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Timely Tax Advice for Those Who Are Thinking About the Future

There have been some significant changes in tax laws recently and that could spell opportunity for those who are paying attention. For some folks, it could mean an extra $3,000 to $10,000 in extra tax savings for the next 3 years. That's money that they would have likely paid in taxes had these latest tax reforms not happened. This means that a window of opportunity will be open for a short season and they'll have an opportunity to put that money to work safely earning predictable rates of...


Why Some Folks Don’t Fear Stock Market Volatility

It's no secret that the stock market has been doing a pretty good impression of a whipsaw lately. Even though it's been nearly 10 years since we saw the last big correction, a fair amount of folks are getting nervous that another is coming. In today's episode, Doug Andrew explains how he and his clients have found peace of mind and sometimes even reason to celebrate in times of market volatility. It's not about out-guessing the market, it's a matter of knowing the right strategies and...


A Tax-free Retirement and Other Reasons You Won’t Want to Kick Yourself

We've all had occasions where we've wanted to kick ourselves over some missed opportunity. One place where that kind of regret can be especially costly is when we reach retirement. It today's broadcast, Doug will discuss some timely advice regarding the new tax law and a window of opportunity that has opened. He also outlines the case for a tax-free retirement and why it's something that merits serious consideration. If regret is not your thing, you'll find a lot to think about in Doug's...


Discover Abundance by Escaping the Scarcity Spiral and the Tax Trap

As much as we'd like to believe that abundance requires zero effort, the reality is that there are a number of things that arise in life that can prevent us from enjoying it. One of those things is the scarcity spiral and another is the tax trap. The key to overcoming these diversions starts with understanding what they are and then consciously taking steps to avoid them. In today's episode, Doug offers proven principles that lead to the kind of abundant life we're seeking now and in the...


Why Some Folks Cheer Rather Than Fear the Stock Market Whipsaw

If you've been paying attention to the stock market, you can appreciate how its behavior can sometimes be likened to a whipsaw. We've seen market volatility lately and it's expected to continue into the foreseeable future. Instead of viewing this ongoing volatility with a sense of dread, what if you could find reasons to cheer about it? The people who aren't intimidated by these market fluctuations are the folks who know that, no matter what the market is doing, their money is still safe....


Navigating Your Way Out of Unacceptable Detours and Dead Ends

Each of us faces the possibility of what success coach Dan Sullivan refers to as unacceptable regrets. It's helpful to sit down occasionally and determine those regrets we'd absolutely not want to have to face. The beauty of this approach is that it can apply to many areas of our lives. Doug Andrew has taken this idea and expanded it to create a tool that can help us to avoid unacceptable detours and dead ends in our financial wellbeing. Taking the time to list out those things we wish to...


Solving the Tax Dilemma All Americans Face

All Americans face a tax dilemma. It doesn't matter what income bracket you're in, there are unnecessary taxes that each of us can end up paying inadvertently. The reason most people face this dilemma is a simple lack of knowledge. In today's broadcast, Doug Andrew shares essential insights for identifying the problem at hand as well as examples of people who have incorporated proven solutions. Here's your opportunity to draw upon Doug's 40 plus years of experience as a tax strategist to...


Finding Solutions for a Secure Retirement

Among the many tools Doug Andrew uses to help his clients live abundantly is one he calls his solution formulator. One of the key things when you want to come up with a financial solution for a secure retirement is to have a clear picture of what you want at the end of the day. For those who understand the elements of a prudent investment, this would include several non-negotiable items. In this episode, Doug explains what those items are and why they matter. Here's a snapshot of the...


Discovering Greater Abundance Within the Better Life Circle

How helpful would it be to be able to harness the good in every experience that comes your way? Just because an experience wasn't what we wanted, doesn't mean that it can't serve a valuable purpose in our personal education. As part of his weekly goal to share his favorite tools with his listeners, Doug Andrew introduces us to the Better Life Circle and explains how it can bring opportunities to grow and improve into all of our experiences. In this episode, you'll also learn why bad...


Activating Your Goals For the Coming Year

Each week on his Abundant Living broadcast, Doug Andrew is sharing tools that can help each of us live more abundantly. This week, Doug shares a number of insights on how to activate our goals for the new year. There's a world of difference between what Doug calls SMART goals and run-of-the-mill goals. In this episode, you'll learn why specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals are your best bet to making genuine progress in your question for abundant living. Here's a...


