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#34: Our Top 10 Takeaways from Low Carb Breckenridge 2018

In our thirty fourth episode we discuss our top 10 takeaways from Low Carb Breckenridge 2018. Some of our favorites discuss the impact protein has on someone on a low carb diet and how remnant cholesterol seems to be the true indicator of all cause mortality. We highly encourage everyone, given the opportunity, to attend any of the low carb conferences. We left feeling highly motivated and encouraged by all the incredible research that was shared by the speakers! Check out our Meal Prep...


#33: Keto And Crossfit -- Rachel Gregory

In our thirty third episode we talked to Rachel Gregory who conducted the first keto and crossfit study. The study looked at the correlation between doing a keto diet, maintaining performance and loss of body fat. We also talked about her current role in San Diego as she pushes to transform the medical scene into adopting a keto diet and the start of her business and the 21-day challenge. SPONSORS: Ketogenic Baking Co. Code for 10% off: KCONNECT18


#32: Personal and Business Growth with KetoConnect

In our thirty second episode we go into some important personal and business growth concepts. We break down the ideas that have helped us grow as individuals and as a business over the past couple of years, and some examples of how we've executed on them! Meal Prep Course Sponsor: Ketogenic Baking Co. Code for 10% off: KCONNECT18


#31: Achieving Autoimmune Wellness Through Diet -- The Castaway Kitchen

In our thirty first episode, we talk to Cristina Curp, the founder of The Castaway Kitchen. Her food blog is tailored to her eating style so you'll find all kinds of recipes from low carb to keto to paleo and AIP! We talk about what it looks like to start a food blog, sharing personal experiences through social media, and her new cookbook that is now on pre-order, Made Whole. Sponsor: Ketogenic Baking Co. Code: KCONNECT18


#30: Starting An Online Health Business -- Neha Charnalia

In our thirtieth episode we talk to our good friend and the founder of Switch Grocery, Neha Charnalia. Switch Grocery is an online, Canadian retailer for ketogenic, paleo and diabetic friendly products. She shares some incredible insights into what it took to build her, now very successful company, and how she did it! This is also our first in person interview so it gets a little personal! SPONSOR: Ketogenic Baking Co. Coupon: KCONNECT18 for 10% off your order


#29: Treating Medical Conditions with Keto -- Stella and Oscar

In our twenty ninth episode we talk to two individuals, Stella and Oscar, about how they have both used the keto diet to treat their medical conditions. Stella has recovered from her brain condition and is successfully keeping her PCOS symptoms at bay, while Oscar has been able to reverse his type 2 diabetes. Take a listen to hear how they've overcome and the tips they have to offer! Thanks to our sponsor Butcher Box! Code: NORMIES 15


#28: Lessons Learned From Running A Keto Podcast -- Ketogeek

In our twenty eight episode we talk to Fahad, the founder of Ketogeek. Ketogeek provides value in several ways through their energy pods, as well as their podcast where they interview keto experts. We take a look into Fahads life as a seriel entrepreneur, aggressive bio-hacker and as someone who prescribes to the "nutty carnivore" diet! KETOGEEK - Get 20% off your first order with the code KETOCONNECT SPONSORS: Get $15 off and free bacon with...


#27: Tips From A Serial Entrepeneur -- Mike Salguero

In our twenty seventh episode we talk to Mike Salguero, the founder and CEO of Butcher Box. We talk about common traits he finds among successful entrepreneurs, what keeps him motivated to stay dedicated to his work and family a 100% of the time, and how he got Butcher Box off the ground! SPONSORS: Coupon Code: NORMIES15 Get $15 off and Free Bacon!


#26: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes -- Dr. Sarah Hallberg

In our twenty sixth episode we talk to the medical director of Virta Health, Dr. Sarah Hallberg. She specializes in obesity and the reversal of type 2 diabetes and shares a lot of insight on what goes on in our bodies while in a state of ketosis. We talk about the importance of endogenous ketones, cholesterol and her prescriptions to her diabetic patients! Sponsors: BUTCHERBOX: Coupon Code: NORMIES15


#25: Breaking Conventional Thinking -- Maura Vega

In our twenty fifth episode we talk to Maura Vega, aka @fatfueledmom, and get a lot of great insight into her body fat cut, workout style, and nontraditional parenting styles. Her and her husband, Danny Vega, "unschool" their two sons, treating them as equals in the home, and having introduced them to the keto lifestyle early on!


