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Original NBA ContentMatthew Damian, author of NBA Greatest Teams, offers his insight into the NBA with a weekly podcast designed for the hardcore fans.

Original NBA Content Matthew Damian, author of NBA Greatest Teams, offers his insight into the NBA with a weekly podcast designed for the hardcore fans.

Original NBA Content Matthew Damian, author of NBA Greatest Teams, offers his insight into the NBA with a weekly podcast designed for the hardcore fans.
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Original NBA Content Matthew Damian, author of NBA Greatest Teams, offers his insight into the NBA with a weekly podcast designed for the hardcore fans.






Why The Cavs Are Struggling Without LeBron

It goes without saying that the Cavs are off to a horrid start without LeBron, but is this an accurate way of evaluating how good James is? Are there other factors that need to be taken in to provide context?


How Kevin Durant Saved Golden State's Legacy

There is a perception out there that Durant needed the Warriors in order to cement his legacy. But have we ever stopped to consider what would be the last impression of Golden State had Durant never left OKC for the Warriors? Would they be merely a transitional championship team? And how did Durant turn them from a team full of weaknesses into one of the greatest in NBA history?


Michael Jordan and Lebron James Exchange Shots

After a promo for Sunday Night Football with Jordan trolling the idea of Jordan and Lebron squaring off on the basketball court, the basketball and sporting community has exploded in the aftermath.


Can Golden State Improve This Season?

It sounds absurd for a team that has won back to back finals, and with the exception of the conference finals against the Rockets, hasn't been challenged at all throughout either post-season, but can the Warriors improve? We all know they added Cousins, but is it more of a question of focus and concentration regarding whether or not they are a better team? If they can improve on what they've accomplished in the past few seasons, what is their actual ceiling? Or are they susceptible to...


What Is LeBron James Legacy?

What is LeBron James' legacy in the NBA? There are so many legitimate ways to answer this question. Firstly, allow me to define legacy and how it is applied amongst sports fans. Definition is a “gift or bequest, that is handed down, endowed or conveyed from one person to another. It is descendible one comes into possession of that is transmitted, inherited, or received from a predecessor.” Now of course, that is the dictionary definition of the word. How sports fans apply this word,...


How Important Are Championships?

Rings are an integral part of every historical NBA debate, but how important are rings when judging players? We all know that the aim of the game is to win, that’s obvious, but are they the be-all and end-all? Clearly not, so where is the balance? How differently would we view Ewing had the Knicks had won in 1994 over Hakeem and the Rockets? How about Barkley; where would we rank him had he led the Suns to the title over Jordan in 93? Or Karl Malone had he claimed either (or both!) the 97...


2019 NBA Free Agency Preview

When going through the emails and messages for next week's mailbag, I noticed a bunch regarding the free-agent class for next year and I thought to myself "why not do a bonus episode?", so here I am. Where will Durant end up? What about Kyrie Irving? You could almost select a team at random and they'd have a better chance than the Raptors do of having Kawhi Leonard next season.


Mark Cuban Has Disgraced The NBA

Mark Cuban disgraced the NBA by setting a horrific precedent of denial in the face of enabling and empowering a culture of violence against women.


2018/19 NBA Season Preview

We are one month out from opening night in the NBA, and we are joined by J.C. to discuss the following topics: J.C. is the host of the C.L.E. Pod, which is scheduled for release in before the end of the month. His podcast will cover everything that relates to the Cleveland sports scene, along with national topics too. Be sure to check it out.


Michael Jordan (AND Hakeem) Drafted By The Rockets!

What if the Houston Rockets not only drafted Michael Jordan, but also kept Hakeem Olajuwon AND picked up Clyde Drexler as well? It sounds unbelievable, but Hakeem in his own book stated that on draft night, the Blazers offered Drexler and the number 2 pick in the 84 draft for Ralph Sampson, giving the opportunity for the Rockets to build the greatest trio in league history. How differently would this have move shaped the NBA? Episode 83 of the podcast goes right in!


Nike Exposes Itself In Woke Movement

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the "Just Do It" campaign for Nike, but even more importantly, they exposed themselves as the machine driving the polarization of sports in America.


The State Of The NBA

Episode 81 of the podcast features guest Houston White to discuss the current state of the game, and if fans are being conditioned to accept an inferior product.


Larry Bird Drafted By Chicago Bulls

What if the Boston Celtics were unable to use a loophole to draft Larry Bird earlier, and then the Bulls had drafted him when he finished playing at Indiana State? How differently would not only his career be, but also: And more!


Jordan vs Lebron Conversation with NBA Author Mike Fry

Yes, the Jordan vs LeBron debate has been done to death, but it's been done poorly. Fans have been subjected to attempts to "win" the conversation for their side, without legitimate points being exchanged. This all changed when Mike Fry wrote his book, "G.O.A.T. Envy", in an attempt to bring facts and remove the myths. Has LeBron surpassed Jordan? Is he really a more complete player? How important are championships in this topic? All of these questions, and so many more, are covered in...


Kobe Drafted By The Knicks

What would have happened if the Hornets were not interested in Vlade in the 96 draft, and wanted to keep their pick? They had never worked out Bryant prior to selecting him, so simply saying he'd go to the Hornets doesn't work either. It's entirely possible that Kobe slips all the way to the Knicks as future all-stars in Peja, Steve Nash and Jermaine O'Neal were taken after Bryant. In this episode, I take a closer look into what the league would have looked like with Kobe in New York, and...


Timeline and Fallout of the Kawhi Leonard Trade

Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Raptors earlier today, and with it, ended one of the strangest sagas in NBA history. In episode 77 of the I Still Love This Game podcast, I take a look back at the timeline of what happened following the Zaza Pachulia injury until today, along with the fallout for all parties involved.


What If Kevin Durant Was Drafted By The Blazers?

It's one of the greatest "what ifs" in NBA history, and whenever it comes up, the conversation is usually centered around the direction of the Sonics or the Blazers, but how significantly does the NBA change if the Blazers had drafted Kevin Durant? Does LeBron win earlier? Does the big 3 in Boston still happen? How does this all effect Kobe? Does OKC still get Russell Westbrook and James Harden? All these scenarios are explored in episode 77 of the podcast!


Lebron James To The Lakers Will Be A Disaster!

Lebron James To The Lakers Will Be A Disaster! As you've heard by now, Lebron has moved to Los Angeles, and despite the lure of a huge market, this could have been the biggest mistake of his career.


What if Carmelo Anthony Was Drafted By The Detroit Pistons?

With the basketball world focused on the hype of the draft, now is a good time to look back at the greatest "what ifs" in NBA draft history. Number 5 on the countdown is "what if the Detroit Pistons drafted Carmelo in 2003". This episode goes far beyond the impact on the Pistons and Anthony, as it also takes a look at how it impacts the change of the entire NBA. Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Phil Jackson's legacies are all changed with one different draft spot!


Aftermath Of The NBA Finals

With the NBA Finals mercifully over, what are the last results? Obviously, the Warriors won their 3rd title in 4 years, so what is their place in history? As for LeBron, he now has lost twice as many times in the finals as he has won. If the Warriors legacy is that of winners, is LeBron's now that of a celebrated loser? It sounds harsh, but if we're consistent, we have to at least discuss that.