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20: Overcoming a Personal Tragedy Fueled Innovation in Telemedicine by Mohamed Kamara

Mohamed Kamara is the founder of Inovcares, a platform that is at the forefront of moving healthcare towards a consumer-centric system by aligning itself with patients' interests. He shares how overcoming the grief of his sister dying during child breath ignited him to take up the gauntlet and create an innovative healthcare solution. It was through this personal tragedy that led Mohamed to educate himself on the Telehealthcare solutions. Throughout the interview, you’ll learn stories how...

Duration: 00:49:51

#19: Learn how one startup founder quit a great job moved back home with parents in order to launch the ONLY fully integrated prescription delivery service with Nick Potts

Nick Potts is the Co-Founder of ScriptDrop. ScriptDrop offers a prescription delivery service that makes the delivery process easier for both pharmacists and patients. In this episode you will hear how Nick leveraged his domain expertise and industry experience to secure funding before building the first iteration of ScriptDrop. Nick shares his experience learning the industry and understanding the problems facing pharmacies and patients. How the $300 billion dollars in unfulfilled...

Duration: 00:46:09

[Tech Inclusion Series] A journey of discovery that revealed The 5 Key Things to Consider When Building a Website with Jurnell Cockhren Founder of Sophicware

The 5 Key Things to Consider When Building a Website by: Jurnell Cockhren The majority of people are lost in regards to what they need or want in a website. Given the trends in our current digital age, we base a company's legitimacy on the appearance of their website. With the emergence of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we have expectations on the usability of a company's website. As visitors and users, we have developed notions on how websites should...

Duration: 00:28:39

[Tech Inclusion Series] VetsWhoCode Founder and Lead Geek lays out valuable resources for those who want to break into tech

Who is VetsWhoCode? Vets Who Code is a veteran operated 501c3 charitable non-profit, dedicated to filling the wide chasm between technical expertise needed and available with early stage transitioning veterans and active duty military spouses through software development training and education. We are utilizing our online setup to train veterans anywhere, but we are so much more. We are a team of people with hybrid tech skills and a lean mentality, focused on helping veterans not only...

Duration: 00:46:16

#18: How a personal pain point turned into a profitable business for busy professionals and working moms with Stephanie Cummings

Stephanie Cummings is an experienced entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist. Throughout her career, she has focused on the betterment of others within the Nashville community as well as across the country, and internationally. She was inspired to start Please Assist Me after finding it hard to balance working full time, attending school at night, and planning a wedding simultaneously. After talking to numerous individuals who were also overwhelmed with tasks and seeing many...

Duration: 00:57:33

Chris Campbell, Founder & CEO, at Review Trackers

Chris talks about raising $6 million for Review Trackers, his first few businesses, and the learnings that have helped him build Review Trackers from the early stages of an idea to the successful company customers love today. Chris discusses how he talked to 100+ customers before building one line of code. He shares his experience using the Lean Methodology approach to building his company. He explores details about moving to South America to start his business and coming back to the U.S....

Duration: 00:57:58

Marcus Cobb | Co-Founder & CEO of Jammber - Nashville

Marcus Cobb is the founder of Jammber, a platform that manages the entire music production process. He shares the story of moving from Chicago to Nashville 2 months after buying a home for his startup to join an accelerator program. It was through the accelerator program that the team was able to make connections to some of their largest customers, Sony Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group. In the episode he also shares the story of the moment that led to a pivot that...

Duration: 00:53:10

Ashlee Ammons | Co-Founder & COO of

Ashlee Ammons is the co-founder of Mixtroz, an app that helps meeting attendees easily connect and engage with one another; all while helping the event host learn more about them based on the responses to customized questions. The mother-daughter co-founding team leveraged their domain expertise to build their technology based startup in Nashville, TN. With a background in event production and HR management the dynamic team has went on to raise $200k for their company. In this episode...

Duration: 01:06:50

[Special Episode] Behind the Scenes at Innovator Tribe

Toye Adeyemo and Ahmad Murrah share their journey building the Innovator Tribe: Outside the Bubble community for the very first time. Within the episode, you will learn the Why and the How that is driving the Co-Founders to bring together valuable resources specifically for Non-Technical Founders outside the Silicon Valley bubble. You definitely don't want to miss out on the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the show too! Key Highlights Tools & Resources mentioned in the...

Duration: 00:37:32

[Rebroadcast] Jeff Nelson: Co-Founder of Blavity | Founder of Cinchapi

Prior to building the startup Cinchapi, Jeff Nelson, Co-Founder and CTO at Blavity, combined talents with Morgan Debaun, Aaron Samuels, Jonathan Jackson, to created the most culturally relevant venture-backed technology and media company aimed at building beautiful products and experiences for black millennials. Through a series of cascading connections, Jeff shares the backstory about how the founders met and eventually decided to build Blavity after working on over 10 earlier ideas. He...

