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Popular show with over 30,000 followers

Popular show with over 30,000 followers
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Popular show with over 30,000 followers






135 Real Estate Money Questions Answered by Jordan Goodman

Jordan Goodman is often called the money answers man. He has been giving advice on money for decades after starting his own newspaper and working for money magazine for 18 years. Jordan has been on just about every major network and many national radio shows talking about money as well. On today's episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast I talk to Jordan about money and real estate. He has many great ideas and simple things people can do to save money, pay off their mortgage...


134 My Goals and Plans for 2018

Every year I write at least one post and do a podcast about my goals for the upcoming year. I also talk about my previews goals and how things went in the prior year. This episode of the InvestFourMore Podcast is all about goals with details on my business. I had a lot of goals for my real estate team, house flipping, rentals, my blog, and my personal life in 2017. I accomplished some of those goals, did not accomplish others, and had some surprises as well. In 2018 I want to build on...


133 Flipper, Wholesaler, Landlord, and Multifamily Investor Devin Elder

On my first podcast of the new year I have Devin Elder as my guest. Devin has done a lot in real estate, and is expanding his business more every year. He started out as a rental property owner, moved into flipping houses, wholesaling some deals, and now he is focusing on investing in multifamily properties. Devin has recently bought a 75 and 192 unit apartment building and is looking to buy more. You can hear him discuss his real estate career on this podcast. How did Devin get started...


132: How to Invest in Real Estate with Non Performing Notes with Paperstac

On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I interview Rick Allen and TJ Osterman who created Paperstac. Paperstac is a company that helps investors find, buy, and sell performing and non-performing notes on real estate. Rick and TJ both have extensive experience investing in real estate themselves. They have bought and sold over 400 homes before they got into the note business. I talk to both Rick and TJ to learn how they got into real estate, what they love about the real...


131: Why Do Most Prospective Real Estate Investors Fail?

I have operated my blog for over four years and have talked to a lot of people over that time. Many people want to invest in real estate, but few actually do it or stick with it. I do not like to use the word fail, but many prospective investors set out to buy real estate and never do. I think failure results from giving up before accomplishing something, not simply having things go differently than you had planned. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I talk about...


130: What Is Changing with the Real Estate Tax Code?

Earlier this week, I wrote an article about the new tax code and how it could affect the real estate market. I decided I would do a podcast on it as well since I know many of you prefer to listen than to read. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I go over the possible tax changes that will be coming soon. The tax codes are not official yet, but we have a really good idea what will happen based on the two bills that have been passed by the House and the Senate. The...


129: How to Find Great Tenants with RentPrep

On today's episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I speak with Steve White and Eric Worral of RentPrep. Steve started RentPrep to help large property management companies screen their tenants after working in the debt collection business trying to get bad tenants to pay their bills. I talk with both Eric and Steve about how they screen tenants, how they help landlords find great tenants, what it is like to try to collect debts from tenants, and things landlords need to watch...


128 Why I Bought Four Commercial Rentals this Year

I made a plan to purchase 100 rental properties back in 2013. When I made that plan I thought I could keep buying great residential rentals in Colorado. I had no idea prices would almost tipple, while rents went up only 50 percent. Because of the market I have had to change the way I invest. I bought my last residential rental in 2015, and have been focused on flipping instead. I like to make goals every year and for 2017 I did not have plan for buying rental property, although I did want...


127 My Worst House Flipping Stories

Over the years, I have had a number of great house flips, but I have had some bad ones as well. I have made some big mistakes, and I have also had some uncontrollable issues come up that cost me a lot of money. While I never like to lose money on flips, I always learn something that can help my business in the future. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I talk about my worst flipping experiences, what I learned from them, and how they helped my business. How risky...


126 Building Passive Income With Matt Motil after the Housing Crash, Cancer, and a Divorce

Dr Matt Motil has had a lot of reasons to be mad at life. He went through the housing crash in Arizona losing his life savings, he battled cancer at 30, and got a divorce in part to health problems with his son. Despite many setbacks Matt did not give up, he kept investing in real estate until he was able to build enough passive income to quit his career. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast Matt and I talk all about what he has been through and how he found success...


