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The Ride Home - Friday, September 22

To Tell The Truth!

Duration: 01:54:59

The Ride Home - Thursday, September 21

Food for the Poor

Duration: 01:54:24

The Ride Home - Wednesday, September 20

Food for the Poor

Duration: 01:55:16

The Ride Home - Tuesday, September 19

Food for the Poor, Todd Chatman and Angel Aloma

Duration: 01:54:26

The Ride Home - Monday, September 18

Trump, Rocket Man, North Korea, Hillary and the golfball. - David French Every Man's Battle - Steve Arterburn Faith and Reason, Enemies? A dialogue on religious and secular identity in the modern age. -Adam Korman How Adoption Changes the World, is excited to bring the message of FOTF's new documentary, Mully. -Paul Batura, VP of Communications at Focus on the Family

Duration: 01:54:26

The Ride Home - Friday, September 15

NASA crashes explorer Cassini into Saturn Farmers banned from farmers market over religious beliefs. - Kelsey Harkness 8 People spend 8 months near rim of volcano! Harvard's Kennedy School of Government rescinds visiting fellowship offered to Chelsea Manning. Grieving a Suicide- Albert Y. Hsu Epiphanies: When we thought we had decided on something, but then changed our mind!

Duration: 01:54:19

The Ride Home - Thursday, September 14

End of summer bucket to do list! The Waiting:The True Story of a Lost Child, a Lifetime of Longing, and a Miracle for a Mother Who Never Gave Up ... - Cathy LaGrow and Cindy Coloma

Duration: 01:54:27

The Ride Home - Wednesday, September 13

Food for the Poor - Todd Chatman Is this the beginning of the end? Revelation 12 and the alignment of the heavens. - Dr. Hugh Ross Jim Carrey's meaningless statement at fashion show. Are these the end times? - Dean Weaver

Duration: 01:55:23

Jk20170912 Podcast

SRN White House News Correspondent, Greg Clugston President/CEO of Silver Ring Thing, Jason Burtt President of Pittsburgh Experiment, Chris Buda John and Kathy go to the phones - What public events stand out to you distinctly, life-changing, and impossible to forget?

Duration: 01:54:25

The Ride Home - Monday, September 11

J&K discuss The Anniversary of 9-11, Hurricane Irma, & Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes Food for The Poor. Spreading light on the Nashville Statement, with Karen Swallow Prior

Duration: 01:54:31

The Ride Home - Friday, September, 8

Food for the Poor A Healthier Approach to Disagreement in the Church Begins With One Unusual Word - James Calvin Davis Seeing God In Creation - Dr. David W. Snoke Talking Movies with Paul Asay!

Duration: 01:54:12

The Ride Home - Thursday, September 7

"I am the storm." - Pastor William Glaze What if the common good just might depend on conversions - From the fall Comment magazine - Brian Dijkema John & Kathy take your phone calls! The Scripture Union - Dr. Michael Staples

Duration: 01:54:23

The Ride Home - Wednesday, September 6

The Fearless Benjamin Lay: The Quaker Dwarf Who Became the First Revolutionary Abolitionist - Marcus Rediker. Food For The Poor. DACA: A Personal Story from Horatio Ruiz An update from Texas with Wade Bearden

Duration: 01:54:21

The Ride Home - Tuesday, August 5

Steve Cordle Sock it to me! John Halls Sock Rules Elders in my life and riffing on their roles in my life. - Tony Kriz Think Beauty And Artistry Aren’t Important? Think Again. - Amy Simpson

Duration: 01:55:23

The Ride Home - Tuesday, August 29

Weekly Update from the Nation's Capitol with SRN White House Correspondent, Greg Clugston Walk by Faith, not Sight with, Keith Kondrich The Cure for Envy with, Dr. John Koessler To truly grieve the disaster of destruction, loss of life, loss of dreams, loss of so much--situating that in the life of Jesus and the Good News of his restoration, with Paul J. Pastor

Duration: 01:54:33

The Ride Home - Monday, August 28

Laura Leonard, Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College. Rob Moll and his work, The Art of Dying: Living Fully into the Life to Come. Father Jason Charron discussing The Holy Rule and the 12 Step Guide to Humility. Christianise, How do you feel about it?

Duration: 01:54:33

The Ride Home - Friday, August 25

The Rev. Dr. Henry L. Thompson III (Laurie) - Dean and President of Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge Paul McNulty - President of Grove City College To tell the Truth with J&K. Your chance to call in and ask John anything!

Duration: 01:54:51

The Ride Home - Thursday, August 24

Andy Masich, discusses history of The Forgotten Luna Park of Pittsburgh. John Westfall discusses his work "I Didn't Sign Up for This" From Biola University Tim Muehlhoff joins us.

Duration: 01:54:26

The Ride Home - Wednesday, August 23

Andrew Walker, Director of Policy Studies for Ethics & Religious Liberties, discusses God & The Transgender Debate. Drive In Jesus - Filmmaker Lauren DeFilippo looks at a weekly service held at a drive-in-movie theatre in Florida. This Might Be The Most Ridiculous Example of Political Correctness in History (THANKS ESPN) With, David French Faith and Reason, Enemies? A dialogue on religious and secular identity in the modern age. With Adam Korman

Duration: 01:54:22

The Ride Home - Tuesday, August 22

Fatu Koroma, Social Worker & Coordinator for Orphan Care EduNations. Fatu has been the primary person caring for the over 100 Ebola Orphans in EduNations' Schools in Sierra Leone. David Rupert, writer and editor discusses- A Syrian Refugee: He escaped war, but is still searching for peace. D. L. Mayfield, How a memorial could help lead America and Christians to repentance from a Dark History.

Duration: 01:55:20

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