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Three metalheads bringing you an elitist-free podcast to discuss all things metal and hardcore with new music spotlights, throwback album reviews, and interviews

Three metalheads bringing you an elitist-free podcast to discuss all things metal and hardcore with new music spotlights, throwback album reviews, and interviews

Three metalheads bringing you an elitist-free podcast to discuss all things metal and hardcore with new music spotlights, throwback album reviews, and interviews
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Three metalheads bringing you an elitist-free podcast to discuss all things metal and hardcore with new music spotlights, throwback album reviews, and interviews




71. Deicide Interview & Gateway Death Metal Albums

We talked about our new music recommendations, what our gateway death metal albums where, and what albums we would give to someone who wants to explore the great genre of Death Metal. We also have an interview with the legendary Demon himself, Mr. Glenn Benton of Deicide which starts around the 1hr and 25 min mark. We talked about the new album, writing old songs, Jack Owen leaving the band, the Hoffman brothers plan to play old Deicide songs live, politics in metal, and more. Find more...


70.Cancer Bats Interview, Immortal, Skeletonwsitch, & New Hardcore Talk

This episode is all over the place as we start with the more extreme side of things with new music recommendations from Immortal, Skeletonwitch, Torture Rack, Sentient Horror, Varathron, & Frost Koffin and than move into some newer hardcore recommendations from Patreon member and long time listener James Branstetter. The albums he brought in included new stuff from Jesus Piece, Turnstile, Code Orange, Harms Way, & I Am. We ended the episode with an interview with Liam Cormier of Cancer...


69. Khemmis Interview & Doom/Sludge special

This episode features an interview with Phil the vocalist and guitarist of Khemmis. We also talked about the new music we’ve been jamming including Vein, Zeal & Ardor, Tomb Mold, & Skinless. Then we brought on doom and sludge enthusiast and long time listener August Furhman on to talk about the new Khemmis album along with some sludge and doom recommendations. Listen here, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app. Check is out on a Patreon for bonus episodes...


68. Top 5 Debut Albums & At the Gates Interview

We talked about new music, discussed the new At the Gates Album, listed each of our top 5 debut metal albums, and finished off with an interview with Adrian Erlandsson of At the Gates. Adrian talked a lot about the new album, the process of losing their long time guitarist Jonas and writing the new album without him, expectations, album reviews, and a lot more. Listen here, on iTunes, or your favorite podcast app Become a Patreon member at the link below to get bonus episodes and...


67.Carcass “Heartwork” Discussion & Slugdge Interview

Stan the Man is back with us and we really brought a lot to the table for our “What we’ve been listening to” section including Homewrecker, The Crown, Alghazath, Judas Priest, Mammoth Grinder, Bleed From Within, Conjurer, Inferi, & Discussed Carcass’s legendary “Heartwork” album. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for an interview with Matt Slugg Moss of the band Slugdge where we talked about their new album “Esoteric Malencology”, the themes and lyrics of the band, the effects of mental...


66.James Murphy Interview (Ex. Death/Testament/Obituary) & Disincarnate Throwback review

Hey guys episode 66 is kind of a sneak peak into our Patreon bonus content. We paired half of our first bonus episode with a huge interview with James Murphy, previously of Death, Obituary, & Testament. He talked about his Disincarnate project, becoming a member of Death for the “Spiritual Healing” period, writing on Obituary’s “Cause of Death”, joining Testament, and a whole lot more. If you want to hear the remaining 45 mins of the original Patreon bonus episode with our normal talk of...


65.Immortal “At The Heart of Winter” & Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy/Abyss Studios Interview

We started off with a bunch of new music we’ve been listening to including Ataraxy, Wake, Horn, Bloodshot Dawn, Rivers of Nihil, & Agrimonia. Than we did a reaction to Parkway Drive’s new single “The Void”, talked about our new Patreon project, and jumped into a big album discussion on Immortal’s frosty classic “At the Heart of Winter”. We ended off with an interview with Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy and Abyss Studios. We talked about Sci-fi movies, conspiracy’s, Hypocrisy, and a lot about...


64.Between the Buried & Me/Rivers of Nihil Interviews, & Bolt Thrower Review

We talked about the new music we’ve been listening to, reviewed the new Between the Buried and Me album “Autonama”, and discussed Bolt Thrower’s classic album “IV Crusade”. We also have an interview with Tommy Roger’s of Between the Between the Buried and Me, where we found out some info about their two part album as well as a great interview with Brodey Uttley of River’s of Nihil. Be sure to check out their amazing new album “Where Owls Know my Name” on 3/16. Its a packed episode!...


63. Metal Trivia & 2018 Discussion

We started with a few albums we’ve checked lately and than dove in a bit to some expected 2018 releases and finished the episode with another round of metal trivia including song clips and questions. Listen here, on he iTunes Podcast app, Google Play or your favorite podcast player. Talk to us at the links below! Gmail: Instagram: Intothecombine


62.Best of 2017 Pt.2 & Trip Interview

We’re back with Part 2 of our top 15 metal albums of the year! We also have an interview with Riley of Power Trip where we talked about the new album, touring with death metal bands, what executioners tax is about, the topic of separating the art from the artist, speaking out online, and a lot more - its a good one. We are going to wait to publish our full lists until the episode has been out for a bit to keep it a surprise but feel free to message us and ask us for it if you need it....


