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Basketball Insiders Podcast: The New Season's Most Exciting Games

Joel Brigham and Ben Nadeau comb through the schedule to pick out the most exciting upcoming NBA games and discuss a potential buyout for Dwyane Wade and what Marvin Bagley means for Duke and the 2018 NBA Draft.

Duration: 00:52:43

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Can the L.A. Clippers Make a Run at Kyrie Irving?

Basketball Insiders' Larry Coon and Eric Pincus discuss the possibility of Kyrie Irving joining the Los Angeles Clippers, the chance the L.A. Lakers have of landing two stars in 2018 and the initial impact of the 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Duration: 01:12:31

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Looking Ahead at Celtics, Knicks and Kyrie Irving

Basketball Insiders Deputy Editor Moke Hamilton is joined by Senior Analyst Tommy Beer as they discuss the prospects of Isaiah Thomas cashing in next summer and what lies ahead for the Celtics, Kyrie Irving's value and why he makes sense in Minnesota, the latest on Carmelo Anthony and a few moves the Knicks have made this summer.

Duration: 01:00:44

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Doc Rivers No Longer Team President & Steals & Deals of the Offseason

Basketball Insiders’ Jesse Blancarte and James Blancarte discuss Doc Rivers being relieved of his front office duties, what it means for other coaches with front office roles, potential breakout players for next season, and the biggest steals in the offseason.

Duration: 01:07:54

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Playoff Predictions and the Western Conference

Basketball Insiders' writers Cody Taylor and Ben Nadeau talk playoff predictions, which teams improved the most over the offseason, and what teams are on the outside looking in for the Western Conference playoffs.

Duration: 01:02:59

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Picking Eastern All-Stars

They say the Western Conference gobbled up all of the Eastern Conference's stars, so Joel Brigham and Dennis Chambers dissect what's left over and attempt to predict the 2018 Eastern Conference All-Star team.

Duration: 00:53:28

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Cavs Chaos Featuring Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James

Michael Scotto and Spencer Davies discuss Derrick Rose’s decision to join the Cleveland Cavaliers, trade possibilities for Kyrie Irving, the future for LeBron James, the remaining free agents on the market, potential two-way contracts and G-League call-up candidates to keep an eye on.

Duration: 00:40:23

Basketball Insiders Podcast: The Knicks, The Draft and The Cavs

Basketball Insiders’ publisher Steve Kyler and NBA Writer Buddy Grizzard dig into the New York Knicks hires in the front office, the situation with Carmelo Anthony, how the NBA Draft could have played based on what we know now, and the situations in Cleveland and Houston.

Duration: 01:08:40

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Recapping Summer League Stars

Joel Brigham and Spencer Davies discuss the best of Las Vegas Summer League, including everything from Lonzo Ball to Dennis Smith, Jr.

Duration: 00:53:32

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Knicks Summer Moves, Carmelo's Departure and the Wild, Wild West

Basketball Insiders Deputy Editor Moke Hamilton is joined by Senior Analyst Tommy Beer as they discuss what has transpired in New York City this summer, the Western Conference next season, and some additional changes the NBA's Board of Governors might eventually push.

Duration: 01:07:47

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Lakers, Clippers and Offseason Moves Around the NBA

Jesse Blancarte and James Blancarte jump on the podcast to discuss the L.A. Lakers and L.A. Clippers, evaluate whether the biggest challengers to the Golden State Warriors have closed the gap with their offseason moves and, along with producer Brian Fritz, discuss the offseason transactions that they have found to be most interesting.

Duration: 01:28:13

Basketball Insiders Podcast: NBA Free Agency, Rebuilding, and Dysfunction

Lang Greene and Buddy Grizzard discuss the absolute chaos of NBA free agency, the Los Angeles Clippers putting together a solid summer despite losing Chris Paul, the Atlanta Hawks rebuild and the complete dysfunction in Cleveland.

Duration: 01:01:26

Basketball Insiders Podcast: The Pre-Free Agency Episode

Basketball Insiders’ publisher Steve Kyler and Senior NBA Writer Michael Scotto look back at the 2017 NBA Draft and look ahead to NBA Free Agency including Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kyle Lowry, Jrue Holiday and more.

Duration: 01:02:18

Basketball Insiders Podcast: NBA Draft Recap, Jimmy Butler, and Paul George

Basketball Insiders' writers Cody Taylor and Spencer Davies talk winners and loser of the NBA Draft, the Jimmy Butler trade, Paul George's future, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Duration: 01:03:06

Basketball Insiders Podcast: NBA Draft and Summer Preview

On the final pre-draft Basketball Insiders podcast of 2017, Deputy Editor Ben Dowsett is joined by Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer as they break down several themes from Thursday's upcoming draft, and discuss the use of player comparisons in draft analysis. Then they break down several recent pieces of NBA rumor, including Gordon Hayward's big offseason decision, and whether the Warriors have changed the way contending teams operate during the summer.

Duration: 00:46:25

Basketball Insiders Podcast: The 2017 NBA Draft

Basketball Insiders publisher Steve Kyler and Senior NBA Writer Michael Scotto get into the 76ers and Celtics trade, the Lonzo Ball and Lakers situation, Paul George and the mess the Pacers find themselves in, the future of Gordon Hayward, some NBA draft sleepers, the guys whose draft stock could be falling and where certain players floor may be, and who is and is not likely to be traded around the 2017 NBA Draft.

Duration: 01:20:05

Basketball Insiders Podcast: How Far Will Lonzo Fall?

Joel Brigham and Spencer Davies debate how far Lonzo Ball could fall if L.A. passes, while also ranking the draft's big men and mourning over the death of competitive basketball.

Duration: 00:58:06

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Can the NBA Find a Solution for Lottery Reform and the Age Limit?

Basketball Insiders' Larry Coon and Eric Pincus discuss the complex issues of lottery reform and the NBA age limit. Also, a look at the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers as the NBA Draft nears.

Duration: 01:09:33

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Insane Finals Stats

Joel Brigham and Spencer Davies discuss just how historic this year's NBA Finals will be, while also touching on the first time LeBron James and Kevin Durant faced off in the Finals in 2012, and where Derrick Rose may end up in free agency.

Duration: 01:00:08

Basketball Insiders Podcast: Warriors-Cavs, CP3-Spurs Rumors, Boston Offseason Outlook

Basketball Insiders’ Jesse Blancarte and James Blancarte preview the NBA Finals, discuss the rumors surrounding Chris Paul and the San Antonio Spurs and look at Boston’s upcoming offseason.

Duration: 01:08:14

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