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Episode 24 - Look at that...Moon Knight on a Chimera!

It's the first CLASSIC and MODERN run for 2018, and the High Priests are on song to review another two great issues featuring our boy in white - CLASSIC RUN: The Defenders Vol. 1 issue #50 MODERN RUN: Moon Knight Vol. 3, issue #3, Resurrection War, Part 3 of 4 Another very fine podcaster has also lent his vocal talents as guest narrator for the show - this episode, we're pleased to have Connor McKenna - host of The Immortal Iron Fist Podcast - Sons of the Dragon! Be sure to check out the...

Duration: 01:37:28

Episode 23 - Is that you, Jeff...?

Wowsers! It's the new year and it's great to be back! The High Priests of Khonshu return to form with their first episode of the year and a timely one too - this time it's an in-depth review of the latest Moon Knight run, Volume 9 issue #190! It would have to be the most controversial issue to date, so both Connor and Rey have fun scrutinising everything and get a heap of help from fellow Loonies! We are also very pleased to have long time Loonies, Daniel and Joe from Geek Street Podcast to...

Duration: 02:02:05

Episode 22 - Farewell to 2017....with a Vengeance!

In the final episode for 2017, The High Priests of Khonshu - Connor and Rey - round out the year with a stellar episode - the last drabs of news before the new year as well as a return to the classic and modern runs for OVER THE MOON! We also have some very special guest narrators for the Bare Bones and are honoured to have fellow Spirits of Vengeance, Chris and Brian from "Vengeance Unbound - A Ghost Rider Podcast" lending us their dulcet tones for two radio play readings of - CLASSIC...

Duration: 01:50:34

Episode 21 - Holiday Special: The Moon Knight Before Christmas

To get into the holiday spirit, the High Priests of Khonshu, Connor and Rey take a look at the Ultimate Spider-man vs. Sinister Six animated episode 24 (of season 4) featuring none other than Moon Knight! It's a casual review of this fine animated episode to see us into the holiday break! Spider-man, Doctor Strange and Mysterio also feature in this Christmas special which will have you grabbing for the egg nog! Plenty of fun ahead and an irreverent look at how our boy Moonie is depicted!...

Duration: 00:52:42

Episode 20 - Too Many Newspapers on the Front Porch

The High Priests of Khonshu return to what they do well and that's comic book reviews! This time around we have both the classic run (chronicling every Moon knight appearance from the beginning) alongside a more modern run showing Moon Knight in his more developed as a character! CLASSIC RUN: The Defenders Vol. 1, issue #48 MODERN RUN: Moon Knight Vol. 3, issue #1 - Resurrection War Both issues are heaps of fun and yes, we do have special narrators for this one - not what you'd expect! :P...

Duration: 01:34:41

Episode 19 - FUNKO & HASBRO Figure Reviews!

The High Priests of Khonshu switch it up a little and present to you some Toy Figure reviews! This episode, apart from a smattering of news, we look at the two Funko Pop Moon Knight figures, released earlier this year at the LA Comic Con as well as the Build a Figure Legends Moon Knight from Hasbro! We really don't know what to expect, but it was a ball reviewing these - looking forward to reviewing more! Cats stroll in, technical difficulties abound and the usual rambling from Connor and...

Duration: 01:19:52

Episode 18 - The Truth Hurts

Rebecca returns to join Connor and Rey for a look at the latest Moon Knight Vol.9 issue #189 - 'Crazy Runs in the Family - Part 2'! It's another exciting episode as the High Priests of Khonshu are at their full compliment. There's a smattering of news too, but apart we also have a spotlight on one of Moonies Big Bads - Bushman - to offer. Added to that, we have yet ANOTHER very different and highly entertaining guest narrator this week. Fellow Loony Tommy gives us a great guest narration...

Duration: 01:38:22

Episode 17 - #ConquerLord2k18

The High Priests of Khonshu tackle some reviews which arguably have the greatest Marvel villain that ever lived!.....or not! Marvel Spotlight #28 and #29 are up for review alongside a smattering of news for your listening pleasure. Please note - SPOILERS for The Netflix Punisher show (from 3:20 - 4:45). Skip this if you don't want to hear it! We are also very happy to have on Wayno from Courtside Podcast as our guest narrator for the two books on offer - believe me, this isn't one to be...

Duration: 01:35:35

Episode 16 - "They call me Moon Knight, it's a stupid name..."

In the aftermath of the brilliant first issue by Bendis and Burrows, the High Priests use the time waiting for the next issue, to return to reviews of the classic run. With it, comes a massive undertaking to go chronologically from Moon Knight's very first appearance, to all his runs as well as appearances in other comics - phewwww! Werewolf by Night #32 & #33 are served up for scrutiny in this episode - and we are very excited to have some guest narrators whom we've spoken about before...

Duration: 01:49:50

Episode 15 - IT BEGINS.

Loony Listeners - we are finally here!! The new Moon Knight Legacy issue #188 has been released by Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows and we can't wait to break it down for you! For this momentous occasion, the full complement of High Priests - Connor, Rebecca, Rey and Larky - are at the ready to pore through the new issue which doesn't fail to please! Added to this, a spray of news of statues and more Funko...and to top it all off, a fellow Loony writes a grand review on the comic itself! All...

