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Lunes a Domingo de 1 a 5 PM por 106.5 MIX. Hola, soy Luisa Carrandi, y felizmente estoy en 106.5 Mix. The first time I heard on the airwaves, it was August 13, 1990, (it was already raining), the wait and the practices ended and finally I was going to be alone in a program conducted only by me, the first song that I presented, I remember as if it had just happened, it was Something happen on the way to heaven of Phil Collins, in that precise moment in which I opened the microphone a great love arose, I remember it a lot like what I feel about returning to the radio; I could not sleep, I got sick from the stomach, everything was chaos, excitement and nerves. When you do something for the first time, it's fear of the unknown, uncertainty of how things are going to turn out, but now it's different, the emotion is different, it's great, it's a cherished date with the love of my life, and the best of everything, is that I already know it, I know who it is, I know what I'm going and it fascinates me, I love nature and big cities, see people and invent stories, I enjoy meditating and being involved in me and at the slightest provocation I get a SPA. It fascinates me and it drives me crazy to dance, I love to dance, everything, yes, everything that has rhythm, and be careful if they put a Karaoke in front of me, they do not lower me, I also like singing a lot even though I accept that I do not do so well. My favorite sound is that of the laughter of my children and I am addicted to chocolate ... oh and yes, I'm going to America.




Montes Pirineos 770, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, México DF 11000 (55) 5922-1065

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