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Inside Outside Innovation explores the ins and outs of innovation with raw stories, real insights, and tactical advice from the best and brightest in startups & innovation. Each week we’ll bring you the latest thinking in Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Corporate Venture Capital and more.

Inside Outside Innovation explores the ins and outs of innovation with raw stories, real insights, and tactical advice from the best and brightest in startups & innovation. Each week we’ll bring you the latest thinking in Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Corporate Venture Capital and more.
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Inside Outside Innovation explores the ins and outs of innovation with raw stories, real insights, and tactical advice from the best and brightest in startups & innovation. Each week we’ll bring you the latest thinking in Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Corporate Venture Capital and more.




Ep. 93 - Natalie Fratto w/ SVB

Natalie Fratto is Vice President of Early Stage Practice at Silicon Valley Bank. She also was involved with a startup that went through Y Combinator and was eventually acquired by a larger organization in the beauty tech space. She talked with our host Brian about what it’s like to sit on both sides of the table and what sort of intelligence will be the most important for teenagers when they seek jobs in a few years.


Ep. 92 - Doug Durham @ I/O Innovation Summit

Doug Durham has over 30 years of experience in software and software related fields. In his talk he shared best practices and lessons learned from working with product development teams with a focus on agile methodology. The last day to get an earlybird discount for the 2018 summit is March 15th. Visit for more information and to buy your ticket.


Ep. 91 - Paul Singh @ I/O Innovation Summit

The 2018 Inside/Outside Innovation Summit is taking place May 29th-31st in the hub of the Silicon Prairie: Lincoln, Nebraska. With a 100K pitch contest and hundreds of corporate and startup attendees, this summit is the perfect opportunity for you to come together with like-minded individuals and get inspired and connected. As a taste of what's to come, today's show features a clip from Paul Singh's talk at the 2017 Summit where he talks about simultaneously living out of a trailer and...


Ep. 90 - Teresa Torres w/ Product Talk

Teresa Torres is the founder and Product Discovery Coach at Product Talk. She and Brian discussed product prototyping and what some common pitfalls are that corporate teams fall into when trying to develop and validate new and emerging technologies. You can find her blog posts and more at and additional educational material at Email her at and follow her on Twitter @ttorres.


Ep. 89 - Ryan Paugh w/ Community Co.

Ryan Paugh is the COO of Community Co and co-author of the book Super Connector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter. Ryan offers an entrepreneurial view of what’s important when entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and startup founders connect. He also gives some insight about the type of person who’s most effective at networking and how anyone can foster those skills. Email him at email and follow him @ryanpaugh on Twitter. Found out...


Ep. 88 - Michael Docherty @ I/O Innovation Summit

Today's show is from the Inside/Outside Innovation summit we hosted last summer. In his talk, Michael Docherty lays out some really great advice and anecdotes about what disruptive innovation looks like in a large enterprise. Michael also emphasizes the importance of a "both/and" approach to startup collaboration.


Ep 87 - Tom Lockwood and Edgar Papke

Tom Lockwood and Edgar Papke came together with different backgrounds but the same goal: helping large enterprises innovate. Using design thinking and leadership psychology, Tom and Edgar have written seven books between them about making innovation work despite corporate obstacles. They co-wrote their latest book titled: "Innovation by Design." Find out more at


Ep. 86 - Carie Davis, Your Ideas Are Terrible

Today’s show is from our summit last summer. Carie Davis, who is formerly with Coca-Cola and is now the founder of Your Ideas Are Terrible, gave a talk where she shared the top ten things she and her co-founder Shane Rieser have learned from their work with corporations and startups.


Ep. 85 - Greg Garrett w/ Connected Detroit Innovates

Greg Garrett is the founder of Connected Detroit Innovates. He talked with Brian about how the program’s membership works, and how it seeks to serve small communities, as well as the larger populace of Detroit, while furthering goals of disruptive innovation in numerous industries.