Duration: 02:12:49

Episode 14 - Lemire's Last Issue

The High Priests of Khonshu wade through a quagmire of news this week - in stark contrast to the week before! Plenty of news and rumours to satiate the appetite here, and Connor and Rey just can't stop talking! We also have another fantastic guest narrator - Sparky Mularkey, host of YouTube channel 'Comics, Cosplay and More' and she lends her vocal talents to take us through this week's OVER THE MOON comic reviews! In a monumental episode, we review the last of Lemire's Moon Knight, issue...

Duration: 01:51:11

Episode 13 - SPLOOT!

The High Priests of Khonshu, Connor and Rey forge on despite a lack of news this week. Some tidbits of toy news and a brief chat about the release of Thor: Ragnarok before getting stuck into two cracker issues! Lemire’s run is coming to a close in our OVER THE MOON, and along with a frantic issue of Black Panther #22 by Christopher Priest, we’re treated with the smooth bass tones of one of our heroes, guest narrator Derek O’Neill from ‘Gotham TV Podcast’ and ‘Defenders TV Podcast’! It’s a...

Duration: 01:33:58

Episode 12 - Taurus is an Idiot

The High Priests of Khonshu push ahead with "Death and Birth" as well as give a review of a classic West Coast Avengers issue! Guest narrator, Eef from 'Grant Manor' adds a bit of flair to the comic book reviews and on top of all that we have a truck load of news to share with all the Loonies! This one is not to be missed for sure!!

Duration: 01:33:32

Episode 11 - More Legacy, Primers and Toys...Oh My!

The High Priests of Khonshu have had their prayers answered and deliver unto you the glorious news which were bestowed upon us this last week! Also, as an offering to all Loonies young and old, Connor and Rey have a little surprise new twist to a regular segment which is heaps fun- no hints here- you’ll need to listen to the episode to find out! Comics reviewed this episode are- Moon Knight Vol. 8, Issue # 11- “Death and Birth - Part 2 of 5” by Jeff Lemire The Defenders Vol. 1, issue #47 -...

Duration: 01:35:23

Episode 10 - Death and Rebirth Part 1: Panel-by-Panel Review

Third Co-host, Rebecca joins us again! New York Comic Con delivers naught on ol' Sheet Face two days in, but the NOW three High Priests of Khonshu tackle a new variant cover for issue #188 and an incredible fan's TV show pitch! Plus, an incredible panel-by-panel look at Moon Knight Vol. 8, issue #10 - "Death and Birth: Part 1 of 5"!

Duration: 01:56:48

Episode 9 - 10 Issues To Turn A Copter Bad

In the wait for Moon Knight #188, the High Priests of Khonshu Rey & Connor follow the pre-release praise of editor Jake Thomas, continue the discussion for a Moon Knight animated series and sing their own praises with the arrival of Destructo Designs' Moon Knight Hoodie. Then, the two intrepid Moonies tackle the emotional finale of Lemire's "Incarnations" arc in Moon Knight Vol.8, issue #9, before taking a step back to look at the tale of a mother gone vigilante in the classic issue review...

Duration: 01:29:13

Episode 8 - Steven Grant's Bloodied Neck

It's like the Heroes for Hire episode of Into The Knight! A new cover reveal for Moon Knight #190 leads to plenty of discussion about Moon Knight and his new gauntlet of villians in the upcoming run! And a small news week means the High Priests of Khonshu, Rey & Connor, heed the call for some discussions on Marvel and Punisher in the lead up to Moon Knight in Legacy and a possible appearance in Netflix's Punisher! Plus the continuation of our review of Moon Knight Vol. 8, with issue #8...

Duration: 01:22:14

Episode 7 - We Need To Talk About That Mooncopter

The High Priests become three as Rey and Connor are joined by special guest Rebecca! Together they tackle Lemire's Moon Knight Vol. 8 issue #7 and a Character Spotlight on Stained Glass Scarlet! Taking themselves back to Moon Knight Vol. 1 issue #14 to discover her origins. As always we cover the latest news with solicitations for issue #190 of the upcoming Bemis' run, the mystery behind our new villian The Truth and new photos from Netflix's Punisher that may just lead to an appearance by...

Duration: 02:07:48

Episode 6 - New Arc! Panel by Panel Review

Connor and Rey cut their teeth into the new arc from the recent Lemire run, Moon Knight Vol. 8 issue #6 and explore the nuances of each of the guest artists - Wilfredo Torres, Francesco Francavilla and James Stokoe! Happy confusion abound as Steven Grant's sanity knows NO bound! As always, the High Priests Connor and Rey also discuss the latest news from online articles, Twitter and more! Buckle up, request for clearance and take off, as we're headed to the Moon in this one!!

Duration: 01:30:47

Episode 5 - Sleepless & Eyelid-less

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy - plenty of exciting speculation around Moon Knight potentially entering the Netflix Marvel Universe (finally!) High Priests Connor and Rey discuss the exciting news which came from what to expect in the upcoming Punisher TV show - fingers crossed it's for our boy, Loony Moony! We wrap up the first tremendous arc by Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood in issue #5 of "Moon Knight" (Vol. 8) as well as revisit a classic with Vol. 1 issue #12 - "The Nightmare of Morpheus"....

Duration: 01:36:20

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