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The Sci-Fi serial. The adventures of the craft Nervejump, in time and space. Featuring Donnchadh O Conaill, Sara-Jane Power, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Lucie Ryan-Donnelly and John McCarthy.

The Sci-Fi serial. The adventures of the craft Nervejump, in time and space. Featuring Donnchadh O Conaill, Sara-Jane Power, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Lucie Ryan-Donnelly and John McCarthy.
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The Sci-Fi serial. The adventures of the craft Nervejump, in time and space. Featuring Donnchadh O Conaill, Sara-Jane Power, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Lucie Ryan-Donnelly and John McCarthy.






In Darkness Vast: Episode XXIV

IDV Episode XXIV: New Crew. There's a major situation in the Situation Room, Nowhere Beasts very much there and massing on Bocklat's plains, and the assorted bodies inside the Wayfarer Station needing to find a serious way out. And all intent, once again, on the Nervejump... It's the finale of season two, packed full of alarm bells and ominous bass noise... With vocal relief from Niamh Kavanagh, Lucie Ryan-Donnelly, Daithí O'Donnell, Mary-Lou McCarthy, Sara-Jane Power, Donnchadh O'Conaill,...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XXIII

IDV Episode XXIII: Living Breathing Say-So. The writers are out of options, the Curator nears the ReCast Depot and Chaser nears the sphere. But what's become of Palos? And for that matter, Nervejump? Find out now, in the penultimate episode of Season Two. Featuring: Lucie Ryan-Donnelly, Mary-Lou McCarthy, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Sara-Jane Power, Daithí O'Donnell, Niamh Kavanagh and John McCarthy. Story, script and sounds by John McCarthy. Web: | Twitter: @Hammergrin |...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XXII

IDV Episode XXII: Young EarthFrank's 1st Mission. The Thaw Train closes in on its destination. At the other end of the tunnel the Display Globe tries to educate the sole remaining soul of the ReCast Depot. Outside, our hastily assembled search team of two EarthFranks, a Chaser and three Teamus put their differences aside in the search for Palos. Yes, you guessed it: it's the twenty second episode of In Darkness Vast and it's called Young EarthFrank's 1st Mission. Featuring: Daithí...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XXI

IDV Episode XXI: Suspicious Mouse `They're waiting, they're waiting, and they'll be good as new'... Palos sits in the Thaw Train, for an audio trip down memory lane. Meanwhile, one of the writers is prepped as Nowhere bait and Nervejump's radio readings need re-scanning... It's In Darkness Vast, Episode XXI: Suspicious Mouse. All our vocal talent gets an outing here, in this order: Daithí O'Donnell, Niamh Kavanagh, John McCarthy, Mary-Lou McCarthy, Donnchadh O' Conaill, Sara-Jane Power,...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XX

IDV Episode XX: The Shuffle. Yes, stories have a habit of concluding, and this one will. But not before you listen to this episode, and the one after, definitely not before then. Palos navigates the innards of the ReCast depot, on her way to the Thaw tunnel. Doom-Buggy gets dragged back into Driver mode on board his greatest enemy, and, in the Wayfarer station, wary and wearing, we meet the writers. Avert your ears and open your eyes; it's Episode XX: The Shuffle. Vocal vessels maintained...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XIX

IDV Episode XIX: Turning up the Light. `Don't worry about me. I'm done for; I've got no body' --- Torrens. Torrens has no body, he's done for, he's not to be worried about. But other concerns remain, embodied and undone. Because EarthFrank's been given a Skinthetic and a Nervejump Flowdose and he's about to Flow as himself... Here you hear Lucie Ryan-Donnelly, Daithí O'Donnell, John McCarthy, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Niamh Kavanagh, Sara-Jane Power and Donnchadh O'Conaill. Story, script and...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XVIII

