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Zach Clevenger has channeled his creativity and love of product development into multiple successful companies - and one or two failed ones - over the course of his career. Missteps and slips of the tongue aside (don't ask), Zach continues to find ways to invent, re calibrate and press forward. This show will break down the processes and challenges involved with product development, assembly and manufacture, bringing products to market with effective sales strategies, and creating a brand around them - and Zach will also tackle topics like building an effective team and celebrating the win at the end of the struggle now, rather than years down the road. So, if you're ready to start a branded product or manufacturing business (or already have), stick around - this podcast is for you. And since learning from others who've gone before you is the best way to learn, Zach openly discusses his own struggles, wins and losses, and interview guests who have years of experience in product development, branding and manufacturing.