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Episode 23 - Happy National Coming Out Day!

I had an impromtu sit down chat with Fernando Donaire on this years "National Coming Out Day"! Fernando shares his "coming out" story with us! Congrats to all of you who took the leep and decleared your truth today! And for those of you whom still have not, ITS OK, when the time is right you will know it! You are loved!


We Are Hiring Interns!

If you're located in the Los Angeles area we are looking for interns to join this amazing team! Seeking The Following Social Media Manager Admin Assistant Send resumes' and cover letters to me directly at


Call To Action: The LGBT Stories Facebook Group!

Making a small call to action here for you to come and join us in the uber cool, totally awesome, very private, facebook group for LGBT Stories! The stories that we share on the show are all real and all serious and I know that there are millions, if not billions more of them out there in this great big world! That's why I am working to create more places for people within the LGBTQ community (and those who are our allies) to go to find community. It’s always important for me to have a...


Episode 22 - The Shirtless Violinist

Whats better than a classical violinist or a beautiful shirtless man? Well, I’ll tell ya… how about a beautiful shirtless man who plays the classical violin? Yeah, the imagery, right? Today you’re in luck! Let me introduce you to Matthew. Matthew grew up from a very young age playing the violin and it’s followed him throughout his life, all the way into his 30’s. His violin has been the catalyst to performing in local malls and also to the heartwarming story of how he met his now...


Episode 21 - The Other Side of Saved

Nathan Postlethwait is an extraordinary man, and today you’re going to learn why. Nathan reached out to me a few weeks ago in hopes that he would be able to tell his story on the show. He recently released a blog called The Other Side of Saved that is unexpectedly touching so many people. Nathan is finding that as he opens his life up to the world that he is meeting more and more men that lived through similar things as he did for so many years. In today’s story, you’ll Nathan will tell...


Gays Against Guns Protesting FedEx

I went to Hollywood to the Gays Against Guns protest. The organization is fighting to get FedEx to stop offering the NRA and its member a discount on their goods and services. The entire event was live streamed on our private facebook group that you can request membership to here. Be sure to support LGBT Stories by rating the show wherever you listen to your podcast!


PSA - Are You Suffering?

PSA - Are You Suffering? It’s important that LGBT Stories is an outlet for LGBTQ people of all ages to have a place to reach out for support. While we are not professionals that are qualified to offer advice or direction in your life, we do want to be a resource to help get you safe, supportive, and confidential help. We receive emails and messages on our social media from people all over the world. We invite those of you who are feeling lost, misunderstood, and those of you who might...


Episode 19 - Creating A Movement - Justin Lee

Help Support LGBT Stories! Vist us on Patreon and show your TODAY! Justin Lee, the original founder of The Gay Christian Network, GCN, shares his story of coming to terms with who he is as a gay Christian. Justin is a speaker and author of "Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate". Check out his website for more! Follow Justin On: facebook Twitter Tumblr YouTube Snapchat Instagram Our shows logo was designed and donated to us by...


I Must Apologize!

For all listeners of LGBT Stories! I am sorry for taking so long to release a new episode! I have legit reasons! Watch this episode and find out why and what our next episode is all about! A new episode will be available soon!


Episode 17 - Breaking The Ruhls

EPISODE 17 - BREAKING THE RUHLS ***REVIEW US ON ITUNES TODAY*** In todays episode author Larry Ruhl shares an emotional roller coaster of the story with us. In his story he shares the back-and-forth relationship between his mother and father, the sexual abuse he sadly injured by his father, and horrible verbal abuse from his mother. However, in the end, Larry comes out triumphant! He understands that telling our stories is the one thing that can bring hope an understanding to...


Episode 16 - Dudes With Dogs

In todays episode we take a break from the sad stories we've heard so much on the show to step into the light of the LGBT community with the story of Dudes with Dogs. Chris shares his story of why he started dudes the global group, Dudes With Dogs, and how it is changing the LGBT community! FOLLOW DUDES WITH DOGS! GLOBAL COMMUNITY: LOS ANGELES COMMUNITY: INSTAGRAM: WEBSHOP:...