Rounding Out Your Personal Toolbox for Building a Brighter Future

As our thoughts turn to what lies ahead in the coming year, Doug Andrew is providing his listeners with serious tools to aid them in their efforts to live abundantly. Typically, what holds us back from an abundant life is a lack of knowledge in one or more crucial areas. The tools that Doug is sharing this week are ones he has gained through personal experience and through his association with internationally recognized mentors like success coach Dan Sullivan. Whether you use these tools...


Avoiding Common Retirement Predicaments

Doug Andrew has helped thousands of people get on course for a brighter financial future, over the past 45 years. Among the many questions he's been asked over the years are how to avoid becoming trapped in various retirement dilemmas. Often, what's being asked is about whether or not they should continue to participate in a type of savings plan such as a 401(k) or IRA. When your entire retirement is riding on how to answer that question, you can understand why people take this so...


Finding Abundance In the 3 Dimensions of Authentic Wealth

Few, if any of us, would turn down the opportunity to be healthy, wealthy and wise. So, why don't more people make these a top priority? What's holding us back from the abundant life we want is usually a lack of knowledge in one or more areas. That's why Doug Andrew will be providing the listeners of this broadcast with an abundance tool each week for the coming year. These are powerful tools and concepts that are game-changers for those who understand and implement them in their...


The Importance of Stress-Testing Your Financial Plans

After 4 and a half decades in the financial industry, Doug Andrew has developed what he refers to as the LASER Test to help his clients determine whether their portfolio is on solid ground. LASER is an acronym for Liquid Assets Safely Earning Returns. Any time Doug looks at a potential investment, he wants to know if it is liquid, if it is safe and if it can be counted on to earn predictable rates of return. If a particular savings vehicle can't pass the LASER test, that's a strong...


Solid Solutions for Your 401(k)/IRA Dilemma

Over the past 4 decades, one of the more common questions that Doug encounters from his clients and students is this one: What should I do about my 401(k) or IRA dilemma? In most cases, what they're asking is whether or not they should continue to participate in this type of savings plan. Considering that, for many people, their retirement is riding on that question, you can understand why this is a fairly weighty decision. It this episode, Doug outlines the challenges posed by saving for...


The LASER Test Can Tell You How Well You’re Prepared for the Future

One of the big questions on a lot of people's minds today is what we can expect from our financial markets in the days ahead. Doug is often asked about this by various news journals. He explains that it's possible to stress-test a person's portfolio--the vehicles in which their are accumulating their wealth--by using what he calls the LASER test. In a nutshell, this acronym refers to Liquid Assets Safely Earning predictable rates of Return. If you haven't applied this test to how you're...


Optimizing, Minimizing and Empowering Your Way to the Future

If you're serious about optimizing your financial assets, minimizing unnecessary taxes and empowering your authentic wealth, you're in luck. In today's broadcast, Doug reveals a few of his preferred financial instruments or vehicles by which you can safely arrive at the brighter future you're planning for and working towards. One of the biggest takeaways from today's show is that your finances are just one aspect of your authentic wealth. Once you understand this, you're a lot less likely...


Whether Tax Reform Happens or Not, Here’s What You Should Be Doing

There's a lot of talk right now about the president's proposed tax reform measures. Whether all of these proposals, just a portion or none of them are eventually enacted, there are some things you should understand. Tax reform can be very difficult to get through Congress and even when it is enacted, it's not a permanent fixture. We saw this with Reagan's Tax Reform Act back in 1986. This means that you need to be setting up your serious money for the future in such a way that its...


Choosing the Right Financial Vehicle to Carry You to Retirement

Over the past 45 years, some of the common desires of the people with whom Doug Andrew has interacted have been optimizing their financial assets, minimizing unnecessary taxes and empowering their authentic wealth. In today's episode, Doug shares some of his favorite financial instruments or vehicles by which a person can safely arrive at the brighter future for which they're planning. If you've been thinking about your serious cash, in other words, the money you're setting aside for very...


5 Ways to Make the Most of Opportunity

Whether his audience consists of young people or adults, Doug Andrew has spent a lot of time teaching others about how to organize their lives to where their opportunities outweigh their capabilities. Sometimes, we miss out on a good thing simple because we didn't fully recognize the opportunity that was before us. It's essential that each of us have the ability to filter the opportunities in our lives. Just because it's an opportunity doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good one. Some of...


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