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Preserving Longevity Through Telomeres - with Special Guest Dr. Bill Andrews - Ep 12

On this episode, we’re featuring a special RAAD Fest discussion from last year between Dr. Gladden and Dr. Bill Andrews, one of the leading scientists in telomere research. Dr. Andrews explains how telomeres work and how the length impacts your life expectancy. Put simply, longer telomeres are always good, and the shortening of them is always associated with disease and cell death. Dr. Andrews mentions the book, The Telomere Effect by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel,...


Your True Age - Episode 11

On this episode, Mark and Dr. Gladden discuss the many ways your true biological age can be determined, your longevity possibly predicted – and what you can do to improve these factors. Mark talks about his experience with an ozone therapy machine and Vasper at Dr. Gladden’s clinic. Gladden explains the benefits of ozone in the body and how the therapy works, including increasing a molecule called NAD, which allows the cells to make more ATP. Telomeres are the “timekeepers” for the cell,...


Improving Sexual Health for Men - Episode 10

On this episode that focuses on men’s sexual health, Dr. Gladden, Mark and Robb explore the importance of sexual health on body, mind and longevity. Statistically, people who have more sex live longer, and your ability to perform sexually is a great barometer of the health of your cardiovascular and nervous systems. They discuss some of chemical responses in the body that occur before, during and after sex, including the release of nitric oxide and oxytocin. There are many ways we can...


How to Exercise for Longevity - Episode 9

First and foremost, it’s crucial to envision that you’ll still be able to do athletic activities when you’re into your 80s, 90s and beyond. Dr. Gladden explains that he’s getting older chronologically, but he’s getting younger physiologically – and he speaks on his mindset that sets him up for success. The Doctor recommends getting a cardio pulmonary stress test before starting a new exercise plan, to avoid injury or catastrophic health problems like a heart attack. Another test that...


What Your Doctor Should Tell You – Episode 8

This week’s episode focuses on the difference between what your doctor’s visit should sound like versus the few minutes the average doctor spends with a patient. Dr. Gladden explains why these short visits prevail in the current health care system, and they discuss how you need to change your mindset about who is responsible for keeping you healthy. They talk about the dangers of NSAIDs and a how most people use them. When anti-inflammatory drugs are used regularly, the root cause of the...


Making Resolutions You Can Keep – Episode 7

As 2018 begins, there are things to keep in mind as you set goals for improving health and happiness. New Year’s resolutions need to be measurable and have a timetable. Also, we need to create good habits to be able to achieve these goals. Fostering small, good habits set you up for greatness and also give you faster feedback on how well you’re doing. As people dive into new diets at the start of the year, Dr. Gladden and Mark talk about how no diet is a perfect fit for everyone. You need...


Immunity and Aging – An Interview with Dr. Gregory Fahy – Episode 6

Dr. Gregory Fahy is a cryobiologist and biogerontologist. He’s credited with a many of the breakthroughs in cryopreservation, and he has been working on finding new ways to use already-approved drugs. Fahy talks about his work with human growth hormone (HGH) and shares the highlights of the results of his first human trials with it. He talks about what happens around age 62-65 for most people that rapidly increases chances of death. Fahy urges people interested in longevity to pay...


The Future of Longevity Research – an Interview with Dr. Aubrey de Grey – Episode 5

Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a biological gerontologist on a crusade to defeat aging. He thinks we are within a couple of decades of rejuvenation medicine capable of adding another 30 years to human lifespan, proposing that the first person to live to 1,000 years old may already be alive today. In the field of longevity science, there are a few roadblocks, but the biggest one is funding. They discuss why it isn’t a higher priority for average people to further this research. Mark and Dr. de...


The Power of Thinking Longevity is Possible – an Interview with Dan Sullivan – Episode 4

Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach® program is how Mark and Dr. Gladden met, and Sullivan describes how he came to imagine a different kind of longevity than most people. He talks about how just thinking differently about the possibilities and changing his mindset about aging has helped him feel better and more capable of achieving his goal of living to 156. In Strategic Coach, Sullivan says, “Your eyes only see and your ears only hear what your brain is looking for,” which applies directly...


A Learner’s Mindset – Episode 3

One of the biggest challenge to living longer is getting over the accepted idea that people can’t live well much longer than they do now. Just because we haven’t seen it with our own eyes does not mean it’s impossible. We must take the first step to ask the right questions rather than being confined by our own experiences. Mark talks about what some researches have concluded about a change that happened in the history of humans that may have caused a dramatic change in average...


Where Do I Start Living Beyond 120? - Episode 2

Living beyond 120 years doesn’t mean just flipping a switch, but it requires a slow on-ramp of changing your habits. However, this journey should start today at whatever condition your body is currently in. Diet and exercise isn’t a one-size fits-all prescription for every person, as genetics play an important role in how your body processes certain foods and responds to different physical activity. Precision is the key to real health optimization. When it comes to eating well, we need...


What Does Living Beyond 120 Really Mean? – Episode 1

Where does the goal of 120 years come from? What does it really mean to live that long? Host Mark Young and longevity expert Dr. Jeffrey Gladden explain the basics of what people need to extend their health span farther than most people ever realize is possible. They consider the evidence that proves what the body is capable of and the “astronaut mindset” that we need to achieve it. Dr. Gladden explains the impact of our genes and how much you can control the fate of your own health,...


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