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Life Nomading Podcast explores the many different aspects of pursuing what it is you love to do in life. Whether it be travel, working remotely, adventuring or starting your own business, this podcast is here to help you. Host and avid passion seeker Ian Hoyt brings in guests who have been successful in their pursuit towards passion, and he sits down with them to have real unfiltered talks about what it takes to live a nomadic lifestyle. Ian is a private pilot, life nomad, creative marketer and blogger who has devoted his life to exploring different lifestyles and adventures. From what he has learned and what his guest are eager to share, this podcast will help you break the shackles of a boring job and life and instead pursue what it is you love.




LN 007: A PSA to You

It's been one hell of a long time since I last uploaded a new podcast episode. It takes a lot of time and a lot of dedication to keep a podcast going. But recently I have changed my train of mind and now am creating Life Nomading stuff like a mad man. Audio, video, and articles (even a book). You name it, I'm really enjoying putting in the time and hard work to bring as much value as I can to you all. This episode is a short rant from yours truly about exactly that. I say I was drinking...

LN 005: Finding What Works with David Sherry from Death to the Stock Photo

David Sherry is a friend and someone I have looked up to in the creative business space for the past year. Funny thing is, I would have never thought I would have had the chance to pick his brainabout the creative world. David is the co-founder of a startup called Death to the Stock Photo, whichcreates monthly freephoto packs for use by creatives who need to make their website, blog articles, books, or marketing materialslook great with visual deliciousness. In this episode, David and I...