59. Enslaved/Cannibal Corpse Discussion & Dark Descent Records Interview

Time Stamps: 00:00: Discussion and clips of what were listening to including Converge, Necrot, Gut Slit, Antropomorphia, Couch Slut, Trivium, & Venenum 41:45: Enslaved “E” Album Discussion 53:00: Cannibal Corpse “Red Before Black” Album Discussion 108:15: Interview with Matt Calvert of Dark Descent Records Music Played on this episode: Converge “I Can Tell You About Pain” & “Under Duress” Necrot “Blood Offerings” Gut Slit “Marachino Eye Balls” Couch Slut “Snake in the...


58. Australian Metal Spotlight with Tim of Ne Obliviscaris & Dave of Psycroptic

We finally traveled down under to the great Aussie gold minds of metal. We first spoke with Dave Haley the drummer of Psycroptic, Ruins, King, and many other projects and we ended the episode with an interview with Tim Charles the violinist and clean vocalist of Ne Obliviscaris. We spoke with both about growing up as an Australian metal head, influential bands from their country, challenges of touring and getting exposed to other countries, music recs, and info on their respective bands....


Ep 55. Top Drinking Songs & Decrepit Birth Interview

Ok guys so we had some technical difficulties on this episode with Jason’s mic going out and reverting to his computer mic without knowing. Instead of getting rid of the ep we decided to edit it the best we could and this is the result! Hopefully its not too bad and dont worry we will be back to normal quality next time. Anyway’s we talked about a bunch of new music to check out, reviewed the Lamb of God and Behemoth show, and talked about our favorite songs to listen to while drinking,...


50. Necrophagist “Epitaph” Review & Interview with Malcom Pugh (Inferi, A Loathing Requiem, Virulent Depravity)

We got pretty technical on this episode and discussed Necrophagist’s classic tech death masterpiece “Epitaph”, listed our 5 favorite tech death albums, and interviewed Malcom Pugh of Inferi, A Loathing Requiem, & Virulent Depravity. He got into the idea behind Inferi, his musical background, his favorite tech death bands, and also his opinion on the Necrophagist album. We also talked about the Virulent Depravity album did a listener request and talked about Knocked Loose’s last album...


49. Full of Hell Interview + Mastodon, Obituary, & 6 Ft. Under Reviews

We have a great in depth interview with Dylan Walker, the vocalist of Full of Hell to talk about their new album, touring with death metal legends, progression as a band, history, and a lot more. We also had a look at the new albums from two old school groove focused bands Obituary & Six Feet Under and discussed the new Mastodon album “Empire of Sand” (with guest August Furhman), as well as our normal section of what we have been listening to. Listen here, iTunes Podcast app, and Stitcher...


48. Jason Richardson (ex. Born of Osiris, All Shall Parish, Chelsea Grin) & Within the Ruins Interviews

Episode 48 is a special bonus episode featuring 2 interviews and some talk about Born of Osiris’s new re-release “The Eternal Reign”. We still have a normal episode with new recomendations, interviews, and album reviews coming soon but for now here is an episode featuring an interview with Jason Richardson (ex Born of Osiris, All Shall Perish, & Chelsea Grin) discussing those bands, his recent solo album, his thoughts on Born of Osiris’s “The Discovery”, and more. We also spoke with Within...


46. Fit For an Autopsy Interview/Album Review & New Music

We talked about new music from Immolation, Aeternam, Sunlights Bane, The Ominous Circle, and reviewed the After the Burial/Fit for an Autopsy show as well as the Metal Blade 35th anniversery tour featuring Allegaeon, Goatwhore, Cattle Decapitation, & Whitechapel. We also reviewed the new Fit For an Autopsy Album “The Great Collapse” out on March 17th and interiewed the guitarist Patrick Sheridan. We apologize for the noise during the interview but the 2nd half gets a bit quieter. Listen...


44. Edge of Sanity Crimson Discussion with Dan Swano

As usual we talk and play music from some new releases and albums weve been into lately, get a reaction on the new Suicide Silence single, and than go in deep on a throwback review and discussion on Edge of Sanity’s classic prog/deathmetal masterpiece “Crimson”. We were even joined by Dan Swano - the mastermind behind Edge of Sanity to discuss the album further as well as his new album from his Witherscape project. If you havent listened to this album yet do yourself a favor and check it...


42. Top Albums of 2016 Part 1

We count down and discuss each of our top 15 albums metal and hardcore albums of 2016! We cover quite a few metal subgenres with our lists with some big names and lesser known bands. The episode ends on our pick for album 7 and will pick back up in part 2 coming soon. A full album list will be posted on our facebook page in the near future but for now its a suprise! Find the episode on most podcast hosting websites/apps as well as the iTunes podcast app and get in touch with us at the...


41. Doom, Sludge, Dark Tranquility, & Spirit Adrift/Gatecreeper Interview

We did things a bit different for episdoe 41 with a lot of talk on black metal, doom, and sludge! We talked like normal about a few bands weve been listening to, reviewed the new Dark tranqulity album “Atoma” and had on a friend and listener August Fuhrman to try and persuade Stan and Shadie to dive more into Doom and Sludge metal with a few newer bands. Lastly, we interviewed Nate Garett of Spirit Adrift and Gatecreeper. We talked about the latest Spirit Adrift album and his 5 pics for...