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Defender Fatigue: Rick McElroy Talks About the InfoSec Phenomenon that No One Is Talking About

Carbon Black security strategist Rick McElroy chats with ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton for An InfoSec Life about industry-wide phenomenon that no one is talking about: defender fatigue. Tune in to hear this former U.S. Marine share about his first 3 a.m. firewall installation that set the expectation for his entire career, the intoxication of being part of something elite in InfoSec, and what the internal and external stressors were that he faced but couldn’t admit to anyone. And then stay...

Duration: 00:34:21

The influencing power of the digital hub economies is only just starting to become more evident.

The influencing power of the hub economies such as Facebook, Google, etc., is only just starting to become more evident — at least to the general populace. The influence of the Russian targeted ads and the related misinformation that, lately, have shaped our thinking is one of those prominent and revealing examples that influenced as much as 126 million US voters. Furthermore, the ethics and morality are shaped by the human biases, and with AI becoming so widespread, one has to question:...

Duration: 00:30:57

Bugs Or Plain Stupidity? Welcome To The 2017 IoT Hall Of Shame Top 10

In this episode of At The Edge with Sean Martin, ITSPmagazine's editor in chief is joined by Arthur Hicken, Chief Evangelist at Parasoft and the information security professional affectionately known in the industry as the "Code Curmudgeon". Arthur manages a site called the IoT Hall of Shame where he captures stories of devices and other 'things' — everything from light bulbs to cars — that have, at some point, hit the news for being vulnerable and/or hacked. If its a smart thing connected...

Duration: 00:52:53

Windle Riles and Stephan Tallent discuss what it's like for veterans to secure a job in infosec

In today’s episode, we are joined by Windle Riles, former US Marine and now an information security risk and governance analyst at Deloitte, and Stephan Tallent, Sr. Director of Managed Security Service Providers at Fortinet and the Founder and executive sponsor of the Fortinet Veterans Program - aka Fortivets. The 3 of us have a good chat looking at what it’s like to transition, what some of the challenges are, how combining military resources with commercial resources can make a huge...

Duration: 00:39:01

Orion Health's Gerard Scheitlin reminds us we can replace our credit card but not our health record

Health data is some of the most important, sensitive, and valuable information available. This information is critical in providing health services, of course, but is also valuable in other ways; for criminal and fraudulent purposes. The question is, are we doing enough as an industry to help protect this data from all aspects of the security triad - the CIA: confidentiality, integrity, and availability? To help answer this question, Sean Martin, editor in chief for ITSPmagazine, connected...

Duration: 00:22:43

IoT Security | Just Because Something Can Be Connected To The Internet Doesn’t Mean It Should

Let’s start with a simple fact: a lot of people love technology. We are fascinated, intrigued, and mesmerized by it; we have always been. We want the latest gadget; we want to plug it in, see the lights turn on, and discover how great it is. The problem nowadays is that more and more of these new gadgets need an electric plug and an Internet connection – and while this raises the level of its awesomeness, it also complicates things A LOT. I started this column called The Cyber Society to...

Duration: 00:33:16

FUD is no way to mitigate risk in the application security and procurement process says Garry Kolb

Garry Kolb, business information security manager for a large financial services organization, talks to Sean Martin, editor-in-chief for ITSPmagazine. During their conversation, the two talk about raising awareness and getting the attention of the business with respect to information security in the context of the business. FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) used to be a successful way to raise awareness and get the attention of the business for cybersecurity need. However, there’s no...

Duration: 00:29:51

The Right to be Forgotten - Dennis Zimmer and Ashwin Krishnan in the Moral Compass

'The right to be forgotten'. But I need to be remembered before I can be forgotten so is there a preamble called 'the right to be remembered'. And how do organizations seek permission from consumers about our 'right to be remembered'. And then we delve into how and whom to ask 'to be forgotten'. Are we even aware of the extent of digital exhaust we leave behind and who are the benefactors of this exhaust and do we need to touch each one of them for exercising 'this right'. And while this...

Duration: 00:44:28

Alex Horan from Onapsis shares ERP risk insights coming from continuous research his team does

During Black Hat USA, ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin had a chance to connect with Alex Horan from Onapsis. The two had an informative conversation surrounding the risks associated with critical business systems such as those found in the world of enterprise resource planning (ERP). The main risk inherent in ERP systems - such as Oracle and SAP - is that they can be deployed, configured, and maintained in either secure state or an insecure state. The goal with the Onapsis research released is...

Duration: 00:12:38

Application Security In An Open Source World | A Recorded Webinar with Prevoty

There is no lack of news for large, significant breaches, a number of which against companies that have fallen victim to the use of open source software (OSS) in their custom applications. Does this mean that OSS is bad? Not necessarily, It's just a matter of how an organization approached the risks associated with the use of these elements.Kunal sheds some light on who should join us for a webinar we hosted on ITSPmagazine; what will you hear, and what you can expect to learn during our...