#24: The Importance Of Micro Nutrients On A Keto Diet -- Amber O'Hearn

In our twenty fourth episode we talk to the incredibly knowledgeable, Amber O'Hearn. She has been on a carnivorous diet for the past 8 years and fills her days with research on how to optimize the way we eat. We talk about the RDA guidelines, the role micro nutrients play in our diets and how she has stabilized her mood disorder using a carnivore based diet. Check out her blog: KetoFest 2017 speech


#23: Everything We Learned In 2017

In our twenty third episode we break down the year of 2017 and go into all the things we practiced over the year that helped us the most. We talk, specifically about lifestyle, diet, business/productivity and personal practices that contributed the biggest impact to our growth. We hope these can help you in the year to come! Lifestyle: 1:30 Diet: 14:30 Business/Productivity: 21:45 Personal: 28:40


#22: Superfoods On A Keto Diet -- Sage Dammers of Addictive Wellness

In our twenty second episode we talk Sage Dammers, the co-founder of Addictive Wellness. Addictive Wellness makes one of our favorite low carb products - chocolates with superfoods and mushrooms in them! We dig deep in the realm of mushrooms, sleep and practices to improves your internal and external health.


#21: Danny Vega -- A Guide To Fat Fueled Performance

In our twenty-first episode we talk to personal coach and family man, Danny Vega, also known as ketocounterculture on Instagram. In this podcast Danny shares his views on practicing stoicism, cutting out vegetables from his keto diet and how he interacts with his kids in a different way than most! Check out his families YouTube Channel for some family fun, keto related videos!


#21: Maintenace Mode on a Keto Diet -- Keto Fit With Tiff

In our twentieth episode we talk to a long time follower and Instagramer, Tiffany, also know as KetoFitWithTiff on IG! She uses her platform to show case her incredible weight loss transformation of 185 lbs and motivate others to stay positive on this journey. In our podcast we dig deep into some of her daily practices, her new found love for running and how she uses an intuitive eating approach to maintain her weight loss.


#19: Finding Your Circadian Rhythm -- Stephanie 'Keto' Person

In our nineteenth episode we talk to YouTuber and personal coach, Stephanie Person. She is well versed in the keto way of life, having been on the diet for almost 10 years now. She provides us with some great insights into improving sleep, how males and females differ on a keto diet and how she implements her approach with eating times, macro ratios and eating in sync with her circadian rhythm.


#18: Keto In Context -- Tristan from Primal Edge Health

In our eighteenth episode we talk to Tristan Haggard, aka Primal Edge Health, about his keto approach and journey! He breaks down the ins and outs of sufficient protein on a keto diet, how stress and sleep play a vital role on your gut health, and his family's new book "The Ultimate Guide To Low Carb Baking". He is a wealth of knowledge and a truly down to earth guy, so give this episode a hard listen!


#17: Breaking Records On An All Meat Diet -- Dr. Shawn Baker

In our seventeenth episode we talk to world record holder and carnivore dieter, Dr. Shawn Baker. Dr. Baker has eaten nothing but meat for the past 11 month and sees no foreseeable end to this lifestyle. He sheds some great insight on the common myths of poor nutrient absorption and needing fiber while on a carnivore diet. You may just change that way you see food after this interview! Check out!


#16: Getting Jacked on Keto without Cooking -- Logan Delgado

In our sixteenth episode we talk to Logan Delgado, aka Goodybeats! He has made an incredible keto transformation over the past several years and pretty much has the keto game figured out. He shares insights into eating on a keto diet when you can't cook, finding your motivation for success in and out of the gym, and how to get started in the gym if you're a beginner! Check out his YouTube channel and his website if you're looking for a keto program!


#15: What Dr. Berg Eats In A Day -- Dr. Eric Berg

In our fifteenth episode we talk to Dr. Eric Berg, most famously known for his YouTube channel and being everyones favorite keto guru! In this episode we talk about the incredible benefits of fasting, what it looks and feels like to be fat adapted and his new ice, Kebby's, that has zero sugars and is lactose-free!


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