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Pop culture curated for your inner geek.

Pop culture curated for your inner geek.
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Pop culture curated for your inner geek.




027 - Iron Giant, Lego Batman, BvS, FLCL, Voltron - It Came From A Podcast

03/30/16 PANEL • Cristina Marie • Michael Skinner TOPICS DISCUSSED MOVIES + TV • The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer • Batman v Superman $166mill Box Office • FLCL Returning • Pacific Rim Anime Title Sequence • Netflix Rebooting Voltron TECH • Microsoft's A.I. "Tay" GAMES + TOYS • Rogue Squadron 3D on Steam THING OF THE WEEK Cristina - Curvy Barbie Michael - New Shanghai Disney Sergio - The Iron Giant: Ultimate Collectors Edition SUBSCRIBE • iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn • RSS For more show notes...

Duration: 00:53:56

023 - Power Rangers, Iron Fist, Gods of Egypt, Dark Tower

03/02/16 TOPICS DISCUSSED MOVIES + TV • Skull Island: Reign of Kong • Iron Fist Cast • Power Rangers Begins Production • Nickelodeon reviving Legends of the Hidden Temple • Dark Tower finally casts Roland and the Man in Black • Fuller House renewed for season 2 • Gambit without a release date • Gods of Egypt Director Lashes Out • Big Hero 6 TV Series • Fantastic Beasts to be a Trilogy TECH • Facebook planning on building Massive Online Multiverse GAMES + TOYS • Yahoo launches Esports site...

Duration: 00:48:12

What is "Alphabet"?

Larry Page announced Alphabet today and we talk about what that is and means in order to help stop all the riots out there..

Duration: 00:13:19