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Make Space for Dr. Heather Moorefield-Lang - Episode 37

Dr. Curtis Rogers interviews Dr. Heather Moorefield-Lang about her research and work with makerspaces in libraries. Dr. Moorefield-Lang’s research is focused in technology in education and libraries, specifically honing in on the narratives and uses of technology based tools in those settings. She is the currently the American Association of School Librarian’s Director for Region Four and member of the AASL Board of Directors. Heather continues her work integrating technology in libraries...

Duration: 00:25:37

Taking Root: The Nature Writing of William and Adam Summer of Pomaria – LibraryVoicesSC Episode 36

Dr. Curtis Rogers discusses a new University of South Carolina Press book by Dr. James Kibler, Taking Root: The Nature Writing of William and Adam Summer of Pomaria. William Summer founded the renowned Pomaria Nursery, which thrived from the 1840s to the 1870s in central South Carolina and became the center of a bustling town that today bears its name. The nursery grew into one of the most important American nurseries of the antebellum period, offering wide varieties of fruit trees and...

Duration: 00:31:07

Interview with Fiber Artist Susan Lenz – Episode 35

Dr. Curtis Rogers interviews Susan Lenz about her recent South Carolina State Library installation titled, “Threads: Gathering My Thoughts.” The textile industry had an enormous impact on South Carolina. From the late nineteenth century through most of the twentieth century, the textile industry dominated the state’s manufacturing. In the SC State Library’s exhibit, historical images were used to honor South Carolina’s rich textile legacy and teach how the textile industry shaped cultures,...

Duration: 00:22:54

Clair DeLune and South Carolina Blues – Episode 34

Dr. Curtis Rogers interviews Clair DeLune, author of South Carolina Blues. The history of South Carolina blues is a long, deep—and sometimes painful—story. However, it is a narrative with aspects as compelling as the music itself. Geographical differences in America led to variations in the styles of music that developed from African rhythms. The wet, marshy landscape and hot, muggy weather of the Carolina Lowcountry combined to cultivate not only rice, but a Gullah-based style of South...

Duration: 00:28:23

A Conversation with Kathryn Smith, Author of The Gatekeeper – Episode 33

Dr. Curtis Rogers interviews Kathryn Smith who wrote The Gatekeeper: Missy LeHand, FDR and the Untold Story of the Partnership that Defined a Presidency. This is the first biography of the woman who is arguably the most influential member of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration. The first female presidential secretary in U.S. history, Marguerite Alice “Missy” LeHand has been misrepresented, mischaracterized, and overlooked throughout history…until now. Far more than a secretary,...

Duration: 00:14:16

Robots4Autism Initiative in South Carolina – Episode 32

Dr. Curtis Rogers talks to Dr. Lisa Raiford, Elizabeth Moore, and Josh Findlay from the South Carolina State Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Services about the Robots4Autism Initiative and other assistive technology programs in South Carolina schools. Since 2011, the number of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in South Carolina has nearly doubled from 4000 to over 8000 students in 2017. Recognizing the need to provide an evidence based curriculum for...

Duration: 00:57:51

What is E-Rate with Andrew Epting – Episode 31

Dr. Curtis Rogers discusses the importance of E-Rate service to schools and libraries in South Carolina with Andrew Epting, Program Manager and E-Rate Coordinator for South Carolina. The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation created in 1997 to collect universal service contributions from telecommunications carriers and administer universal support mechanisms (programs) designed to help communities across the country secure access to...

Duration: 00:28:14

Marvin Lare and Champions of Civil and Human Rights in South Carolina – Episode 28

Marvin Lare and Champions of Civil and Human Rights in South Carolina – Episode 28 Dr. Curtis Rogers discusses Volume 1, “Dawn of the Movement Era, 1955-1967” of Champions of Civil and Human Rights in South Carolina with editor, Marvin Lare. Rev. Lare is a retired minister of the United Methodist Church and a veteran administrator of public service projects for the South Carolina Department of Social Services and Community Care, Inc., an interfaith community service organization. His...

Duration: 00:34:01

Let’s Talk About South Carolina Humanities - Conversation with TJ Wallace - Episode 27

Dr. Curtis Rogers talks with TJ Wallace, Assistant Director of South Carolina Humanities, about the Let’s Talk About It book discussion series and many of the other programs and events of the South Carolina Humanities. SC Humanities’ mission is to enrich the cultural and intellectual lives of all South Carolinians. Established in 1973, this 501(c) 3 organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community leaders from throughout the state. It presents and/or...

Duration: 00:27:32

The Solar Eclipse and the Visually Impaired - interview with Cynthia Hall - Episode 26

Dr. Curtis Rogers discusses the training recently held at the South Carolina State Library titled, “The Great American Eclipse 2017: a free workshop for visually impaired individuals and those who work with visually impaired populations.” Cynthia Hall serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geology and is Director of the Lowcountry Hall of Science and Math (LHSM), the education arm of the School of Science and Math at the College of Charleston. She teaches courses in...