Duration: 01:02:03

Tor Moström & Johan Wendt Explain Why It’s So Important To Teach Kids to Think Like Coders

Tor Moström & Johan Wendt, creators of “Curly Bracket: The Hidden Code,” chat with ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton for the Diverse IT podcast about their graphic novel that teaches kids how to think like a coder. Tune in to hear why it was important for them to make the protagonist a girl, how this well-received book came to be an educational tool in the Swedish school curriculum, why Tor and Johan are so passionate about teaching kids to think like coders, and how they got Peter Bergting,...

Duration: 00:32:15

Monica Eaton-Cardone Aims to Inspire Next Generation of Young Innovators with ‘Get Paid for Grades’

Global Risk Technologies CIO Monica Eaton-Cardone chats with ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton for the Diverse IT podcast about how Generation Z will naturally expand the presence of women in technology. Tune in to hear about how Monica accidentally stumbled into technology as a teenager, how she aims to hire more women in technology roles at her companies, and how she is inspiring the next generation of young innovators through her nonprofit organization Get Paid for Grades.

Duration: 00:34:06

Haiyan Song On Why Half the Initial Founders of Splunk’s Women in Tech Committee Were Men

ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton caught up with Haiyan Song, SVP of Security Market at Splunk, at Black Hat to discuss how it takes a village to tackle diversity. Tune in to hear about the surprising difference between the engineering field in China versus the U.S., the importance of educating high school girls about the broad range of STEM careers, how a lack of diversity makes it hard to perform cyber threat hunting, and the reason why half of the initial founders of Splunk’s Women in...

Duration: 00:26:40

Suzanne Hall of PWC Discusses the Challenges of Engaging and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

Technology and Cybersecurity Leader at Price Waterhouse Cooper Suzanne Hall sat down with ITSPmagazine’s Selena Templeton at Black Hat to chat about how PWC is tackling the issue of diversity and inclusion. Tune in to hear PWC’s in-house diversity programs and best practices, the challenges of engaging and retaining a diverse workforce, and one or two concrete steps that any organization can take to create a diverse team and company culture.

Duration: 00:07:01

Is Open Source Software Bad? Kunal Anand from Prevoty Sheds Some Light On An ITSPmagazine Webinar

There is no lack of news for large, significant breaches, a number of which against companies that have fallen victim to the use of open source software (OSS) in their custom applications. Does this mean that OSS is bad? Not necessarily, It's just a matter of how an organization approached the risks associated with the use of these elements. ITSPmagazine and Prevoty have partnered to deliver an in-depth discussion on this topic, bringing together some of the top minds in information and...

Duration: 00:16:13

Joe Horowitz of Icon Ventures, a successful Silicon Valley venture firm, chats with Chenxi Wang

In this episode, Chenxi chats with Joe Horowitz, Managing General Partner of Icon Ventures, a successful silicon valley venture firm. Icon is famed for its security investments, which included FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, and Proofpoint. Joe discussed their investment philosophy, why Icon invested in some of the companies, what they look for in a business venture, why investing in cybersecurity is an interesting bet today, and which trends they will be looking for in the near future.

Duration: 00:35:33

Rick McElroy and Ashwin Krishnan speak w/ Sean Martin about focusing on the high value infosec items

During the Structure Security conference in San Fransisco, CA, Sean Martin, ITSPmagazine's editor-in-chief, catches up with Rick McElroy, security analyst for Carbon Black, and Ashwin Krishnan, SVP product management, strategy, and technical marketing at HyTrust. Together they explore the idea that information security teams need to stop doing the low value tasks and focus on the high value activities that will make a difference. So, what does this mean, exactly? What do infosec teams stop...

Duration: 00:24:01

Robert Feeney from Edgescan shares tips w/ Sean Martin to help researchers stand out

In this new episode of An InfoSec Life, Robert Feeney, a senior security consultant at Edgescan, speaks to fellow security researchers and security consultants about what they can do to differentiate themselves from the pack; how can they excel in the industry. In addition to speaking to his peers, Robert shares a lot of solid information that should help the managers of these individuals working in the industry as well. Of the topics presented, events and organizations were a key part of...

Duration: 00:25:01

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog! Also, nobody could know for sure that you’re NOT a dog.

In this episode, we are going to talk about dogs on the Internet and how difficult it is to distinguish them from humans. We are talking about dogs pretending to be humans, and being so good at it that no one can tell. This is a serious problem, and we all need to be aware of it. On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog! But, you see, the problem is that when “nobody knows you’re a dog,” it also means that nobody could know for sure that you’re NOT a dog. My guest for this podcast is...

Duration: 00:30:12

Kevin Gosschalk chats with Sean Martin | Humans vs. Bots Online Battle - Most Of The Time We Lose

Consumers and business all over the world find themselves in an online struggle - one might even say they are in an ongoing, online battle; a battle that seems to be intensifying beyond our wildest dreams. In today’s episode, we won’t be dreaming. Rather, we are going to be looking at some real-world examples where bots are playing the online game against humans and businesses - and are winning far more often than we would like. To tell these stories, ITSPmagazine's editor-in-chief, Sean...

Duration: 00:23:33

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