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Bringing together IP & Transport w/Said Ouissal, VP Strategy & Customer Eng

The explosive growth of the internet in the coming years will put pressure on operators to maintain their margins. How can bringing together IP and Transport help simplify the network to reduce costs? Said Ouissal shares how new protocols such as MPLSTP can bridge the gap and how Ericsson can deliver an end to end solution.

Operator network challenges with guest Jan Haglund, head of IP and Broadban

Operators are facing big challenges as today's consumers demand a consistent experience across multiple access methods. How can operators monetize new revenue streams with the implementation of new technologies? Jan shares how Ericsson's portfolio can help implement end to end solutions with a focus on a seamless end user experience. Smart signaling, service awareness, deep packet inspection and caching are just some of the keys to making networks smarter, resulting in more cost efficiency.

Duration: 00:07:08

Simplifying the network with guest Michael Howard of Infonectics

How can service providers deal with exponentially increasing traffic with new technologies? Michael Howard, principal analyst and co-founder of Infonetics discusses how new equipment and caching can help simplify the network as companies move towards an all IP architecture. Next generation central offices will be key to relieving traffic on the backbone caused by the explosion of video and social media.

Ericsson's vision for innovation with Maya Strelar-Migotti

How is innovation important to emerging technologies in today's telecom industry? Ericsson's Head of Development Unit IP & Broadband, Maya Strelar-Migotti, shares how the power of innovation is helping to shape the networks of the future through Ericsson's diverse worldwide community. Also, as a highly recognized female leader in the industry, Maya discusses the growth of the women in the technological workplace.

Beyond the Flat Rate: New Telecom Business Models with Light Reading's Phil

Phil Harvey, editor-in-chief of Light Reading, shares his unique insights about the telecom industry regarding shifting business models as companies adapt to an ever increasing demand for bandwidth from consumers. How can technology enhance the end user's quality of experience? Phil looks at the issues from an industry perspective while keeping a pulse on how consumers will react.

Ericsson's Vision for 4th Generation IP Networking with Georges Antoun

Georges Antoun, Head of Product Area IP and Broadband Network, shares Ericsson's exciting vision for 4th generation IP with the announcement of a dynamic new portfolio and strategy based on Ericsson's unique SSR (Smart Services Router) platform. Hear how Ericsson plans to tackle the enormous challenge of connecting an estimated 50 billion devices by 2020, along with your IP Talk Radio host, Matthew Smith.