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6. Sweet Freedom

Jay begins with some guitar music -- played by Sharon Isbin. Then tells a story about William F. Buckley Jr. and Isbin. He goes on with commentary on Jerusalem, the NFL, Theresa May (two Theresa Mays, actually), and more. He ends with music, offering one of the most beautiful, and hauntingly beautiful, songs ever written.

Duration: 00:17:14

5. The Power of ‘Paris’

In this episode, Jay’s focus is a new novel by Mark Helprin, “Paris in the Present Tense.” It awakens in a person a thousand thoughts. (Jay limits himself to about a dozen.) Jay also plays some music, by Frenchmen and by an American who loved Paris.

Duration: 00:18:44

4. The Search for Meaning

In this episode, Jay asks the ancient question, Can music mean anything? Music without words, that is? He then gets into war criminals -- who kill themselves or try to. We also get U.S. presidents, North Korean dictators, television blowhards, and more. Jay ends with some more music -- as composed by a twelve-year-old girl.

Duration: 00:16:31

3. Tolstoy, Taxes, and More

In this episode, Jay talks about Tolstoy and his relationship to music. Could he write more than words? Then he talks taxes – which he likes on the flat side. Also, has there been a shift in conservatism? Away from limited government and personal responsibility, and in the direction of “What’re you gonna do for me?” Other subjects include Mugabe, Romney, and a curious knitter onstage.

Duration: 00:16:08

2. Meditate on This

In this second episode of Jaywalking, Jay Nordlinger plays some music from Massenet’s Thaïs, including the Meditation, which is how the episode gets its name. Jay also talks about Fritz Kreisler and Fritz Crisler (a legendary violinist and a legendary football coach, respectively). Then he’s got Nazis, slavery, North Korea, and other cheerful stuff. He ends with genuine cheer, however: the American Dream and more music.

Duration: 00:16:46

Ep. 1: Playing Impromptus, and More

In this inaugural episode of "Jaywalking," Jay Nordlinger plays some impromptus, explaining the title of his longtime column. He then talks Roy Moore, Sweden, and judo. He relates an old, bawdy joke. And he ends with something he calls "pretty much the greatest thing on earth" (a song).

Duration: 00:17:33