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Life Issues with Brad Mattes is a one-minute daily commentary on life's issues from a religious perspective.

Life Issues with Brad Mattes is a one-minute daily commentary on life's issues from a religious perspective.
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Miamisburg, OH


Life Issues with Brad Mattes is a one-minute daily commentary on life's issues from a religious perspective.






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Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Counseling

What if we could take the ultrasound machine to the pregnant woman contemplating abortion? In over a dozen areas of the nation it’s being done. Image Clear Ultrasound is equipping RVs with an ultrasound machine and retrofitting them with exam rooms. This enables pro-lifers to reach many women who wouldn’t otherwise get their help. The [...]

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Suicide Predator Convicted

William Dinkel had an unhealthy fascination with suicide by hanging—not with his own, but of others. The former Minnesota nurse admitted to visiting online chats to prey on vulnerable people. Posing as a teenage girl, he persuaded two people to kill themselves. He encouraged a young woman girl to kill herself in front of a [...]

Victory in the United Kingdom

Pro-lifers achieved a big victory in England. The High Court of UK ruled against dropping protections for women who take RU 486. The abortion industry wanted to send women home with the abortion pill. Normally they’re required to stay at the abortion mill until the abortion’s completed. Chemical abortions often have serious complications. They’re notorious [...]

Lowering the Price of Life

Euthanasia is legal in Belgium. I’ve often said euthanasia is a slippery slope to other things. Now Belgian doctors in three university hospitals are openly advocating the harvesting of organs from those who are euthanized. We all know there’s a shortage of donor organs. So imagine the incentive for doctors there to convince people with [...]

Treating Unborn With Adult Stem Cells

There continues to be monumental breakthroughs treating patients with adult stem cells—NOT the embryonic kind where human life is killed. This latest discovery is worth mentioning. Doing research on mice, they’ve found they should be able to take a mother’s adult stem cells and treat the illness of her unborn baby. Isn’t that cool?! Scientists [...]

Huge Pro-Life Victory for Women Help Centers

A federal judge has permanently struck down a pro-abortion law passed by the Baltimore City Council. It attacks pro-life help centers by forcing them to put up signs saying they don’t offer abortion services. Many abortion-minded women go into these centers and are educated about abortion and their unborn babies. As a result, many of [...]

Hollywood Boycotts Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin was scheduled to speak about abstinence until marriage on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. This unwed mother and daughter of Sarah Palin knows firsthand about the problems of sex before marriage. But Kate Walsh, a TV celebrity and member of Planned Parenthood, led a student boycott of her talk and [...]

Planned Parenthood Aids Human Trafficking of Teens

By now, hopefully you’ve heard about the many Planned Parenthood abortion mills caught on video aiding an underage sex ring. A woman and man, posing as a prostitute and her boss, filmed their encounters with Planned Parenthood staff. The undercover video showed the staff assisting the human trafficking of teens. They helped them secure secret [...]

Public Attacks Faith-Based Journalist

My pro-life colleagues in Holland do a great job of passing out beautiful plastic models of unborn babies at twelve weeks after conception. The Catholic Bishop agrees and sent one to every member of the Dutch House of Representatives with a letter. One politician called it disgusting, so a Catholic journalist wrote an open letter [...]

IVF Process Often Kills Embryos

In-vitro fertilization is the process of combining sperm and egg in a lab and implanting days-old embryos in the womb. It’s been hailed as a breakthrough for childless couples. Sadly, through the process, embryos considered less healthy are routinely killed. Scientists recently announced many of the two-thirds of IVF embryos who fail to survive, do [...]

Euthanasia for Family Members

In the past I’ve told you about Dignitas, a euthanasia organization in Switzerland. They actually help people legally commit suicide. One segment of people they advocate euthanasia for are those with dementia. Ludwig Minelli, its president, told a Swiss newspaper the family members of people they help kill should also be afforded the right to [...]

Late Term Abortionists Not Rare

Whenever the media talk about late-term abortionists, they make you think only a very few engage in such a grisly business. This simply isn’t true. Any abortion, regardless of how far into pregnancy, is a tragedy. But the reality is late-term abortion impacts the general public more, and pro-abortion members of the media know it. [...]

UN Sex Education from Birth

According to the United Nations, it’s never too early to start talking to children about sex. This includes promoting legal abortion to five-year-olds. It gets worse. It’s all part of a sex education curriculum, inspired by the Kinsley Institute, and includes children from birth to age five. In case you don’t know, Kinsley’s known for [...]

House of Horrors Part Five

This week I’ve told you about a late-term abortion mill in Philadelphia. Conditions were deplorable. The abortionist and staff were arrested and charged with murder of a woman and several babies. Get more details by reading the DA’s Overview of the Grand Jury Report. Visit today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org. Never have [...]

House of Horrors Part Four

It wasn’t until after the media called a grisly late-term abortion mill a “house of horrors” that it was shut down and Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist, and his staff were charged with murder. At least two women died, and reportedly hundreds of babies survived the abortion only to be brutally killed afterward. How could this [...]

House of Horrors Part Three

This week I’ve been telling you about what some media have called the “house of horrors” a ghastly late-term abortion mill in Philadelphia. The abortionist and staff were charged with several counts of murder. How could this happen? The Pennsylvania Department of Health stopped inspecting abortion mills when pro-abortion Governor Tom Ridge was elected. The [...]

House of Horrors Part Two

Yesterday I told you about late-term abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, arrested without bail for the murder of one woman and seven born-alive babies. Conditions in the mill were ghastly. The district attorney estimates Gosnell made two-million dollars in one year. A search of his home revealed a quarter-million in cash and a gun hidden in his [...]

House of Horrors

If children are present you may want to shield their ears. The media called it the “house of horrors.” The late-term abortion mill of Kermit Gosnell was raided last year for selling pain prescriptions. But the FBI was shocked by what else they found. Filthy conditions with sick, flea-ridden cats. Untrained staff administered powerful and [...]


Treating infertility has become big business and biotech companies have made an industry out of recruiting young women to donate their eggs. What isn’t well-known, however, are the sometimes-serious physical consequences for donors. A shortage of eggs has placed vulnerable women in the path of the stampede to fill the demand. A new film called [...]

D on Report Card is Great News

If you ever got a D on homework or a report card, you probably weren’t too happy. Well, you recently got a D on your report card on life—and you should be thrilled! NARAL, a radical pro-abortion organization, has given the US a D grade for its efforts in protecting unborn babies and their mothers [...]
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