Episode 15 - The Struggle Of The Gay Mormon

Our guest Trace shares his story of what it was like to grow up in the Mormon church while discoing his sexuality as a young man. He talks about the struggles that he went through within the church, his own family, and internally. Take a listen to Traces story and share your thoughts on one of our social media platforms! We love to hear from you! Don't forget to rate us on iTunes! Instagram Facebook Twitter Join the Audible free subscription today!


Episode 14 - Gay In The Military , Stan Maszczak

Support LGBT Stories on GoFundMe! Just visit and you’ll be able to make your donations there. In this episode we are going to hear the story of a good friend of mine… his name is Stan. For as long as I have known Stan I’ve always known that he was in the Army. Foolishly I never thought about was how it must have been for him to be a gay man in the army. For some reason, it just never crossed my mind. Stan is also a very spiritual man. He has a deeply personal...


Episode 13 - In The End It All Works Out - Sharon Brown, Trans Women of Color

If you’ve been listing to the show from the start you’ve most likely heard episode 4 called The Trans Experience. That episode continues to be one of our top downloaded episodes and is also the episode I get the most feedback on from people all over the world about how much it has helped them in one way or another. With that said, today we will have the chance to hear another story from a transgender women. Today you’ll be listening to Sharon Brown’s story. Sharon is a trans women of...


Episode 12 - Lorri L. Jean

Hi everyone. I want to take a moment to thank all of our listeners. LGBT Stories is growing, and it is growing fast. Honestly its shocking to me. In only 6.5 months we have surpassed 12K downloads on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio. I receive emails from listeners all over the globe thanking us for what we are doing for our community. I want you all to know, each and everyone of you are being heard. Unfortunately I am unable to reply to them all but rest assured, I am working on...


Episode 11 - I Am Bisexual - Michael's Story

The B in LGBT… Bisexual. Today Michael tells a story of what he says is “…being free from any specific way of loving someone”, bi-sexual. In my opinion I believe that bi-sexuality is the most thrown around identifier in the acronym LGBT. It’s the one identifier that society is far more accepting of, when a women identifies as so… its fine, in a way its almost consider “hot, or sexy”. On the other hand, when a man identifies as bi-sexual they get often times labeled as straight up gay (an...


Episode 10 - It Happens To Us Too

In this episode Jo tells us the story of her last relationship and the abuse that she endured throughout it. Jo lives in New Zealand and sought us out because she knows that the world needs to know that domestic abuse does happen in LGBT relationships. Please know that you're not alone. If you are in danger please call National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. Share your story on our show! FACEBOOK TWITTER


Episode 9 - I Am Tulio

A man from Brazil write in to share his story on the show today. Tulio tells a story of the pain he feels living in a homophobic family and how his own brother almost killed him because of it. If you’d like to be apart of something special and tell your coming of age story, coming out story, or anything that you feel is important to the LGBT world we welcome you to the show. Just contact us on facebook at or email us at


Episode 8 - Lets Have A Fefe

YouTube personality Felicia Minor tells her story on our show today. Felicia is a Jamaican drag queen who's take on the world is a bit more colorful than most. While being out and proud on YouTube, Felicia is quite the opposite in her every day-to-day life, with most of her family knowing nothing about her life as a drag queen. Living a life of secrecy can be frightening for just about anyone, LGBT or not. See where secrecy and the emotions that surround it play a part of your life; and...


Episode 7 - Growing Up Gay - Battling My Fathers Oppression

This episode is a story about a young mans struggle to meet the almost impossible expectations of his own father. Christian is young man in his early 20’s and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. He tells a story of deceit, isolation, running from everything and everyone that he knew and loves, to finding his truest self. Lots of LGBT people here in American and quite frankly… around the world find themselves in what seems to be a sense of panic. This undeniable fear that “coming out” as...