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Episode 5: Post-Production Overview

This episode I am back with my friend Warren to give listeners a look at the wild world of post-production! While many people view post-production as merely the alterations they do in photo editors, there are a few critical steps we go over that truly encompass what post-production is, and why it is so important to have a consistent workflow. Social media handles: Tyler: Instagram - @tyztv , 500px - @tyztv2 Warren: Instagram, Twitter - @MrWarrenCarr Thanks for listening!


Episode 4: Time-lapses

This time on the podcast I have my good friend Warren joining me! Overall, we discuss time-lapse photography, some helpful tips regarding the tools you need, how to prepare the photos, and software you may want to use. As a side note, please bear with us as we go off on the occasional tangent! Thanks for listening.


Episode 3: Shutter Speed

This episode is a solo venture for me, where I go over shutter speed info and techniques as well as a little talk about why you should be shooting with RAW files. Techniques such as long exposure, light painting, and panning are discussed. In the RAW section in the beginning, the idea of lossless files vs lossy files are talked about as well. Thanks for listening.


Episode 2: Lenses and Aperture

Episode 2 finds us talking about lens basics, how aperture effects a picture, and the concept of depth of field. We discuss a few more topics briefly, such as dynamic range, manual focusing and sensor size at the beginning, but lenses have the spotlight here. Thanks for listening.


Episode 1: Intro to Photography

This is our first episode of a series based around photography as a whole. In this episode, we discuss a little bit about our backgrounds, why we love photography and some advice to people who may be interested in learning more about this visual arts medium. As this is our first time doing this, we may be pretty rough around the edges, as no editing was done and we have no experience in podcasting. Hopefully our passion for photography helps or interests others who come across this...