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JRS076 Stiv Hey

76th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Stiv Hey from Italy. It's unusual for an artist's first releases to be acknowledged by Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, and Marco Carola. Then again, Stiv Hey isn't your usual artist.

Duration: 01:00:09

JRS075 Ramiro Lopez

75th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Ramiro Lopez from Spain. Ramiro is on the front row of modern Techno Scene right now, with his signature sound.

Duration: 01:00:10

JRS074 Victor Ruiz

Victor Ruiz from Sao Paolo is our guest of 74th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow. Victor Ruiz simply doesn`t need an introduction at all. He is representing one of the A-Pillars of New School Techno Sound

Duration: 01:00:10

JRS073 Perc

Perc aka Ali Wells from London is mixing 73rd episode of Jeton Records Radioshow. Perc is one of electronic dance music’s reference points: an internationally touring DJ, label owner and one of the most respected producers in techno today.

Duration: 01:00:13

JRS072 Vinicius Honorio

Vinicius Honorio of Brasil is the guest of 72nd episode of Jeton Records Radioshow. Vinicius has started his DJing/producing career as a Drum&Basser and went quite far but after that followed his heart and returned to Techno scene.

Duration: 01:00:15

JRS071 Shlomi Aber

Shlomi Aber is our proud guest of 71st episode of Jeton Records Radioshow. Aber has created some of the most recognizable and unique techno anthems of the modern times.

Duration: 01:00:27

JRS070 Bart Skils

70th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Bart Skils from Holland. One of the A-pillars of Drumcode and a great DJ, producer, promoter & festival owner Bart Skils is no stranger to the Techno Scene.

Duration: 01:00:12

JRS069 Timmo

69th installment of Jeton Records Radioshow sees Timmo from Bulgaria. A young and talented artist born and raised in Sofia, established a promising career thanks to the hard work and dedication for years and years.

Duration: 01:00:26

JRS068 Ambivalent

Ambivalent is the 68th Guest of Jeton Records Radioshow. Born in Washington DC but living in Berlin, Kevin McHugh aka Ambivalent is an artist like no other.

Duration: 01:00:25

JRS067 Raxon

Raxon is the 67th Guest of Jeton Records Radioshow. The Egyptian, born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, his time spent as a resident Dj for audio tonic in Dubai has exposed him to a wide variation of sound, most importantly the influences of quality dance music!

Duration: 40:22:34

JRS066 Victor Calderone

Heavyweight NY Phenomenon Victor Calderone is the 66th Guest of Jeton Records Radioshow. The words “world-renowned” and “influential” get thrown around all too often these days, to the point of almost becoming cliché.

Duration: 01:00:26

JRS060 Alan Fitzpatrick

5 Years/60th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Drumcode Star Alan Fitzpatrick. We are thrilled to celebrate 5 years of our radioshow and we would to thank you a lot for your continuous support !

Duration: 00:59:45

JRS059 dubspeeka

Darren Beale aka dubspeeka from Bristol is our guest for 59th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow.

Duration: 01:26:25

JRS058 Fabio Ferro

58th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Italian Youngster Fabio Ferro.

Duration: 01:00:36

JRS057 Layton Giordani

57th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Newyorker Layton Giordani. Young but already managed to establish a solid base, Layton, is the resident of Legendary Club Output Brooklyn. He has already secured powerful releases on the labels like Intec, Phobiq and Octopus, he just started to tour United States with Adam Beyer for Drumcode US Events. We are very pleased to host a 23 years old promising artist; Layton Giordani. Second part features Ferhat Albayrak`s mix as usual. Enjoy and...

Duration: 02:54:38

JRS055 Kyle Geiger

55th episode of Jeton Records Radio Show welcomes US Techno Talent Kyle Gieger. He certainly is no stranger to the international techno arena, with releases on heavy hitter labels such as Drumcode, Soma, Perc Trax, and Droid. Refusing to rest on his laurels, Kyle continues to push the boundaries of his sound through the creation of his own label known as Cubera. Originally inspired by the harder, percussive stylings the techno sound featured on seminal labels from the late 90's, Kyle has...

Duration: 00:50:55

JRS054 Gel Abril

54th episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Gel Abril ! Throughout his twenty-years venture as one of the most coveted underground DJs/producers to emerge from Tel Aviv's electronic scene. His international career unfolded in 2007 with EP’s Be As One , Ovum, Get Physical, Defected to most recently string of releases on Hot Creations, Saved and Strictly Rhythm. When Gel Abril isn’t in his cave he's on the road with an extensive schedule of numerous appearances throughout the year such...

Duration: 01:28:04

JRS053 Daniel Dexter

53rd episode of Jeton Records Radioshow welcomes Daniel Dexter with his special set. Originally from Ingolstadt, currently resides in Berlin, Daniel is standing from the crowd with his mixing-technique and an exclusive mixture of records, which has no boundaries but glides on top of Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Managed to release so many releases on Steve Bug`s Poker Flat, he also created music for Suara and Noir Music as well. We are really pleased to host Daniel Dexter in our this...

Duration: 05:51:46

JRS052 Oscar Mulero

52nd episode of Jeton Records Radioshow presents: Oscar Mulero ! For this month, one of the most requested and famous underground scene DJs and Producers of Spain Oscar Mulero will mix our radioshow. Known for dark beats and powerful drums, Oscar is releasing his materials mainly in his labels; PoleGroup and Warm Up. Even though his style is not everyone, he became an international booked DJ due to his flawless sound and crystal clear productions. We are really pleased to host Oscar Mulero...

Duration: 00:55:21

JRS051 Dosem

Dosem from Spain is our 51st Guest of Jeton Records Radioshow. He has been earn a coveted spot as one of Beatport’s Top 5 techno artists of 2014, Dosem’s global acclaim a as a producer and highly prized re-mixer continues to spread. But his skills as a DJ are equally heralded and a relentless touring scheduled since appearing on the international circuit has won him not only the adoration of his fans but also the respect of his peers within the scene itself. Securing releases on labels...

Duration: 00:50:42

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