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[PODCAST] Cofactor Genomics and the Future of Personalized Medicine

On today's podcast, Cofactor Genomics COO, Dr. David Messina discusses how his company is working to make personalized medicine a reality by focusing on the potential of RNA as a diagnostic tool. Unlike DNA, which is set in stone at birth, our RNA changes on a minute-by-minute basis and acts as a barometer of our health. Led by 3 former researchers from The Human Genome Project, Cofactor Genomics is developing a patent-pending RNA-based technology that will allow medical researchers to...


Dr. Todd Mockler on Plant Science, Genomics, and the Future of Food

Dr. Todd Mockler is one of the world's leading experts on plant genetics and has dedicated his career to better understanding how the genetic code of different types of plants impacts their behavior and responses. As a member and principal investigator with the Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, his research has focused on the development of plant genomic tools, with the end goal of improving crop performance and yield. On this episode of Innovation Anarchy, Dr. Mockler will...


The $3 Trillion Problem: America’s Infrastructure Crisis

The United States has an infrastructure problem. By some estimates, America needs about $3 trillion of investment in its critical infrastructure to support its crumbling bridges, highways, dams and other structures. That's a big number. The American Society of Civil Engineers' grades our infrastructure as a D+, and the World Economic Forum ranks the U.S. 16th in overall infrastructure quality, behind France, Spain and Japan. The good news is that, if you go to Washington today, about the...


Venture Capital Is Changing From ‘Craft’ to ‘Lean’: Here’s Why That’s Important

Venture capital is the highest performing asset class available to investors today, but it is far from a level playing field. In truth, a large portion of the return in the asset class comes from a few top tier funds and the balance from smaller emerging manager funds. The bulk of other funds underperform. This has led to a perception that returns in venture are a function of the manager - bright insightful investors with a perception of the future somehow can ordain positive outcomes. In...