IDV Episode XVIII: Now bring in my daughter. `Every Teamus is summoned. We have a situation' --- Beltup. At last, after 17 episodic units, we have arrived at a Situation: the Nowheres are lowing, and it's not a nice noise. Meanwhile, EarthFrank waits for another EarthFrank, and Nervejump's mass increases suddenly. It can only be another episode of In Darkness Vast, unless a remarkably similar story under another title exists elsewhere. This episode unleashes the stored up soundwaves of...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XVI

IDV Episode XVI: Night-Mesh & the Blades. Chaser of Groves Flows for the first time. We all get to listen in. Myrtling's dropping his cargo at the Teamus HQ, and a familiar voice from Season One makes new noises, from a new place... It's the punchiest eleven minutes of audio we've produced yet. It's In Darkness Vast, Episode XVI: Night-Mesh & the Blades. This episode contains Sara-Jane Power, Donnchadh O'Conaill, Niamh Kavanagh, Mary-Lou McCarthy, Daithí O'Donnell and John McCarthy. Story,...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XV

IDV Episode XV: ReCast. Rangefountain's out of HQ for the day, braving the Bocklat Plains. She's meant to be dropping by a depot to pick up an EarthFrank. It couldn't be as easy as that though, could it? Seventeen minutes and fifty-one seconds of aural attention will answer, conclusively. It's Hammergrin's In Darkness Vast, Episode XV - with a title its cast don't deserve. Season Two continues. `ReCast' features Daithí O'Donnell, Niamh Kavanagh, John McCarthy, Sara-Jane Power, Mary-Lou...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XIV

IDV Episode XIV: Teamus What happens on this remote planet, and why does the Curator pay so little attention to it? Are Harness meant to be looking after this? For that matter, who are Harness? Episode XIV has many answers to questions you didn't know you had. This episode features Mary-Lou McCarthy, Lucie Ryan-Donnelly, Ciaran Fitzpatrick and Niamh Kavanagh. Story, script and sound by John McCarthy. Web: | Twitter: @Hammergrin | Facebook: |...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XIII

IDV Episode XIII: Nowhere Beasts Who is the Curator? Why does she need a Hoverview? And what the Jupiter's become of the Nervejump crew? We told you there was more. There is more. It's In Darkness Vast: Season Two. This episode features Niamh Kavanagh, Mary-Lou McCarthy, Sara-Jane Power and Lucie Ryan-Donnelly. Editing and sound design by John McCarthy. We like hearing from you, even if we haven't yet. Web: | Twitter: @Hammergrin | Facebook: |...


In Darkness Vast: Episode XII

IDV Episode XII: To Greater Things `The walls... they are opening!' Tally discrepancies, rear sections, thruster rewirings and mutinous specimens. It's the Season One finale episode! Will the crew outwit Nervejump? What's up with Palos? And what exactly does this supply emissary supply? Find out this time... In Darkness Vast, the Sci-Fi serial, features Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Lucie Ryan Donnelly, Donnchadh O Conaill, Sara-Jane Power and John McCarthy. Get the full seasson of In Darkness Vast...


In Darkness Vast: Episode IX

IDV Episode IX: The Fourth Probe This one has alien craft, escape pods and weapon turrets. It also has a lot of sleep. And an epiphany: "This may well be the first time in decades we're thinking new thoughts"... Meanwhile, the workings of the Spheroid become ever clearer. It can only be IDV, Episode IX. In Darkness Vast, the Sci-Fi serial, features Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Sara-Jane Power, John McCarthy, Lucie Ryan Donnelly and Donnchadh O Conaill. IDV Season One happens in your headphones or...


In Darkness Vast: Episode VIII

IDV Episode VIII: Inside the Anomaly, Part 2 Chaser of Bullen takes a mysterious glass sphere and hides it, mysteriously. A massive video archive is uncovered. EarthFrank says, `If we do enter that craft again, and I'm not sure we'll want to after seeing this, we'll enter it as different people, profoundly different.' Nothing is quite the same as it was an episode ago... It can only be IDV, Episode VIII. In Darkness Vast, the Sci-Fi serial, features Donnchadh O Conaill, Sara-Jane Power,...