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A show created to inform listeners on the important aspects of health, wealth and happiness to ensure you live life to its fullest. Your host, Jason Hartman, interviews top notch authors and gurus in the field to reveal expert advice. Guest include: Dr. Charles Tandy, David Ewing Duncan, Dr. Joseph Maroon, Dr. Edmund Chein, Dr. Michael Mosley, Matt Fitzgerald, Dr. Norman Shealy, Ari Tulla, Budge Collinson, Luis Tijerina, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Brett Osborn, Ted Anton, Patrick Cox, Jenny Craig, and many more.




LS 128 – Get Your Dietary Dose of Omega-3 with Stuart Tomc

Stuart Tomc has over 20 years of experience in the field of Nutritional Medicine and is an expert on evidenced-based dietary supplements. He has also traveled all over the world to teach others about his findings for over 10 years. Stuart talks to us about food imbalances, the importance of omega-3s, and more. Key Takeaways: 4:50 – The fat you eat may determine what kinds of food you seek out. 7:55 – We have a huge food imbalance in our culture. Stuart explains in this segment how you can...

Duration: 00:29:36

LS 127 - Tracking Your Fat Loss with Your Breath with Dr. Joe Anderson

You can track your weight loss the usual way, stepping on the scale every day or week, and wondering whether you've lost fat, gained muscle, or just lost water weight. LEVL is working to change that, however, with their new device that tracks fat loss through your breath. Dr. Joe Anderson is clinical scientist at LEVL, and is one of a few breath science leaders in the world. He has led the development of breath protocols, performed clinical trials, and structured the science and physiology...

Duration: 00:35:19

LS 126 - A Drug Free World with Keith Code

Keith Code is a former motorcycle racer, writer, and founder of the California Superbike School. He is one of the best known and most successful on-track motorcycle instructors in the world. Code recently became an ambassador for The Foundation for a Drug Free World. He joins the show to discuss how prevalent drug use is in schools and in adulthood and shares some of the drugs people are experiments with these days. Drug residues can remain in the body for years after a drug is taken. Code...

Duration: 00:25:09

LS 125 - Getting Younger Through Blood with Dr. Jesse Karmazin

A simple blood plasma transfusion might be just the thing for making you feel younger, stronger, and live a longer life. Dr. Jesse Karmazin is the founder of Ambrosia Plasma, and his company specializes in rejuvenating their patients with the blood of younger donors. Fernando digs into the science behind Ambrosia Plasma, the business model, the costs, and who it would really work for. Key Takeaways: [2:22] Transferring studies from mice to men [6:18] Where the blood Ambrosia Plasma uses...

Duration: 00:27:45

LS 124 - GMOs: Putting Our Families and Environment at Risk with Dr Sheldon Krimsky

Dr. Sheldon Krimsky is professor of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning in the School of Arts & Sciences and Adjunct Professor in Public Health and Family Medicine in the School of Medicine at Tufts University. He received his bachelors and masters degrees in physics from Brooklyn College, CUNY and Purdue University respectively, and a masters and doctorate in philosophy at Boston University. Professor Krimsky’s research has focused on the linkages between science/technology,...

Duration: 00:22:21

LS 123 - The Alkaline Way with Dr Russ Jaffe

Dr. Jaffe started his career looking for the ultimate insights in mechanisms of health. His goal was to debunk the best known advocates of a variety of health promotion and healing systems. But, as he tried to disprove holistic forms of care, he began to realize there just might be something there. Eventually he became a believer, a student and then researcher in such areas a Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, active meditation, homeopathy, and manipulative arts. Russ then went on...

Duration: 00:38:50

LS 122 - Depressed? How an Oxytocin Boost Can Solve That with Dr. Norman Shealy

Dr. Norman Shealy may be 81 years old, but the scientist doesn't look a day older than 60. In his lifetime he's written over 300 publications, 23 books, been on Oprah, The Today Show, and a whole host of other media appearances. Today he joins the show to talk about how lengthening telomeres, essential oils that will help with disorders and aging, and The Sacred Rings. Key Takeaways: 1:20 – What is DHEA? 2:40 – How Norman managed to raise people's DHEA levels 4:30 – How you can managed...

Duration: 00:15:53

LS 121 - Minerals, the Forgotten Nutrient, with Dr. Pauline Jose

You hear the constant reminder to make sure you get your vitamins by taking a daily multivitamin or any of the other methods available to the general public. But what you don't hear anyone talk about is whether or not you're getting all the minerals that you need. Pauline Jose is a family medicine specialist and a clinical instructor at UCLA, as well as the co-author of Minerals - The Forgotten Nutrient: Your Secret Weapon for Getting and Staying Healthy. She joins Fernando to discuss the...

Duration: 00:26:24

LS 120 - Lessons from the Prairie with Melissa Francis

Melissa Francis may have started out as a child actress, and become famous for her stint on Little House on the Prairie, but she's come a long way since then. Now more renowned for her on air time at Fox News, and very savvy when it comes to economics, Melissa has opened up in her new book Lessons from the Prairie. Key Takeaways: [2:05] Melissa's journey from actress to news woman [5:16] How Michael Landon taught Melissa about your responsibility to your job [9:11] Why it's important to...

