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I Was Just Saying That is a tipsy show created for creative ladies on the Internet, hosted by Michelle Pimm and Kimya Kavehkar. New episodes every Friday. Please rate and review and show us some love!]






Deleting Push Notifications for Productivity with DivaDance founder Jami Stigliano

In this episode, the ladies performed a live show from the rooftop of the W Hotel, following a dance class led by Jami Stigliano, the founder and owner of DivaDance, which started in New York City and now has locations here in Austin and in D.C... She teaches dance classes with full-on choreography to songs from Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and more. If you listen to the show, you’ve heard Kimya talk about loving the classes, so we’re really happy to finally have Jami talk about how she...

Duration: 00:47:03

New Job, New Music

In this quickie episode, Michelle finally reveals where she's working these days. If you want some background on her work journey, listen to the episode called "Quittin' Time" to get the full picture. Kimya shares what music she's listening to and reveals which Bachelor she wants Rachel to give the final rose to. The ladies also complain about the heat (of course) and give you the details on their next LIVE event!

Duration: 00:27:11

From Blogger to Boutique Owner with Joanna Wilkinson

In this episode, the ladies guest is style blogger of Keep Austin Stylish, Joanna Wilkinson, who owns the fresh online women’s boutique Once Bitten. Recorded at Joanna’s cool downtown loft (house goals)–they discuss how she transitioned from blogger to boutique owner, what it’s like to have an e-commerce shop vs. brick and mortar, and a variety of style tips and shopping pet peeves. Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe and leave us some love with a kind review!

Duration: 00:47:59

Style Challenge Update and Cancelled Celebrities

In this week's episode, the ladies update you on M's style challenge (she found a bra that changed her life), giving thanks to the Statesman for featuring them in an article last week (still blushing), Beyonce's wax figure at Madame Tussauds, and the latest cancelled celebrity.

Duration: 00:24:11

Design Theft and Going Your Own Way with Luella's Caroline Kolbe

This week the ladies chat with Caroline Kolbe. She's the owner and head designer for Luella, an adorable shop of tees and accessories for cute babes that spreads female empowerment. They cover everything from how she got her start as a designer to building her brand online to how she deals with other companies stealing her work. She gives stellar advice for any new designers or shop owners out there. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review with some love!

Duration: 00:46:26

Whole30 and a Style Challenge

This week the ladies start out by thanking YOU incredible listeners for coming out to the live show at The Refinery. Your ongoing support gives us all the feels that wine does - but better. The ladies chat through K's final thoughts on Whole30 (after a month away from sugar, cheese, bread - gasp - and even wine). And M's little style challenge to help her feel a bit more confident in her own bod. Enjoy the episode, and don't forget to subscribe!

Duration: 00:29:50

LIVE at The Refinery Sneak Peek with Claire Zinnecker

In this episode, the ladies recorded a live podcast interview with Claire Zinnecker. She is an interior designer with her own design firm Claire Zinnecker Designs who will help The Refinery, the newest coworking space and event venue dedicated to creative entrepreneurs, come to life. She works in commercial and residential spaces like boutiques and offices. And her work has been featured in Domino magazine, Architectural Digest, and Apartment Therapy. The ladies chat about how she got her...

Duration: 00:29:44

What to Do This Summer...Or Not

In this week's episode, the ladies take random to the next level. They chat about everything from their first television crushes (he was a Disney star, of course) to what to do this summer to avoid the heat (or not) to what their Real Housewives tagline would be. They also give a few more details/reminders of their upcoming LIVE show.

Duration: 00:29:04

The Life of a Jet-setting Hungry Girl with @Faimfatale

This week the ladies guest is traveler and eater extraordinaire Deana Saukam - who you may know from her fabulous drool-worthy Instagram account @faimfatale. With more than 26k followers, her Instagram feed has been named one of the “must follow” accounts in numerous publications including Food & Wine, Food Republic, Thrillist, LA Confidential, Austin Monthly and Worldwide Traveller. Find out how and what it's like to travel the world, write, and explore new food. Seriously, how does she...

