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ITPS 246: Mixed Results

Executive Summary Lots of financial results from the big companies vying for your cloud business. Who’s up? Who’s down? And encouraging signs for the next IT Pros as we see huge upticks in interest from students. All this and more, including a bunch of great resources to add to your ... Read More

Duration: 00:44:11

ITPS245: Back On The Air

Executive Summary After a long hiatus, John and Mike are back with new episodes. A lot has changed in the tech world since we were away, yet there are many similar refrains when it comes to who is leading the pack, who is struggling to reinvent themselves and what these ... Read More

Duration: 00:44:02

One Year Later

Hard to believe, but it’s been one year now since we lost our brother Tom. We last shared an update with you in the Summer and said we’d be back in the Fall. Here is a quick update to let you know where we’ve been and what we’re up to. ... Read More

Duration: 00:14:38

ITPS243: Where Do We Go From Here?

John and Mike are back to talk about the last four months since we lost our brother Tom. We’ll reflect on where we’ve been, share some stuff about Tom you may not have known and talk about what lies ahead for our podcasts. We’ve got some major news to discuss ... Read More

Duration: 00:19:21

A Network Announcement

Earlier this month, our brother Tom passed away very suddenly. This is why we have been off the air the last two weeks. We are still stunned at this news and trying to process all of this. He was our little brother. Our initial thought was that we would ... Read More

Duration: 00:00:40

ITPS242: Passwords, Printers and Panama Papers

Executive Summary Is Boston an untapped market for IoT professionals? One major US company is betting on it. The Panama Papers leaks 2 TB of data onto the web. A hacker exposes thousands of university printers. And a CNBC attempt at teaching users about password testing goes horribly wrong. ... Read More

Duration: 00:20:15

ITPS241: Microsoft Build

Executive Summary Recapping some of the highlights from the Microsoft Build conference. Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 43:42 Listen Now IT Pro News Larry is still mad and had Oracle file against Google for over $9B Looking for cash and streamlining its operations, Dell sells ... Read More

Duration: 00:22:06

ITPS240: Shifting Clouds

Executive Summary More examples of large companies looking to move away from AWS. Now Apple joins the fray. And is Oracle already losing ground to their cloud competition? Plus, what IT habitsdo you wish everyone would abandon? Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic, Mike Kresic Running Time: 35:27 Listen Now ... Read More

Duration: 00:17:59

ITPS239: SQL Server on Linux

Executive Summary Companies shifting cloud platform allegiances, Microsoft surprises everyone with their announcement of SQL Server on linux, but they’ve got news on some 2016 product releases, too. Master keys, encryption continue to dominate the IT Pro news. And the inventor of email passes away. We’ve got a loaded news ... Read More

Duration: 00:20:12

ITPS238: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Executive Summary Microsoft demonstrates just how antiquated our laws around technology are. Brazil imprisons a FaceBook VP after the company fails to help the government decrypt messages. And 11 million unpatched websites exposed to https problems. Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 33:31 Listen Now IT Pro News ... Read More

Duration: 00:17:01

ITPS237: Apple vs the FBI

Executive Summary A tech company leading the charge against the government? We discuss the case of Apple and the FBI. Could effective MDM policies have prevented this iPhone-hacking dilemma in the first place? What are the implications of this precedent-setting case for US companies in manufacturing or service industries? ... Read More

Duration: 00:21:06

ITPS236: SQL Server 2016

Executive Summary John gives us a recap of what’s in store with Microsoft SQL Server 2016. CBS ran into an embarrassing cloud scale problem at the Grammys. And what impact do the evolving vendor leaders with end user computing mean to your IT strategy? Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic,Mike Kresic Running ... Read More

Duration: 00:20:09

ITPS235: Patch Your Firewalls

Executive Summary: Cisco releases patches to its firewalls that you need to apply right now. Google’s Cloud Platform gets a Lambda-like service. The IRS is having IT security problems of their own again. And GitHub is having some growing pains. Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 45:16 ... Read More

Duration: 00:22:53

ITPS234: Underwater Data Centers

Executive Summary: Forget cloud data centers. How about an underwater data center? Microsoft is working on that, believe it or not. They’re also pushing Yammer and Planner in Office 365 updates. Cisco releases a ton of patches. Apple’s Swift language gains continuous integration. And much more news making the rounds ... Read More

Duration: 00:23:29

ITPS233: News Roundup

Executive Summary: Nine day cloud outages seem excessive. Disney IT employees sue their employer. Microsoft and AWS cloud profits continue to rise. Facebook building another innovative data center. And much more in this week’s enterprise IT news roundup. Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 37:52 IT Pro ... Read More

Duration: 00:19:11

ITPS232: Hot Tech Jobs

Executive Summary: In this news roundup, we’ll take a look at some of the tech jobs in the greatest demand, discuss why OpenStack is hot but still failing in most deployments, talk about IBM’s relevance and much, much more. Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 37:26 IT ... Read More

Duration: 00:18:58

ITPS231: Weak Signals

Executive Summary: What happens when complacency sets in on the routines at work? No, we’re not talking about getting bored or feeling your career is stale. We’re talking about the processes that keep your enterprise humming. The results can be devastating. We’ve also got the 2015 rankings for programming languages ... Read More

Duration: 00:21:25

ITPS230: New Hacks and New Products in the New Year

Executive Summary: Several breaches lead off the enterprise news in the New Year. Amazon goes GA with recent services announced at their reInvent conference last Fall. And HP is taking design queues from Microsoft with some new end user devices. Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 42:47 ... Read More The post ITPS230: New Hacks and New Products in the New Year appeared first on Same3Guys.

Duration: 00:21:39

ITPS229: 2015 Year in Review

Executive Summary: As we wrap up the year, we take a look back at what 2015 meant to the IT Pro. Common themes included surprise mergers and acquisitions, cyber attacks, cloud computing and new trends that will influence our corporate plans in the coming years. Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic,Mike Kresic ... Read More The post ITPS229: 2015 Year in Review appeared first on Same3Guys.

Duration: 00:19:25

ITPS228: December Patching

Executive Summary: Patches, product and licensing news from Microsoft. Amazon feels secure in their cloud lead but continues to innovate anyway. An unlicensed spectrum for LTE has sparked a debate. And much more IT news coming your way. Hosts:John Kresic,Tom Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 27:58 IT Pro News ... Read More The post ITPS228: December Patching appeared first on Same3Guys.

Duration: 00:14:15

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