Duration: 00:17:16

Richland Library Awarded 2017 IMLS National Medal for Museum and Library Service - Episode 25

Dr. Curtis Rogers discusses the 2017 National Medal for Museum and Library Service awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services with Richland Library’s Executive Director, Melanie Huggins, and Roberta Phillips, Planning and Projects Manager, and Emily Stoll, Community and Media Relations Coordinator. The award honors outstanding libraries and museums that contribute significantly to the wellbeing of their communities. Selected institutions demonstrate extraordinary and...

Duration: 00:18:29

The Importance of Play - Episode 24

Dr. Curtis Rogers talks to Dawn Daria and Paul Miller about Flow Circus, their company that harnesses the power of creative, playful flow to energize, excite, and enliven groups. Founded in 1999, the first ten years of Flow Circus focused on growing a successful juggling education company with an array of performances to promote reading and STEM education as well as hands-on programs for tweens and teens. In recent years, the increasing number of requests from companies and organizations...

Duration: 00:44:29

Tobacco Sun with Lorna Hollifield - Episode 23

Dr. Curtis Rogers sits down with author Lorna Hollifield to discuss her novel, Tobacco Sun. The year is 1947. The war is over, Jackie Robinson has just integrated baseball, and Frank Sinatra breezes in over the fuzzy airwaves. A sense of relief is finally sweeping the nation…everywhere except Tobaccoville, North Carolina. Beyond the rural fields that are pregnant with decades of secrets, a mysterious Hollywood pin-up is jailed for murder while her facially birth marked half-sister may hold...

Duration: 00:27:34

And the Flood Goes On… - Episode 22

Pamela and Katie sit down with Dr. Peter Duffy, head of the Master of Arts in Teaching program and Associate Professor in the Theatre and Dance department of the University of South Carolina, to discuss the play, “And the Flood Goes On…” that was performed for the first time November 4, 2016 at the State Library. The production is an hour-long composite play based on the accounts of South Carolina residents who experienced the flood of 2015 firsthand. This production was part of the State...

Duration: 00:20:06

StoryfestSC with Sophie Blackall and Rita Williams-Garcia - Episode 21

Dr. Curtis Rogers discusses art, writing, history, and libraries with award-winning illustrator Sophie Blackall and award-winning author Rita Williams-Garcia at the 2017 StoryfestSC held in Columbia on Saturday, June 3. Blackall’s editorial illustrations have appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Architectural Digest, Town and Country, Vogue, and Gourmet. She has illustrated over thirty books for children including Ruby’s...

Duration: 00:35:26

Reconstructing South Carolina - Episode 20

In this episode of LibraryVoicesSC, Dr. Curtis Rogers discusses South Carolina in the Civil War and Reconstruction Eras: Essays from the Proceedings of the South Carolina Association with Dr. Fritz Hamer. South Carolina in the Civil War and Reconstruction Eras is an anthology of the most enduring and important scholarly articles about the Civil War and Reconstruction era published in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association. Past officers of the...

Duration: 00:11:52

Do You Know the Road? African-American History with Author Brent Morris - Episode 19

Katie and Curtis sit down with USC Beaufort associate professor and author Brent Morris to discuss his newly-published book, Yes, Lord, I Know the Road: A History of African Americans in South Carolina, 1526-2008, with Documents at May 4th’s Speaker @ the Center. LINKS Brent Morris: About the Book: Speaker @ the Center:

Duration: 00:14:03

Women Speak: Celebrating Women and Art - Episode 18

Pamela and Katie sit down with local artists Amy Loftis Alley, Jessica Dame, Michaela Pilar Brown, Ginny Merett, Alexandra White, and Sandy Knowles to discuss the importance of art, the importance of women & women in art, and women’s issues through an artist’s lens. And in this episode, Katie acts as co-host and guest! Links Jessica Dame: Michaela Pilar Brown: Ginny Merett: “Abstract...

Duration: 00:46:12

Talking writing, libraries, and more with Jacqueline Woodson - Episode 17

Pamela and Andersen talk writing, libraries, and more with the 2017 Arbuthnot Lecture author Jacqueline Woodson. Ever wonder what Jacqueline Woodson would do if she wasn’t a writer? What are some of her childhood memories of libraries? How does she choose names for characters? Listen to find out answers to these questions and more. And remember if you want to be a writer, “just keep writing.” Jacqueline’s website: About the Arbuthnot Lecture:...

Duration: 00:15:53

Listen with purpose. NiA! - Episode 16

Pamela and Katie chat with local artist and advocate Darion McCloud about his current and upcoming projects (and reminisce about some old ones, too). They discuss the NiA Company’s production of Together We Are Making a Poem in Honor of Life, showing this weekend, and reminisce over Pamela and Darion’s days together in the Richland County Library children’s room. Be prepared: After this podcast episode, you’ll be itching to go to the theatre. LINKS: Together We Are Making a Poem in Honor...

Duration: 00:44:59

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