - American woman (who converted to Judaism) & why it was important for him to raise his 6yr old biracial son in the Jewish faith. We talk about: Get to know Alex Barnett: His podcastHis websiteMultiRacial Media Full Details & Show Notes

Duration: 00:42:04

011: The Blasian Love Story of Florist & Musician Dennis Davis

Episode 11 of the IAM podcast is the blasian love story of Chie Davis, who leaves behind her family in Japan to move abroad (the 1st in her family) and in the process falls in love with a famous African-American musician Dennis Davis, who is 25years older than her. What we discuss: Learn more: The HD ProjectsTracing My Dad: The Life and Music of Dennis DavisHERE

Duration: 00:42:12

010: This Has to Happen? Ugandan Kwanjula Engagement

Episode 10 is the story of my brother-in-law Ken & his outsider perspective as an American traveling to Kampala, Uganda to get officially engaged to his fiancé (my sister) as part of the traditional Ugandan engagement ceremony, the kwanjula . Along the way, he questions the why behind each Ugandan tradition vs his upbringing & makes a compelling observation that brings him closer to his future wife. Resources mentioned: The Good Earth by Pearl BuckNdere Dance TroupePrince, The Beautiful...

Duration: 00:44:57

009: How this Chinese Filipino Couple defines Love | Ria + Jon

In Episode 9, I interview Ria & Jon, a Chinese – Filipino couple who met in the Philippines about how they’ve learned to communicate, love and resolve conflict despite their different cultures and the clever disagreement conflict management gimmick they’ve developed to say sorry and apologize. Resources mentioned: The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy KellerFilipino TocinoThe Green MilePan's Labyrinth

Duration: 01:07:44

008: How Interfaith Marriage Helps this Christian - Muslim Couple Love Better | Eren + Anna Lauren Tüfekçi

In episode 8 of the IAM podcast, I chat with the cheerful, award winning media producer & diversity champion Anna Lauren Tufecki about her love story with her Turkish Muslim husband Eren & how together they’re pioneering & redefining what love & faith looks like in a healthy, fulfilling Christian – Muslim marriage. We chat about: RESOURCES Mentioned: Anna Lauren InstagramALLove Diversity ProjectAnna + Eren’s Wedding VideoBeetles All You Need is Love The Social Animal by David Brooks...

Duration: 00:50:42

007: Head Explosions How People React to this Blasian Couple | Timolin + Eric

What’s a head explosion & how do some people react when they see blasian couple Timolin & Eric? In episode 7 of the IAM podcast, I chat with the bubbly and fun Eric & Timolin about What We Discuss Resources mentioned: Tessane Chin – Jamaican – Chinese Blasian singer from Season 5 of The Voice - LifelineBob Marley – Three Little BirdsRadioheadTagalogHokkien

Duration: 00:33:18

006: How Interracial Newlyweds found Hope after Rough 1st Year of Marriage | Khadijah + Thomas

In episode 6, I talk to Khadijah & Thomas who have a Youtube channel called “The Delightful Carleys” about how they met online and from the very beginning were very intentional about their relationship. We discuss what values have helped them get through a rollercoaster 1st year of marriage. Get to know them: InstagramDelightful Carleys Youtube ChannelFlaming Hot Chicken The Killers Good Night Darth Vader

Duration: 00:46:21

005: How Chinese - Filipino Couple Grew as a Couple through Adventure | Yanshu + Mike

What did one Filipino - American multicultural couple learn about each other while traveling together around the world and how are they now supporting the launch of a new restaurant business together awhile still supporting their dreams and relationship? In episode 5 of the IAM podcast, I talk to Yanshu + Mike, a Chinese - Filipino couple, about their first big international trip together as a couple & how they use food, travel, honesty, culture & humor to learn & support each other & how...

Duration: 00:58:47

004: How They Thrived in 6Yr Long Distance Courtship | Evelyn + Jeff

In Episode 4, I talk to the radiant, energetic Evelyn + Jeff, a Kenyan - Nigerian married couple, about how they survived & thrived as a couple while dating for 6+years long distance when Evelyn lived in Germany & Jeff lived in Ghana, while both were pursuing grueling medical careers, so they only saw each other 2x a year for 4-6wks at a time. Jeff is a proud Nigerian of the Igbo tribe) and Evelyn is a proud Kenyan with parents from 2 different Kenyan tribes: Kukuyii and Kalnagini, schooled...

Duration: 01:20:47

003 How 1 Interracial Couple discovered the true meaning of family | Lily Yange + Kent

In Episode 3, I talk to the effervescent Lily Yange from Sudan & her Canadian hubby Kent about how they met in a bar in Toronto, Lily’s experience seeing a white person for the first time in a refugee camp in Sudan to then dating a white guy & how they've grown as an interracial couple, how they tackle issues of race as a couple & how becoming parents of a baby boy has made them closer as a couple & with their families. Get to know Lily: InstagramBLOGYoutube

Duration: 00:50:54

002: How 1 Dad teaches his Multicultural Kids to Be True to Themselves | Rob Yaskovic

What does life looks like helping to raise 4 adopted multicultutural kids and how does Rob Yaskovic, a popular photographer, uniquely bond with each child and teach them about how to embrace who they are in the context of race, hair and photographs. Explore: Rob Yaskovic InstagramRob's Website

Duration: 00:39:57

001: Why 1 Wedding Photographer Launched a Podcast on Multicultural & Interracial Relationships

In the inaugural episode of the I Am Multicultural Podcast, Petronella Lugemwa, a New York based wedding and marriage proposal photographer, who specializes in helping multicultural couples celebrate their love in a modern way, discusses why she decided to launch a podcast focused on multicultural, biracial, interracial and third culture relationships and experiences. CLICK to learn more about Petronella: WEBSITEInstagram

Duration: 00:10:01