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Like a Mother, with Emma Johnson

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You''re told we can have it all, but we're still trying to figure it all out. Built on the popular blog, Emma digs into the paradoxes of women, work, family, relationships, sex, parenting, career and money. You know: Everything you're talking about (and some stuff you're not talking about, but wish you were).

You''re told we can have it all, but we're still trying to figure it all out. Built on the popular blog, Emma digs into the paradoxes of women, work, family, relationships, sex, parenting, career and money. You know: Everything you're talking about (and some stuff you're not talking about, but wish you were).
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New York City, NY


You''re told we can have it all, but we're still trying to figure it all out. Built on the popular blog, Emma digs into the paradoxes of women, work, family, relationships, sex, parenting, career and money. You know: Everything you're talking about (and some stuff you're not talking about, but wish you were).






Why shared parenting is so great for MOMS!

Shared parenting is a critical issue for children, who suffer from absentee fathers in alarming figures, as well as men, who are automatically reduced to paychecks and an afterthought in family life. Shared parenting is critical for women, too, as involved co-parents, both inside and outside of marriage, mean women have far more support at home, which allows us to thrive as parents, as well as professionals and earners. After all, we can’t be equals at work, if men are not equals at home.

Duration: 00:42:51

"My husband was raping our daughter."

Tiffany Horsely is a Kansas nurse, mom of three, and she has no shame about sharing that her ex husband molested and raped for more than four years their oldest daughter, Robyn. At age 17, depressed and despondent, Robyn found the courage to tell her friend, and eventually her mom, and the police the truth. Together they went through the horror that sexual assault trials are known to be, the loss of a father, and marriage, and pushed forward through grief and on to healing. What's more,...

Duration: 01:02:54

Mama Gena, her new book PUSSY: A Reclamation, and the power of PJ

Wow, this interview was so, so amazing. Regena Thomashauser, aka Mama Gena, is truly a renegade pioneer of feminism and female sexuality (is that redundant?). Through her in-person and online workshops called Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts, and books by the same name, including (to-be-released in September) Pussy: A Reclamation, Thomashauser offers a fascinating history on the power of female sensuality and sexuality, biology lessons on female anatomy and the possibilities (and fruits...

Duration: 00:45:52

Fighting with your kids’ dad about holiday schedule? Do this ….

The holidays are so hard for divorced and separated families. They just are. Especially if you are new to sharing the kids on the holidays. You are grieving what you thought your family would look like. What you hoped and expected your family would look like. And so much of that image is wrapped up in special occasions like holidays — holidays informed by magazines, movies, Hallmark and William Sonoma ads — not to mention social media and your own memories from your childhood (whether you...

Duration: 00:05:43

Free-Range Kids' Lenore Skenazy: "Kids are over-parented and here's the answer"

For the past 10 years Free-Range Kids' Lenore Skenazy, New York City journalist and mom of two, has been taking one for the team. The Free-Range Kids author and blog founder has been on a one-woman mission to give kids back the freedom and autonomy they need to grow into self-actualized adults. I can't get enough of every single thing she has to say, including stats like: Crime is back to the level it was when gas cost 29 cents a gallonthe Christian Science MonitorCrime is back to the...

Duration: 00:49:59

Kickass Single Mom: Sexuality educator Vanessa Osage

I chose this month's grant winner because her mission is so very apropos of this chapter of women's empowerment. The Harvey Weinstein accusers, and the web of silent compliance around this powerful man is really just the result of millennia of women's pent up silent suffering, marginalization, and separation from their sexual power. Weinstein is just the tip of this iceberg, and it is a painful process for the change that must — and is — happening. I have had some private conversations...

Duration: 00:26:25

Tiffany the Budgetnista: The financial industry discriminated so she started a revolution

This interview is a from the archives, and my admiration for Tiffany Aliche grows. We have become friends and she recently hosted me in her Live Richer Academy, which is part of her seven-figure business that has grown to include more than 300,000 women. I am constantly inspired by Aliche's passion, business brilliance and true activism to change the world. +++ Man, I love Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche. The financial educator was really really ticked off that the financial industry...

Duration: 00:38:37

Women invest too little, and how to get started investing — easy

Women are really bad about investing. Statistically, we are less likely to invest, and more likely to invest less than we should. While there are some great studies that show that women are actually BETTER at investing than men, we still have a long way to go. In this Like a Mother episode, my single mom entrepreneur friend Shannon McLay, founder and CEO of The Financial Gym, explains step-by-step how women can get over their investing and saving hangups, and get started with a financial...

Duration: 00:41:20

Single Mom Tanai Benard: Helping Hurricane Harvey victims

Tanai Bernard was famous for her blog Four Deep Around the World, in which she chronicled living in the Middle East with her three kids, teaching school, and traveling the globe. Today she is stateside, teaching and raising her kids in Houston. When Hurricane Harvey struck, she and her family took refuge at her mother's Dallas home. But news of devestation in her hometown of Beaumont, Texas brought back memories of her own loss during Hurricane Rita in 2005. "To watch people you knew (on...

