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with the cast and crew of the Rocky Horror Show!

I went backstage at the Paper Wing Theatre in Pacific Grove and interviewed the cast of Rocky Horror! Check out the interview and then go check out their show!

Duration: 00:38:30

...about Kingsmen, TV Shows, Baseball, Tom Petty, and More!

Recorded Friday, October 6, 2017. I talk about movies and TV I've been enjoying, Matt Cain, fantasy football, and Tom Petty. Also, I tell stories from the road, and implore you to avoid bad music!

Duration: 00:28:52

...about Marvel vs. DC, Why No Politics? and more!

Due to an unfortunate recorder malfunction, the podcast I'd originally recorded didn't save. So instead I decided to answer some of your questions! I discuss why there's no political/current event talk on my show, Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics, some wrestling questions, and talk a little Star Wars!

Duration: 00:33:52

...With Michael Lewis about the NFL!

This week, I sat and talked with Mike Lewis about football, the NFL's policies, Colin Kaepernick, and more! This was recorded the Saturday before the Week 2 games, so our analysis here is based mostly on Week 1 and the preseason. Don't forget to send me your feedback at @ryanricoLTMT on Twitter and!

Duration: 01:21:25

...With Mary Green About Dating, Popstars, and Game of Thrones!

This week, I sat down with Mary Green! We talked about music, dating, grocery stores, and Game of Thrones! Plus she recommends that we all check out Frontier Outerwear at

Duration: 01:08:17

...With Becca Miller About Music and Other Stuff!

Listen To Me Talk....With Becca Miller and M'Kalah Conley about Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Vampires, and other stuff!

Duration: 00:58:38

...With Juan Ramirez about WWE!

Listen To Me Talk....With Juan Ramirez about WWE Summerslam and the fallout from the event. Also, quick thoughts on Mayweather/McGregor!

Duration: 01:59:47

...About Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall! (With M'Kalah Conley)

Listen To Me Talk....About Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall! I sat down with M'Kalah Conley to dissect the latest episode of Game of Thrones! SPOILERS abound, so don't listen unless you've watched Season 7, Episode 6!

Duration: 00:39:18

Listen To Me Talk....And Answer Some Questions!

It's "Ask Me Anything" time on LTMT! I took your questions and answered them to the best of my ability! Plus the Podcast Premiere of Ariel Endure's latest track, "Grace Under Fire"!

Duration: 00:36:09

...With Roger Chin About Movies and TV Part 2

Listen To Me Talk....With Roger Chin about movies and TV! This episode we talk about why some of the 2017 summer blockbuster movies failed, white-washing and race-swapping in Hollywood, to swear or not to swear, and more! ***Some Explicit Language, Viewer Discretion is advised****

Duration: 03:10:16

...With Roger Chin about Movies, Part One

Listen To Me Talk....With Roger Chin About Movies! In part one of the two part conversation I had with Roger Chin, we discuss the origins of our friendship and blockbuster movies from summers gone by!

Duration: 00:28:10