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Raleigh, NC


I started in radio when it was cool to play vinyl (I know, it's cool again). I caught the radio bug and never looked back! I was on KIX 102 FM doing the morning show for six years, when I became a mom. Fast forward three years, and I'm back - loving my job and the listeners! We moved to Raleigh from Green Bay a number of years ago, and yup, I'm still a huge Packer fan. We have a Packer wall of fame in our house lol! Even our dog Max wears a Packer collar. On weekends, you may see me "treasure hunting" at the flea market, estate sales, and thrift stores. I'm an animal lover, so when I see one, I can't resist going up to it, whether it's a dog, cat, or horse. I'm a big supporter of animal rescues and the SPCA. We are always adding to our furry family.



This show will be available on Sat, Feb 24 at 3PM.