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#042 Albatross Feet

JUST. WHEN. YOU. THOUGHT. WE. HAD. FINALLY. GIVEN. UP. Mar Mar and Gracie are BACK after a casual three month haitus of weddings and Eurotrips for a much needed catch up on One Wheels, sew-on chest hair, foot fetishes, and of course, some good on factos de animales. We love all of you. Email us your issues questions and pix to justthetipspod@gmail.com

Duration: 00:50:23

#041 Twenty Foot Diarrhea Bear

Marmar and Gracellapants are back from summering in the Hamptons where they have been putting sweaters over their shoulders. This one's a little dry, folks, but there ARE some informational nuggets hidden in these mountains, like why you should ALWAYS have folders on you, what to put in your freezer when it's hot out, life realizations (but like really quickly) and as always, ANIMAL FACTS. Questions? Concerns? Problems that need solving? Easy! email us at justthetipspod@gmail.com to get...

Duration: 00:48:10

#040 Religous Bouncy House!

Airwheels. Apologies. Evangelist Block Parties. Marmar and Gracie cover it all in this latest episode. Tune in for lucky episode no #40 and remember, don't EVER apologize (unless you have to in which case, don't be a dick about it). Comments, questions, problems, compliments welcome at justthetipspod@gmail.com.

Duration: 01:28:43

#039 Mama Loves The Whale Milk

WHO DOESN'T LOVE THE SAUCE! Come sit on ol' Mar-Mar's knee as we try our brand new mini-impressions game, and join us as we discuss social "how to's" in corporate culture, getting on top of your pre-existing alcoholism, and the age old question: what are the health benefits of whale milk??? You'll have to ask those pesky Norwegians.

Duration: 00:48:17


WE ARE BACK AND BOY ARE WE RUSTY IN OUR BANTER! Guys, Gracie and Mar Mar return from their depression sabbatical sadder and better than ever. Join us as we talk about sun umbrellas, feminism, and literally we don't even know what else because this episode is just one long sentence.

Duration: 00:46:57

#037 Peruvian Flightmares

Hooooooooooooly Shitsnacks again... the sort-of 2nd part of the two part mar-mar-gracie weekend extravaganza. Join Mar Mar and Gracie as they recap South American adventures, cat-calling, religious nuttery, and much more! Keep this juice rollin! Tune in now -- rate and review!

Duration: 00:57:48

#035 The Inconspicuous Newsboy

Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh the ooooooollllleeeeeee inconspicuous Newsboy. The move we've all learned and come to love. Join Mar Mar and Gracie as they dissect their current life problems and strategies that have to do with sad dads and hot jobs. We also have some hot tips UP FRONT for ya. Tune in now -- rate and review for free show tix!

Duration: 00:47:52

#034 Walter Matthau Has Eight Eyes

Just trying to piece it all together here, Tippers. Matthau starts us off hot as we catapult into discussing weed brownies, a listener's problem about the work place, and some sad facts, followed by HAPPY facts. Yay! Write in to justthetipspod@gmail.com for a chance to have your problem heard, and then have your problem SOLVED.

Duration: 00:44:25

#33 Shoot A Jellyfish In The Head

Marmar and Gracie take a quiz to figure out how long they would survive in an apocalypse. We also discuss hangovers, shooting jellyfish, and we acknowledge that the Super Bowl does in fact, exist. Email us at justthetips@gmail.com to submit your problem and/or strange situations!

Duration: 00:48:56

#031 Mass HISSterics

Mar Mar and Gigglebuster review their Thanksgiving mayhem before delving into deeper topics. Such topics include integrating cats, matching Christmas sweaters, and big kicks. Rate and review us, email us your problems at justthetipspod@gmail.com!

Duration: 00:42:09

#030 Quick Tip On The Nut Front

Hold on to your hats, while we outrun these bears! Gracie and Mar Mar have a lazy Saturday conversation that starts with Harry Potter, ends with bear runs, and in the middle lies the key to the universe. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:43:36


That is, if you want to be apart of Gracie's pirate ship space bunker. Join us as we pick up the pieces of our lives, while touching on comedy festivals and of course, the little green bug that sneaks up on us! (Jealousy, not parasites). Stick with us, guys. We Love You.

Duration: 00:44:42

#026 Can't Grab The Bowl

Today, we just can't. We're sad, we're bad, and we're sorry! Tune in to this WEIRD ONE as we talk about rockin' out to Jesus, why Gracie got no sleep last night, and the industry of cuddling! Juicy listener questions included. (Feel the need to cuddle? Check out the bennies here: http://www.shape.com/lifestyle/sex-and-love/5-health-reasons-make-time-cuddling).

Duration: 00:38:50

#025 Escape The Dickheads!

Make time for yourself! Use that Google Calendar! Koalas have two dick--wait, what? Tune in now to hear our take on creating time to work and self-motivation. (Also, being serious FOR ONCE -- Donate Now to Hurricane Matthew relief: https://www.unicefusa.org/donate/support-hurricane-matthew-relief efforts/30966ms=ref_dig_2016_web_homepage_emergencies_hurricanematthew)

Duration: 00:46:32

#025 Captain Badger

YOU IN BADGERLAND NOW, BABY! Curl up with sick Marty and sleepy Gracie as we talk about some of our own current problems, as well as a listener's sticky situation with a lady. Marty also tells us when it is OK and NOT OK to drink out of your own toilet. Email us with your personal juicy problems that need a-solvin' at justthetipspod@gmail.com

Duration: 00:49:30

#022 Bucket O' Problems

Mar mar and Gracie are BACK after a brief haitus, and we are better than ever. This episode, we'll discuss a listener's smelly problem, along with covering the basics, like rat orgies and sea cucumbers. Email us your hopes, thoughts, and dreams at justthetipspod@gmail.com(and while you're at it, check out this goodness: http://bbc.in/2bQy4LS0).

Duration: 00:50:00

#007 Judgement Day

Judgements -- What’s up with them? Today we try out something new by deconstructing your real life worries and concerns. We can each walk away from this one as a more accepting, loving person. Oh and also -- f#%,k you Todd.

Duration: 00:54:48

#010 Death And Asses

Sometimes things are sad, eh? In this episode we get deep (as deep as we can, that is) discussing loss and the things that come with it...like giant squid foot, and rocket coffins.

Duration: 00:41:36

#011 Blowjob By Proxy

Tired of that old woman giving you the stink eye at work? Would you rather marry a horse or kill Sigourney Weaver? What's the bird you should be MOST afraid of?? These are important questions, questions that need answering, and questions that we will solve. (Also, if after listening to this episode, you're interested in ostrich recipes, BECAUSE WHO ISN'T, check out this sweetness: http://www.roamingacres.com)

Duration: 00:44:31

#012 Cat Parts For Sale

Another RIVETING in person episode, where we dissect narcissism, why you should never give a cat to a child, and mixing money and friends, all while steadily day drinking. Sit back, relax, and join the Rihanna that is blasting through our recording location. (Also, check it: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/protective-mother-elephant-trumpets-loudly-7743370)

Duration: 00:42:00

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