Duration: 00:43:47

For Wonder Woman

Welcome to a very random quickie episode. The ladies chat briefly about TV (a favorite subject) before they dive into the social media stir surrounding the women-only "Wonder Woman" screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse, including Mayor Steve Adler's clever public response to a man who was outraged by it. Surprised? Oh! And listen for deets on live shows and events! And don't forget to grab your golden lassos and hit subscribe, ladies!

Duration: 00:18:35

The A Word

This week the ladies interviewed Alexa Garcia-Ditta, who is the Communications and Policy Initiatives Director for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas. They discuss what her job description entails, including fighting for reproductive rights and battling the stigma surrounding the word abortion. Alexa is also one of the people responsible with gathering women activist dressed in Handmaid’s Tale costumes to help demand the Texas Legislature to stop restricting reproductive rights. They also discuss how...

Duration: 01:00:40

Think Dirty

In this quickie episode Kimya talks about her experience having her astrological birth chart read and her new addiction to a beauty app called "Think Dirty". The ladies even scan beauty products on air! And lastly, chatting about Mental Health Awareness Month, because we're all doing the best we can, right?

Duration: 00:26:16

Funny Girl

This week the ladies chat with comedian Vanessa Gonzalez, who focuses on sketch and stand-up comedy. Vanessa recently competed in the Funniest Person in Austin and was runner-up in the finals! She's performed at Odd Ball Comedy Fest, Moontower Comedy Fest, and San Francisco Sketch Fest. Hear how Vanessa got her start as a comedian and what she's up to next!

Duration: 00:43:11

Brought to You by Millennial Pink

In this week's episode, the ladies chat about their love and curiosity for millennial pink, Dove making bottles in the shape of women (news flash: it didn't go well), and their favorite Met Gala fashion moments. *Cough Cough* - Rihanna.

Duration: 00:29:27

SPF 100 is BS

In this episode, the ladies chat with aesthetician Laura Muñoz. They discuss how certain foods and hormones affect our skin, what SPF REALLY keeps us safe from UV rays (and lobster legs), how to change your skin care regime for the summer heat, and how to determine if trendy beauty products are with your money. Laura also names some of her favorite organic brands for listeners to try. Have a question for her that we didn't cover? Leave a comment on our Instagram @iwasjustsayingthat. Now go...

Duration: 01:00:31

No Cable? No Problem.

In this episode, the ladies chat TV shows. Kimya breaks down her thoughts (and feelings) about the ending of GIRLS, while Michelle chats Big Little Lies. (We love you Reese Witherspoon). They also discuss about what shows they're watching now and looking forward to this summer. Have a suggestion for a show they should be watching? Leave a comment at @iwasjustsayingthat on Instagram and let them know!

Duration: 00:25:46

Queen of the Side Hustle

This week’s guest is Kelly Stocker. Kimya likes to call her the most famous not famous person in Austin as she is connected to nearly everybody--seriously ask someone in your life if they know Kelly. She honed this title when she was the Austin community manager of Yelp, and now she’s a gal who does a bit of this and a bit of that. And she’s also a DJ on a local radio station KGSR which is where we’re recording from right now and she writes for the local branch of Culturemap. Oh, and she...

Duration: 01:01:22

Coke is Better Anyway

In this quickie episode, the ladies share their thoughts on the controversial Pepsi commercial, the expansion of The Wing (call us!), and Kimya's thoughts on taking on the Whole30 in June.

Duration: 00:31:39

Driving Mr. Linklater

In this episode, the ladies interview B.B. Araya. She’s a filmmaker who’s short film “Beta” recently premiered in Issa Rae’s YouTube series #ShortFilmSundays. The ladies chat about the meaning of the film, what it's like to be an upcoming independent filmmaker, and why it's okay to be a little delusional (this wisdom came from a pretty big filmmaker - cough cough - Richard Linklater). Bonus: hear about her latest project set to launch later this year!

Duration: 00:40:13

The Pollen Is Killing Us

In this quickie episode, the ladies are suffering from allergies and shamelessly seek your sympathy. They chat a little bit about the previous episode with Lauren Modery, mainly the bit about her working as a personal assistant in Hollywood, mentioning a sulking John Stamos (we love you, uncle Jesse). They also discuss a New Yorker article written by Jia Tolentino that dives into the celebration of the gig economy. Is the hustle as empowering as it sounds? Also! Find out who their guest...

Duration: 00:24:14

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