Duration: 00:21:19

LS 119 - The Biohacking Journey of a Member of the Armed Forces with Naval Aviator Brandon Cook

Fernando Aires talks with his friend, Naval Aviator Brandon Cook. Brandon began his journey of health and wellness a few years ago, but has been facing an uphill fight while on deployment. The US military still subscribes to the food pyramid and a grain based diet, which is nothing like what Brandon has chosen as his lifestyle. So he's had to create some hacks for what to do while on the carrier. While the hacks might have been created for life on deployment, there are tips in there to help...

Duration: 00:38:14

LS 118 - The Truth About GMO Foods with Carla Lee Johnston

Carla Lee Johnston is Founder and President of One Team Humanity Foods and Managing Member for The Truth Movie, LLC. Carla and Jason discuss how Pinterest has changed the food world, and that we would be surprised to learn about the food we are eating because there are so many “things” in our food that we don’t even know about. She shares what we should look for on labels. Johnston then explains what a flexitarian is and how her Nut Burger product has more benefits than...

Duration: 00:18:42

LS 117 - Translating Research into Gene Therapies That Will Benefit Health Spans with Brian Hanley

Brian Hanley is the founder of Butterfly Science, and his mission is simple: he wants to develop gene therapies to help fight HIV and aging. Fernando Aires and Brian discuss what Brian's research has shown him in the fight against aging, as well as what amazing possibilities we have when it comes to changing human characteristics for the better. Key Takeaways: [3:16] How Butterfly Sciences is going to change things with their products [7:32] If there's a limit to how long you can have...

Duration: 00:24:47

LS 116 - Religion in Medicine with Dr John Dawson

Medical schools today no longer bother teaching their students about what different religions believe about health care practices, which is leaving some people of faith out in the cold when they receive care. Dr John Dawson, however, believes that this is something worth knowing, and has laid it out in his book Religion in Medicine. Jason Hartman and Dr Dawson look at when the change happened, and what can be done to educate current physicians and health care providers. Key...

Duration: 00:12:51

LS 115 - Healing Ourselves with Our Own Selves with RepliCel's Lee Buckler

Supplements about in the world today as our bodies are constantly bombarded by more and more toxins that surround us. This has spawned companies like RepliCel, a regenerative medicine company that focuses on developing cell therapies that use healthy cells to provide normal healing and function. RepliCel has products that target skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, tendon repair and dermal injection, and Fernando talks with their CEO Lee Buckler about why their treatments are better than...

Duration: 00:31:27

LS 114 - Balancing Your Body's PH with Dr Robert Young

Jason talks with Dr. Robert Young on how maintaining an alkaline body will help keep disease and sickness away. Robert is co-author, with his wife Shelley, of the PH Miracle: Balance your Diet, Reclaim your Health, which has been printed in over 20 languages. Robert and his wife have made it their mission to help people with an alkaline diet and a lifestyle with an approach they call The New Biology. Website: www.PHMiracleLiving.com

Duration: 00:41:25

LS 113 - Primal Body, Primal Mind with Nora Gedgaudas

The Paleo diet becomes more and more popular as people look for ways to improve their eating habits and health. Nora Gedgaudas is recognized by many as THE expert on the Paleo diet, and has written the international best seller, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life. Fernando Aires and Nora take some time to discuss Key Takeaways: [2:23] Nora's journey that started during her summer close to the north pole watching wolves [5:00] Nora lost 25...

Duration: 00:38:19

LS 112 - Counterculture Lifestyle Changes with Sydney Ross Singer

What is making us sick? American lifestyles are making us fat, giving us migraines, and causing cancer. Jason Hartman and Sydney Ross Singer, medical anthropologist and author, shed some light on these problematic factors. Sydney has some interesting research on sleep, and explains the impact sleep has on circulation to the brain and body. Sleep problems can cause all sorts of problems, from migraines to sleep apnea to carpel tunnel. As is widely known, stress levels affect overall...

Duration: 00:34:36

LS 111 - Making a Natural Wine and Living the Ketogenic Life with Todd White

Fernando Aires talks with Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines. Dry Farm Wines are naturally made wines that are low in sugar and sulfites, organic, natural, biodynamic, and hangover free. There are few natural wine makers in the world, and Dry Farm Wines is dedicated to bringing them to the public. Fernando and Todd dive into why commercially made wines are made the way they are, why it's hurting us, and why drinking natural wine can actually help you avoid a hangover. The even look at...

Duration: 00:44:07

LS 110 - Hillary, the Other Woman, with Dolly Kyle

In this is 10th episode, Jason Hartman talks with the long-time friend of Bill Clinton, Dolly Kyle. Dolly’s new book Hillary the Other Woman is based on her decades of experience being Bill’s personal friend and lover. Dolly describes the Hillary as an aggressive liar, a controlling grandmother type and a crony of all the top players in Washington and the media. Dolly says a Hillary presidency would be dangerous to all Americans and people should inform themselves before voting. She also...

Duration: 00:45:47

LS 109 - Hacking Stress Management and Sleep (without drugs) with Jim Poole

Fernando Aires talks with Jim Poole, President and CEO of Solace Lifesciences, about their product NuCalm. NuCalm is designed to aid in managing stress and sleep and is used by many professional athletes, as well as cancer patients. The two discuss how the system works, what state NuCalm tries to get your body into, whether there are any side effects, and more. Jim travels 250 days a year to bring NuCalm to as many people as he can, and he uses NuCalm every day he's on the road. They've...

Duration: 00:36:16

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