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Learn about the tools - charting, risk management, establishing precise criteria for buying and selling.

Learn about the tools - charting, risk management, establishing precise criteria for buying and selling.
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Learn about the tools - charting, risk management, establishing precise criteria for buying and selling.






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03-16-18: What To Do With Your College Savings In Bear Markets

There are several tax-free or deferred options for education savings. But should I change it up if the market changes? Today's Stocks & Topics: Stop on a Stock, Mutual Funds, Baby Boomers Dying Broke, Happy Retirement, VOD - Vodafone Group PLC ADR, Gross Margin, GOOG - Alphabet Inc. Cl C, APO - Apollo Global Management LLC Cl A, WDC - Western Digital Corp., Variable Annuity, 529-Plan.


03-15-18: How Your 401(k) Contribution Impacts Your Federal Taxes

Though boosting your 401(k) contribution might save you money up front, it could also cost you money in the long run. Today's Stocks & Topics: DOC - Physicians Realty Trust, TGT - Target Corp., MU - Micron Technology Inc., CMG - Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., Long Term Care Insurance, I-R-A, When a Public Companies Go Private, VZ - Verizon Communications Inc.


03-14-18: Mistakes to Avoid When the Stock Market Plunges

There's no denying how nerve-wracking a 1,000-plus points drop in the Dow Jones industrial average can be, especially when it happens twice in four days as it did last month. Today's Stocks & Topics: Interest Rates, Consumers Spending Report, The Fed, SPY - SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, BGS - B&G Foods Inc., Bonds, SWN - Southwestern Energy Co., HSY - Hershey Co., Umbrella Insurance.


03-13-18: Long-Term Investment Strategies

Investing for the long term helps to reduce transaction costs, and saves you the time you'd spend researching worthy investments. Today's Stocks & Topics: Housing Market, SPOT - Spotify Technology, New Investor, LB - L Brands Inc., SAVE - Spirit Airlines Inc., BYDDF - BYD Co. Ltd., BYDDY - BYD Co. Ltd. American Depository Receipt (ADR), D - Dominion Energy Inc., Qualcomm-Broadcom, KR - Kroger Co.


03-12-18: Maybe What You Need is a Financial 'Detox'

People focus too much time on which stock will outperform as opposed to just getting the right exposure to the entire market. Today's Stocks & Topics: Crash Course, Inflation, The World Trade Organization, Tax Rates & Retirement, BOTZ - Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF, TIPS, CDs, RH – Restoration Hardware, GLD - SPDR Gold Shares, ETFs, BGS - B&G Foods Inc.


03-09-18: Can You Pass The Financial Smarts Test?

Take this pop quiz. See if you know how to handle your money and avoid scammers. Today's Stocks & Topics: Timing The Market, Insurance & Inflation, VRX - Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc., Moving Average, IIPR - Innovative Industrial Properties Inc., Max Contribution, QCOM - Qualcomm Inc., AVGO - Broadcom Ltd., ETFs, New Way to Combat Credit Card Fraud, KHC Kraft Heinz Co., Steel & Aluminum Tariff.


03-08-18: How Should My Asset Allocation Change as I Get Older?

Retirement can last several decades, so it generally pays to maintain a healthy dose of stocks well into retirement. Today's Stocks & Topics: Short Term Investments, CELG - Celgene Corp., JP Morgan, FAZ - Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3x Shares, FAS - Direxion Daily Financial Bull 3x Shares, FNGU - BMO REX MicroSectors FANG+ Index 3X Leveraged ETN, VFMF - Vanguard U.S. Multifactor ETF, TCI - Transcontinental Realty Investors Inc., ETFs, BEN - Franklin Resources Inc., ALK - Alaska Air...


03-07-18: Are You Committing the Bond Blunder?

There is some truth to the understanding that bonds are safer than stocks, but average investors miss an important nuance. Today's Stocks & Topics: Steel Tariff, F - Ford Motor Co., Productivity Numbers, Beige Book, Jobs, ARCT - Arcturus Therapeutics Ltd, ABBV - AbbVie Inc., AIEQ - AI Powered Equity ETF, MU - Micron Technology Inc., FDX - FedEx Corp., SQM - Sociedad Quimica y Minera De Chile S.A. ADR, GSY - Guggenheim Ultra Short Duration ETF.


03-06-18: Bond ETFs - Not as Simple as They Seem

There are some downers related to bond ETF investing. However, if you are aware of them, you may avoid them altogether. Today's Stocks & Topics: 200 Day Moving Average, NOK - Nokia Corp. ADR, Self-Directed IRA, The Stock Market, NKTR - Nektar Therapeutics, YGYI - Youngevity International Inc., Cost Basis, Why Are Annuities Bad Ideas, Price Target, Trump's Steel and Aluminum Tariffs.


