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KLAM 109.5 is a local desert radio station broadcasting out of the Fabulous Dry Arroyo Casino in beautiful San Ranchito, California. Beginning May 25, 2015, KLAM will be made available for the first time outside of the Llorona Valley through podcast technology. KLAM Radio offers a variety of programming types and formats to serve our diverse local community. We have shows to fit all tastes from sports talk to the finest in classical music, plus live dedications and good old fashioned radio drama. As you can see, we have it all! We can’t wait to reach a wider audience through the internet’s powerful engines. We know that you will become a happy Klammer in no time!






Ep. 9: KLAM Khristmas Spectakular!!!!

Are you dreaming of a Desert Christmas? Join Station Managers Larry and Jerry Frumkin for their live broadcast of the Chrysthanthemum Christmas Days Parade!!! Share in the bounty of this Holiday Harvest! Hear all of your favorite KLAM radio personalities and other members of the San Ranchito Community as they celebrate the Yuletide for your enjoyment! Musical Numbers! Marching Chamber Orchestra! Hot Chicken! This parade has it all! Don your Gay Apparel, crack open a bottle of wine and that...

Duration: 00:35:04

Ep. 8.5: STAGNANT AIR Part 2 of 2

Episode 8: Weekdays 3-5 p.m. Award winning Veteran interviewer Molly Blech interviews local and worldwide celebrities. Tune in each afternoon for Molly’s patented intimate conversations and probing questions. The second half of this episode picks up with Veteran interviewer Molly Blech and local country music legend Dirty Earl Magnum in the late '60s as Earl left his heart in 'Frisco for a fresh start in sunny L.A. with his buddy Charlie. Written by Lenae Day & Anna Kryczka Produced,...

Duration: 00:36:20

Ep 6: Let the Men Talk

Episode 6 - Weekdays 1-3 pm - Ever thought that men just don’t have a voice in the country? Are you concerned about the incursion of the “F” word into popular discourse? Join Richard “Big Dick” Johnson and Conservative Legend Joe Wood as they finally let the men talk! The roundtable is rounded out by upstart pundit Hatcher Thatch and mommy-blogger Nance DeGraw. Written and Created by Lenae Day & Anna Kryczka "Eleanor Antin, Girl Reporter" was written and performed by Eleanor Antin Hatcher...

Duration: 00:37:41

Ep 1: TOPICAL in the Mornings with RICKI & STACY

Episode 1 - Weekdays 5-9 am - Join Ricki & Stacy, two pals of indeterminate genders, as they host this recklessly enthusiastic morning show. Tune in to hear what's TOPICAL today, as well as who wins a Topical Cruise on Topical Tuesday! This morning pot of KLAM is brought to you by Topical Ointments. Followed by Larry's 411, where KLAM 109.5 Station Manager Larry Frumkin discusses the issues he feels are the most important to the citizens of San Ranchito! Written by Lenae Day and Anna...