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Vancouver, BC


這是一個很輕鬆愉快的音樂節目。DJ Jennie會介紹音樂相關的消息和話題, 也會聊聊自己身邊發生的事情和故事。選擇播放的音樂有最新的流行歌曲, 也會有大家耳熟能詳的經典歌曲。Jennie希望這個節目可以創造出一個很放鬆的氛圍, 也希望可以讓大家放下一天中的煩惱和壓力,好好享受一小時音樂。 每個星期一和星期五的節目中, 會有大約20分鐘的時間來分享一些爵士和R&B 音樂。 這個單元就叫做“爵色音樂”。 This show will be a chill and very relaxing music show. I will share music related topics as well as life around us, including local events and stories. I aim to create a very relaxing atmosphere where the listeners could feel like they are in a coffee lounge or wine bar where they put away a day’s stress and really enjoy music. The music I chose would not only include new hits but also the familiar tunes from the past. I will dedicate a part of the Monday & Friday show to Jazz and R&B music.



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