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Making the uncharted journey from professional actor to professional director. After working on stages across America and my native Canada, I'm attempting to break in to creative work and documenting a path that nobody really talks about. This is In The Room and now, so are you.








Episode 10 - Season Finale!

Episode 10 – Season Finale! The Production Lab Presents! Also, travelling home and finally seeing my wife again! Plus, of course, a look back at the season, and looking forward to what’s next… Additional Tape Courtesy of: Erika Moulton @theErikaMoulton Sponsors and Special Thanks: Allison Plamondon Mike Kennard Greg Dowler-Coltmann Nicola Elbro Dawn Sadoway Marilyn Smith Sandra Thornton. Elizabeth Austen Evan Alexander Smith Dr. John and Tamara Krasting...

Duration: 00:32:55

Episode 9

Episode 9 – The Workshop: Part 2 – Weeks 2 and 3 of the thrilling and exhausting production lab. Also sitting down with the directing mentor that started this whole journey and catching up with the lovely Katharine Gentsch! It’s the penultimate episode! Episode Sponsor: Bill Einhorn Landscape Design Associates of Westchester And special thanks to Katharine Gentsch! @imcaptainkat @jeffmoulton

Duration: 00:34:56

Episode 6

Episode 6 – The In Between – writing and applying for everything! Also a sit-down with an amazing film and television director – plus podcasting about a podcast interview about a podcast! Sponsors of this episode: Paul Moulton Cue to Cue – The Performers’ Podcast @ThisIsChelseaJ @jeffmoulton

Duration: 00:33:45

Episode 5

Episode 5 – The Rocky Road Through Understudy Runs! Also an extra understudy surprise, and the future possibility that fell from the sky! Sponsors of this episode: Greg Dowler-Coltman @Dc5Greg Walter Lane And just for fun… @jeffmoulton

Episode 3

Episode 3! Assistant Director of Beauty and the Beast! Pre-Production through the incredible first week of rehearsals… Books mentioned in this episode: A Director Prepares – by Anne Bogart Sponsors of this Episode: Dr. John and Tamara Krasting Marilyn Smith

Episode 1

The first episode! A retrospective of the months leading up to launching the ITR Podcast – how I came to assist a Tony Nominated Director – The SDCF Observership Grant... Going forward, this will be an audio journal of my creative journey from professional actor to professional director. Books and Podcasts that influenced ITR: A Sense of Direction – William Ball A Director Prepares – Anne Bogart Notes on Directing – Frank Hauser and Russell Reich The Director’s Voice Vol. 2 – Jason Loewith...