Ep. 84 - Janice Fraser w/ Bionic Solution

This season's first show is a talk Janice Fraser gave at the Inside Outside Innovation Summit in the summer of 2017. Janice has worked with large organizations including the White House, Navy Seals, Lyft, and Proctor and Gamble. She is currently the Chief Product Officer at Bionic Solution. She shared a three-part opera about growth in large and small enterprises and why it's an issue of (gasp) life or death for organizations. ​


Ep. 83 - Navin Kunde w/ Clorox

Navin Kunde is with open innovation, R&D, and is a business networks leader at The Clorox Company. He talked with Brian about making external innovation a key part of their team’s efforts to be prepared for the future. He also talked about the multiple components of metrics that they use at Clorox and how these metrics can help define what the culture of innovation is or isn’t at a company. Reach out to him on LinkedIn


Ep. 82 - Co-Author of Traction - Justin Mares

Justin Mares is a co-author of the book “Traction: A Startup’s Guide to Getting Customers.” In this interview, Justin dives into how “Traction” has defined his journey and developed his learnings.


Ep. 81 - Jack Elkins w/ Orlando Magic

Jack Elkins is the head of innovation at the Orlando Magic. He talked with Brian about how the NBA is not immune to the need to innovate and how to make everyone equal when they come to the table. He also shared the address you can email to get the ten key phrases that he uses with his team to create a culture of innovation: For the Making Innovation Count in 2018 conference in Kansas City:


Ep. 80 - Ari Popper w/ SciFutures

Ari Popper is the founder of the innovation consulting organization, SciFutures. SciFutures is a fascinating blend of science fiction and corporate innovation in which sci-fi writers team up with corporations to imagine futures in their industry. Brian and Ari talked about how they make these imagined futures tangible and what the responsibility is of innovators as we continue in this era of technology. Reach out to Ari at and to us @theiopodcast and


Ep. 79 - Atul Kamra w/ SixThirty

Atul Kamra is a managing partner at Six-Thirty, which is a seed fund based out of St. Louis. Atul talked about what makes Six-Thirty unique, what attitude is best to adopt for combining startups and corporations, and how to keep a narrow focus to stay on track for your goals. Contact him at


Ep. 78 - Katherine Manuel w/ Thomson Reuters

Katherine Manuel is the senior vice president of innovation at Thomson Reuters. She has had a vast and varied journey in innovation before coming into her present role a couple years ago. In her conversation with our host Brian Ardinger she talked about the real details of innovation at Thomson Reuters including some specific campaigns they ran to develop thinkers who go outside the boundaries. Katherine also shared some specific advice for people who might be new to a similar role as the...


Ep. 77 - Renata Policicio w/ ESPN

Renata Policicio is the Vice President of fan and media intelligence at ESPN. She specializes in global markets so her conversation with Josh revolved around findings from a new study they conducted on Latin America. From dropped cameras to quantitative data, Renata walked through the research process as well as what it means for ESPN going forward.


Ep. 76 - Tom Rideout w/ Blue Rocket & AAA

Tom Rideout, formerly with AAA, is now with Blue Rocket, which specializes in digital product design and development. Tom is also speaking at the Back End of Innovation conference happening this week in Orlando, Florida. We invited him on the show to share about something we haven’t addressed much: coordinating and engaging with boards of executives. Tom shared an exciting example of how to get them involved, and he also dived into how he was able to boast a 4:1 ROI ratio with four...


Ep. 74 - Venture Capital

In this episode about venture capital we're reaching back to hear from previous guests Christina Bechold with Samsung NEXT Ventures and Ann Winblad with Winblad Hummer Venture Partners. Between them they cover: how to find a good founder, how corporate venture capitalists can work with startups, and what it means now that "customers are buyers." Find out more and reach out to Christina and Ann on LinkedIn.


Ep. 73 - Janette Edelstein w/ J&J

Janette Edelstein is the director of external innovation at Johnson & Johnson. She and Brian talked about how to include startups without suffocating them, how to do this in a large corporation, and how mid-seized organizations can jumpstart innovation. Janette is the first in a series of four guests who are all speaking at the Back End of Innovation Summit in Orlando, Florida, October 22nd-25th. You can find more information about the summit here: and...


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