Duration: 00:35:49

Naama Bloom: Periods, panty crusty and other puberty realities girls need to hear

Naama Bloom is best know as the founder of HelloFlo, the mail-order feminine product platform that shot to viral fame with its hilarious videos like 'Camp Gyno,' 'First Moon Party,' and 'A Vistit from Aunt Flo.' On one hand, we should all be so grateful that Bloom and her startup got us talking, laughing, learning and sharing about our bodies in a healthy way. On the other? It was 2014, and shouldn't we be beyond all that? But we weren't, and Bloom helped us get there, and forever she'll...

Duration: 00:33:49

"Having kids inspired me take bigger risks and achieve in my career," Jeanie Ahn

I recently met Jeanie Ahn at Yahoo! Finance, where she interviewed me for her show "The Payoff" (catch it on book launch day: Oct. 17!). Afterwards, we chatted about New York City schools, motherhood and work. Some of her comments struck me as remarkable and universal, and worthy of a whole podcast episode. In this Like a Mother episode, we hear from Ahn:

Duration: 00:36:19

Sarah Shaw: "I made millions because I never took 'no' for an answer"

Sarah Shaw is a normal woman — Colorado single mom of two — who has spent her career dressing, collaborating and selling fabulous handbags to the most famous people in the world. Her secret? "I never take no for an answer." Career highlights, that you'll hear about in this Like a Mother episode: Worked in the film biz after college for 11 years as a costume supervisor. Started two costume companies, that did huge manufacturing jobs for the movies like "Wind Talkers," "Matrix 2&3,"...

Duration: 00:47:59

Kickass Single Mom: Entrepreneur works for global gender equity

Coming out of her own marriage, Erin Williamson, 39, of Seattle, realized that because she did not have equal income in her marriage, she did not share equal power. So she set out not only to change her own financial autonomy, but committed to ensuring that women around the globe also have equal access to financial capital — typically for work they are already doing, but are not paid for. "Direct access to money can mean power, freedom, choice, and for those being oppressed by domestic...

Duration: 00:41:10

How working mom guilt holds you back in career, money and life

Have you ever heard a man say he feels guilty for going to work? [har har har] However, I guarantee you have felt guilty as woman for working. Whether or not you are a mom, caregiver, mom to a fur baby. Single or married, gay or straight. The message is the same to all of us about who you should be as woman: Married to a rich guy, 2.2 kids, and a house. Even if your own upbringing was progressive. Even if we almost had a woman in the White House. Even though women are the majority of...

Duration: 00:38:59

Single mom was sick of office sexism, so started an org to fight back

Alaina Shearer faced sexism throughout her media career. In her early radio jobs, male co-hosts complained when she didn't laugh at their sexist jokes. Then she was fired without cause. In an interview, a hiring manager at a big radio station asked if she planned to get pregnant soon. Why? Because pregnant hosts got great ratings, he said. The big boss at a marketing agency came on to her — then asked via email that she stay silent. HR did nothing — despite the documented transgression...

Duration: 00:45:49

Kickass Grant Winner: Caring for women by growing a beauty business

The Kickass Single Mom Grant is now six months old, and as it has grown, has featured women with blatantly activist missions: Give books to kids in need, promote healthy births and nursing to minority women, support a formerly homeless mom building a new life. But being kickass, and being an activist, can come in man forms — often quieter and more private. That is what drew me to Teri Teves, a Portland, Ore., single mom of one, who switched careers from advertising to cosmetology,...

Duration: 00:28:27

Molly Ward: Helping affluent single women overcome money fears

Yes, it is true: Rich women have issues, too. Molly Ward, CFP, should know. One of the most successful financial advisors in the country and a single mom, Molly is one of those rich single women. Molly was raised in one of the most affluent families of Houston, the granddaughter of the CEO of a Fortune 500 country, whose Depression Era work ethic and humble values Molly assumed — even if she was expected to be a housewife and stay-at-home mom. Fast-forward to today, and Molly is just...

Duration: 00:33:14

How she did it: 35, single and 6 months pregnant

Dr. Susan O'Malley is pretty awesome. With her thick New York accent, this lifelong underachiever, secretary with no more than a high school diploma, set out at age 30 to become a physician. She did it. In this interview, I interview this amazing, charming woman who did not let her age, marital or family status or the zillions of naysayers hold her back from her mid-life dream of medicine. Dr. Susan O'Malley shares about: Sonas Med Spa Listen to her gush about the 15-year romance...

Duration: 00:47:03

Arianna Huffington on sleep, ego, wellness and single motherhood

Really excited about this episode! Media mogul, political pundit, single mom and Forbes' 'Most Powerful Woman,' Arianna Huffington joins me on this awesome episode to talk about her New York Times bestselling book, The Sleep Revolution: Transform Your Life, One Night At A Time. After the show, Arianna emailed to say our conversation "felt like talking to an old friend" — and I agree. In this Like a Mother episode, the Huffington Post co-founder and editor-in-chief and I dish about: now

Duration: 00:38:32

Kickass Single Mom Grant: A doula for low-income new mothers

When Tiara Caldwell gave birth to her twins, she was distraught when hospital staff kept the newborns from her for more than 11 hours. Nurses assumed that she didn't want to nurse. She felt she was discriminated against because she is African American, and she was a young mom. "They assumed that because of my age and race, I wouldn't want to nurse," she said. Caldwell, now 28, had her fight daughter at 19, and twins three years later, used her anger and heartbreak over the negatives in...

Duration: 00:31:52

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