Duration: 01:02:04

Iman Oubou | Founder of Swaay Media

Iman Oubou is the founder of Swaay Media, a digital publication for women with entrepreneurial pursuits that focus on elevating, spotlighting, and inspiring women that want to start their own businesses and challenge the status quo. Her website garnered over 300,000 visits in its the first day! In this episode she shares how she built and how she went from a Biomedical Engineer to 'Miss New York' to host of the successful podcast "Entrepreneur EnVogue" to tech...

Duration: 00:57:41

Sheena Allen | Founder & CEO of Capway

Sheena Allen is the Co-Founder of Capway, a financial technology startup that focuses on the financial health of the unbanked and underbanked. Prior to Capway Sheena launched Sheena Allen Apps, a mobile app company that has created apps that have garnered millions of downloads in the app store. In this episode Sheena discusses the inspiration behind her new startup Capway, a company that was inspired by her own experience growing up in Mississippi and the lack of financial services she saw...

Duration: 01:07:09

Salma Amin Saad | Co-Founder of Andariya

Salma Amin Saad, Co-Founder of Andariya, strives to provide content for the socially conscientious, information hungry and worldly Sudanese and South Sudanese audiences at home and beyond. Andariya was created to address the images and narratives being told and shared about Sudan and the Sudanese people and diaspora. In this episode we get insights into the challenges as well as the benefits of building a tech startup in Sudan. Salma shares several keys to the success of Andariya as well...

Duration: 00:52:07

Justin Lawrence | Co-Founder of LBE Global

Justin Lawrence is the Co-Founder of LBE Global, a digital consulting agency that bridges the gap between the creation of a product to the launch of the product. As a technical co-founder Justin shares his experience building his own tech startups as well as his experiences helping other entrepreneurs launch businesses. He shares tips to attract potential co-founders and employees to bring your idea to world. In the episode he goes into the importance of having a clear vision on the...

Duration: 00:58:54

Ryan Evans | Co-Founder of

Ryan Evans is the founder of gives businesses clearer insights to what drives customer through their proprietary search tool. In the episode Ryan talks about his path into technology and the steps he's taken to successfully launch 2 startups. He shares his approach to early customer acquisition and customer discovery. Ryan also highlights several steps every entrepreneur can take to land their first paying customers and how to find those customers! Key...

Duration: 01:13:15

Chidi Afulezi | Co-founder of Akoma

Chidi Afulezi is the co-founder of Akoma, a content/storytelling technology platform where a combination of user generated and original content about Africa and its diaspora are created, published and shared with the world. Prior to building Akoma Chidi helped to solve problems for some of the world's largest corporations. From building mobile network infrastructure for AT&T to helping build out technology solutions as a music exec at Sony Music. In this episode he shares how his ability...

Duration: 01:03:07

Dr. Sima Pendharkar | Founder of Valeet Healthcare

Dr. Sima Pendharkar is the founder of Valeet Healthcare, a company that is leveraging technology to bridge the gaps in healthcare. Dr. Pendharkar launched Valeet Healthcare with 14 years of experience working in hospital administration. In the episode she shares how she leveraged her experience as a physician to create a solution that helps patients, doctors, and hospital administrators. Dr. Pendharkar lived in silicon valley before moving to New York where she launched her...

Duration: 00:54:30

Joey Womack | Co-Founder of Amplify4Good

Joey Womack is the Co-founder of Amplify4Good. Amplify4Good uses rapid problem-solving to help organizations create social impact. His company has led innovation labs for Google, Coca-Cola, Ford and other great companies. In the show he shares how his experience in marketing and event planning led to an opportunity to organize a hackathon with no experience. It was through this experience that he decided use technology to help his community and create his startup, Amplify4Good. Joey also...

Duration: 00:57:56

Boyede Sobitan: Co-founder of OjaExpress

Boyede Sobitan is the co-founder of OjaExpress, a mobile grocery delivery service. The OjaExpress app takes stress out of your hard to find traditional foods, so you can have time to focus on more important things. Boyede discusses how his perspective as a 1st generation Nigerian-American helped shape him as an entrepreneur. With a background in healthcare and a masters in health administration Boyede shares how his experiences and skills translate to tech entrepreneurship. He also tells...

Duration: 01:01:48

Jason Johnson: Co-Founder of Konveau

Jason Johnson is the founder of Konveau. The Konveau app uses personality science and common interests to help guests make connections at social gatherings. Jason and his co-founder launched the app in 2016 but the idea of Konveau was an idea the team had been working on for some time. In this episode Jason shares his journey of launching Konveau. He discusses the difficulties of hiring developers and the pitfalls to avoid. The importance of growing your business and showing traction...

Duration: 01:14:28

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