125: Building a $200 Million Rental Portfolio with Vinney Chopra

Vinney Chopra came to the United States to get his MBA to further his engineering career. While he was here, he found his dream job and then discovered real estate. Over the last decade, Vinney has purchased 26 apartment complexes worth over $200 million. He did not buy these properties on his own but instead used syndications to buy them with other investors' money. I have interviewed a number of apartment syndicators, but one thing I liked about Vinney is he has bought 12 apartments in...


Podcast 124: Building a Rental Property Empire without Money with Chris Prefontaine

Chris Prefontaine has been in the real estate industry for many years as an agent, broker, landlord, flipper, developer, builder, and landlord. He was hit hard during the housing crash and decided he needed a new strategy to make money in real estate. His plan was to make a lot money without using any of his own money. He was able to do this by finding properties he could lease to own, which he could then turn around and lease himself. You can listen to how he made a lot of money in real...


123: Why You Should Always Use a Real Estate Agent

I have been a real estate agent and real estate investor for over 15 years. I am biased when I talk about using real estate agents, but I am also extremely experienced when it comes to real estate. Being in the industry as long as I have, I see how valuable a good real estate agent is for both buyers and sellers. Real estate agents can be expensive, but they are usually well worth it because of the money they save their clients. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I...


122: How I have Been Getting Great Deals on Investment Properties

So far, I have bought 25 properties in 2017: 23 flips and 2 rentals. This is buy far the most properties I have ever purchased in one year, and I still have a few months to go. For me to be able to buy that many houses and commercial properties, I have had to expand the way I find deals. I have bought properties from the MLS, wholesalers, Zillow, direct marketing, networking, and auctions—all this year. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Podcast, I talk about how I get deals from all of...


121: How to Passively Invest in Self Storage Units with Hunter Thompson

On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I interview Hunter Thompson,who has been a passive real estate investor for many years. Hunter started investing in mortgage notes and then moved into syndication. Hunter chose not to be the person who put all the deals together but rather the person who invests in those deals and lets other people do all the work. Hunter feels his best use of time is finding the right investors to invest in. One of Hunter's favorite investment...


120: Investing in Out-of-State Rental Properties with Lane Kawaoka

Lane Kawaoka is my guest on this week's episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast. Lane is a full-time engineer but also loves to invest in real estate. Lane has always worked on the west coast or Hawaii, where it is really hard to find cash-flowing rental properties. He has had to invest out-of-state to find deals that made sense to him. On this show, we talk about how he first got involved in real estate and how he both bought houses from turn-key companies and on his own. We...


119 Hard Money Loans for Fix and Flips with Ben Shaevitz

I have gotten two hard money loans in my 16 year career as a real estate investor. Both of those loans I obtained this year from Ben Shaevitz with Patch of Land. I shy away from hard money loans because of the high rates, hoops you must jump through, and length of time it can take to get the loan. However, I worked with Patch of Land because they were able to eliminate many of those difficulties. The thing that really helped me out was they did not require a full appraisal to get the loan...


118 Flipping Houses, Buying Apartments, and Selling as an Agent with Tyler Sheff

Tyler Sheff has seen a lot in his real estate career. He started flipping houses in his early twenties and was very successful before the housing crash. Tyler also held some properties as rentals and eventually sold his properties before the crash, which caused him to incur a huge tax bill. Tyler decided there had to be a better way to invest in real estate, so he started buying apartment buildings after the housing crash and held more of his properties instead of selling them. Tyler...


117 Investing in Rental Properties While in San Francisco with Kathy Fettke

Kathy Fettke has seen a lot of ups and downs in the real estate market while living in San Francisco. She has bought rentals in San Francisco, but it can be really tough when almost every property costs more than one million dollars. After a health scare with her husband, she knew she had to find a way to create passive income while living in one of the most expensive markets in the United States. She has learned to buy rentals and even develop land in other markets to create that passive...


116 Successful Flipper, Landlord, and Agent Shannon Denniston

On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I interview Shannon Denniston. Shannon has been an extremely successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, and real estate agent. Shannon had always planned on a career in the real estate industry and even majored in real estate in college. Things do not always go as planned, and Shannon ended up starting a very successful technology company in college, which delayed his entry into real estate. After making a lot of money and...


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