03-05-18: What Higher Interest Rates Really Mean for Investors

The job market tightens pushing up wages. That will drive up consumer spending. It all means higher interest rates. Today's Stocks & Topics: Terminology, NWL - Newell Brands Inc., AGN - Allergan PLC, 529 Plan, SON - Sonoco Products Co., Pension, Leaving IRA Assets to Your Loved Ones, NTNX - Nutanix Inc. Cl A, Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum.


03-02-18: Why Biggest Dow Drop Won't Derail Your Retirement

A market correction is actually a good time to save more. You get more shares for less money. Today's Stocks & Topics: Retirement, Trade War, The Dow Theory, VZ - Verizon Communications Inc., RAD - Rite Aid Corp., Bond ETFs, BOJA - Bojangles' Inc., Investing, HPE - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., Trend Following.


03-01-18: How a Falling Dollar Affects Your Retirement Portfolio

Will investors prefer U.S. Dollar Denominated Assets in the future, or assets denominated in foreign currencies? Today's Stocks & Topics: Steel Tariffs, Government Debt, Ten Year Treasury, PCG - PG&E Corp., AGN - Allergan PLC, GEO - GEO Group Inc., LOW - Lowe's Cos., Hedge Funds, MSCI - MSCI Inc., PFPT - Proofpoint Inc., Hardest Working Cities in America.


02-28-18: 6 Ways to Measure if Your Retirement Plan is on Track

It's about making adjustments. How to veer and steer toward a successful retirement. Today's Stocks & Topics: 200 Day Moving Average, Red Flags, U.S. Dollar Rose in February, Government Debt, RTN - Raytheon Co., NOC - Northrop Grumman Corp., AZO - AutoZone Inc., P.E. Ratio, GE - General Electric Co., SBUX - Starbucks Corp., BGS - B&G Foods Inc., NRZ - New Residential Investment Corp., PCG - PG&E Corp., MO - Altria Group Inc., Blue Chips Stocks.


02-27-18: Getting What You Need from a Company's Balance Sheet

Reading between the lines and crossing out the ones that don't matter Today's Stocks & Topics: i-Bonds, CGNX - Cognex Corp., Bull Market, What to Buy and Sell, FRESX - Fidelity Real Estate Investment Portfolio, Real Estate, GLNCY - Glencore PLC ADR, I-R-A, Cost Basis, 401k, SND - Smart Sand Inc., Portfolio.


02-26-18: Getting Rid of Your Losing Anxiety

Fear can get in the way of great opportunities. It generates negative feelings, influencing decisions. Acting on emotions rather than facts. Today's Stocks & Topics: Volatility, QIWI - QIWI PLC ADR, Asset Allocation, LVS - Las Vegas Sands Corp., Household Debt, PEP - PepsiCo Inc., Cash Flow, VSTSX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund;Institutional Select, SPY - SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust.


02-23-18: Should I Buy an Investment Property?

Are you prepared to put in the time? Can you handle after-hours calls? What if your tenant doesn’t pay their rent? Today's Stocks & Topics: Retirement & Money, Debtor-in-Possession - DIP, Retirement Money, Housing Bubble, CPB - Campbell Soup Co., ABX - Barrick Gold Corp., LEA - Lear Corp., SHOP - Shopify Inc. Cl A, NYMT - New York Mortgage Trust Inc.


02-22-18: What's Wrong With Bond Funds?

Despite all of the benefits, there are drawbacks to investing exclusively through bond funds rather than acquiring your own individual bonds. Today's Stocks & Topics: CMI - Cummins Inc., American Finances, Recession, TBT - ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury, Roth IRA, WMT - Walmart Inc., XOM - Exxon Mobil Corp., Bond ETFs, GEX - VanEck Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF, GCV - Gabelli Convertible & Income Securities Fund Inc.


02-21-18: 7 Costly Mutual Fund Mistakes to Avoid

Deceptive claims, hidden risks and half-baked strategies, they can trip up your mutual fund success. Today's Stocks & Topics: PLAY - Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc., KHC - Kraft Heinz Co., Twin Deficits, Types of Computer Trading, VWO - Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF, ENB - Enbridge Inc., CVS - CVS Health Corp., MCD - McDonald's Corp., OKTA - Okta Inc. Cl A.


02-20-18: Should You Add A Robo-Adviser To Your Financial Team?

You have the computer, money manager, and account holder all making choices, but doing it different ways. Today's Stocks & Topics: Investing Tools, Banks & Financial Crisis, Inheriting Money, MGM - MGM Resorts International, FQAL - Fidelity Quality Factor ETF, JLL - Jones Lang LaSalle Inc., MO - Altria Group Inc., CHK - Chesapeake Energy Corp., CMI - Cummins Inc., Bitcoin.


02-19-18: One Way to Hedge Against a Market Downturn

You should prepare your portfolio for a market shift by adding an investment that doesn't move in lockstep with the market. Today's Stocks & Topics: Inherited IRA, The Housing Market, The Job Market, The Dollar, Dividends & Taxes, Market Evaluation, How to Invest, 529 Plan, Large Caps, Pension Plans, Retirement, Investments & Taxes.


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